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Recommending the most talented, ethical people for any task is something I love to do.

A new Freelance Folder post is making the rounds at Twitter. In it, Laura Spencer who offers copywriting services at Writing Thoughts asks Freelancers this question:

How much time do you [Freelancers] spend on marketing?

Since I took the time to share some recommendations on how freelancers can increase their incomes in the comments of that post I am also sharing them here with my readers.

New freelancers probably will have to spend half their time marketing and even then building a new business doesn’t happen overnight. May I make some suggestions?

1) Make sure your blog or Web site clearly shares what you do and ideally what it costs or at least how to find out. Your about page can be a good place for that or you could have another page called hire me or consulting. Both your about and that page should be VERY OBVIOUS on your site – usually a tab under the header.

2) Create relationships with people who are in a position to recommend you and send you business. You won’t need to do nearly as much marketing if the people who influence those who would most be interested in hiring you are your best cheerleaders.

3) Whenever possible make it easy for potential clients to buy from you. That is done by offering a specific task for a set price. Most people have difficulty making decisions. If you only give them two yes/no decisions to make you will get a lot more business.

Some examples of this would be:
A. Creating and installing a Favicon $X
B. Article writing 500 words for $X or a package of X for $XX.XX
C. Installing WordPress $X
D. Blog Maintenance (installing or updating plugins or doing backups) $X
E. Writing some custom CSS to change the look of quotes or add a Call to Action box

You get the idea. There is a HUGE market for people who will provide BASIC services. If you think those are too easy or don’t pay enough that is untrue.

What something is worth is NOT based on how long it takes YOU to do it.

It is worth how long it would take THEM to learn how and get it done times the value they place on their time.

In many cases they do not want to learn how to do it themselves no matter how long it would take so to those people it is worth even more than the value of their time multiplied by the hours required.

Remember that to someone who has a career or business income they may value their time much higher than you price yours. What you can do in 15 minutes that you think isn’t worth bothering with might take them 10 hours x $25, $100, $300 or even more PER HOUR!

A task you thought you could only charge $15 for could be valued by the market at $100-$500 or more.

Offer a specific task for a specific price and you make your services very easy to purchase.

Here are the only two questions potential buyers will need to answer:

A. Am I interested in what this freelancer has to offer? yes/no
B. Am I willing to spend the amount of money they charge for their service? yes/no

See how simple that is? You will get far more buyers that way than if they have to contact you for a quote or you only focus on large jobs. Those small jobs will turn into more work from happy clients and referrals.

Eventually how much time you spend marketing your services will drop to very little because satisfied customers and connected Social Media Marketers will send you all the business you can handle.

This tip applies to EVERY business and EVERY blog. Make it clear what you have to offer. If you have products or services make that VERY obvious!

Do NOT expect your visitors to spend time trying to guess what you do. They won’t.


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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. This is a great article! I want to pitch in some of my techniques too. I think that the freelancer should be in the position to demand the price of their services. But some employers refuse freelancers because of their rate. How to go around this dead end? Well, freelancers should ask the employers if they have a budget in mind. Freelancers may opt to work around this budget. Sometimes, highlighting your valuable experience, recommendations and education on the subject is also very helpful to raising rates.
    June would love you to read ..Freelance RevolutionMy Profile

  2. Great list! Very useful. Hope this would help me get more clients.
    I think it would be much nicer if everybody was just upfront and clear about the price.
    Word of mouth is great if it is possible in your niche. Probably the best marketing, it also forces you to deliver quality.
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  3. Cleah Kate says:


    I like your tips in putting HIRE ME Tab in my page. I guess I will apply it now so that employers who reads my site will consider me if he/she sees my posts. What a great idea! Thanks for your help. :)
    Cleah Kate would love you to read ..Confidence in DatingMy Profile

  4. For freelancing jobs it is very necessary to be a dedicated person and should have strong grip in his field. Work should be delivered in time. Good communication with the buyer.

  5. Word of mouth marketing > everything else. Period. You get the most qualified leads, you get people who are wanting to work with you because someone they trust told them about you. It doesn’t get any better than that. That’s why it’s so important to keep your existing customers happy, you never know who they might refer to you.

  6. cartier trinity ring says:

    This is great information for me, since I am in the process of starting my freelance writing business. Pricing and what services to offer are the most difficult questions I needed to answer.

  7. We live in a time where freelancers can make a killing with each new technology that comes out! Learn iPhone app design, leave how to install a Favicon, Google Analytics, etc. There is no shortage of good freelance work IF you know where to look. Nice post.

  8. The biggest problem freelancers and for that matter any newbie to an industry will face is the fact they don’t have an existing customer base to leverage.

    So they are faced with having to outspend or outsmart larger existing competitors to generate arguably the same or lesser results.

    Freelancers can potentially get around this through networking, taking on board charity work or work that is non commercial however will look good in a portfolio of work etc…

    • Hi Rob,

      That is why I encourage freelancers to offer their skills to influential bloggers or others in a position to send them clients and work. The strongest recommendations come from someone who has actually worked with you and can write from experience.

      One of the strongest posts I ever wrote came out of working with a Logo Designer. I learned everything his potential clients would need to know about logo design and am now able to regularly recommend him through that post on Logo Design Costs.

      He designed the logo for this blog and I am always reminded to share his work and mention how much difference it made. Any new logo designer could seek out a blog they enjoy and do the same. I collaborate with many bloggers who could use logos, Avatars, guest posts (for copywriters to show their skills), images, photographs.

      By working with any one of us you can get promoted by many who have many readers, high visibility and influential Social Networking accounts. That makes is much easier for new talent to get launched.
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  9. Hi, Thanks so much for a good read.
    Maybe you would like to check out our own blog, we are a exhibition display company dealing mainly with portable Pop Up Stands for exhibitions, trade shows and events
    All the best

    • Hi Printdesigns,

      I approved your comment because I know you are being sincere and I need to share with you that comments like this one will get you flagged as a spammer and almost always get deleted.

      When you visit a blog and comment you need to make your comment about their post and let the keywords in a KeywordLuv enabled blog like this one and your CommentLuv links speak for your site and provide backlinks.

      Even businesses that do not have blogs can register at CommentLuv and obtain CommentLuv backlinks. Click those two links to find out how.
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  10. Concentration always creates decision power and good decision power always invites prosperity. If a freelancer has ability to provide good work at the cheapest rate, he will be the pioneer of the market.
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  11. Your list of advices is very good, thanks.
    In special the #3 advice is king and you are right about people having difficulties to make decisions.
    But unfortunately (or fortunately) these 2 are not the only questions a potential costumer does:
    A. Am I interested in what this freelancer has to offer? yes/no
    B. Am I willing to spend the amount of money they charge for their service? yes/no
    There is always:
    C. Do I know anyone the does the same thing for less
    D. Or, Am I willing to search for one.
    At the end of the day the market price is the winner, unless we are not talking of a perfect free market (lots of producers and big awareness of them) which I can concede this case can be a limited example.

    • Hello,

      I know that many people believe that low price always wins but I guarantee that most of the time people get what they pay for and there are many times that trying to get off cheap is going to be very painful and VERY expensive in the long run.

      Every ecommerce client I ever had and all new businesses’ first instinct when times are tough is to lower their prices. That is a HUGE mistake. All that will do is put you out of business.

      Specialize and get really good at doing something. Set a REASONABLE price at which you can provide EXCEPTIONAL service and stop competing on price alone.

      The bottom line is there are many very important factors involved besides price and the cheaper the price the less you’re going to get – less qualified, less capable, less experience – and very often – VERY bad results.

      There will always be people cheaper but they are not your true competition – in fact – there IS no competition. Focus on being the best ask others for input on what your services are worth and how to continually improve and let them recommend you.
      growmap would love you to read ..Join Bloggers Supporting Bloggers NOWMy Profile

  12. You need to get you’re name known around the industry. Starting your own web site is a cost effective way of advertising your services. Then it’s just a cse of leg work, putting your name under people’s noses. If you are good, you will soon get a reputation. Keep a reference list to include with any tenders you send out.

    Thanks ~~~~

  13. Nice tips, thanks a billion!

  14. Paul Tech says:

    What is easy for you may be very difficult for others, like web design or copywriting. It is more efficient to specialize and nobody can be talented in everything. Thus people are willing to pay a fair price for skilled labor.

    I agree that setting a price and letting clients decide if your service is worth the money is a good approach. After all, it is foolish to compete with freelancers who offer prices like $1-$2 for an article.
    .-= Paul Tech´s featured blog ..Microsoft Innovates 3D Technology Without Glasses =-.

    • As in many things in life, value is relative. That is especially true for money. I assure any who wonder that you DO usually get what you pay for BUT some very talented people ARE undercharging.

      When I managed AdWords accounts full time I regularly advised clients never to compete on price. That only starts a price war that will put you and your competitors out of business. Compete on quality and service and what you can deliver and charge a reasonable price.

      I can guarantee you that the main difference in what you can charge is who you know and how much money your potential buyers have. That is why so many people only work with the Fortune 500 or 1000 and why I choose to only work with small businesses.

      There is a lot more to be earned fishing where the big money is but I prefer to give of my skills to those who need me most regardless of their ability to pay.

      If the most talented work towards a better world for the few (meaning the few who choose it freely) and quit playing the game they can never win, we will create a separate economy just for us. The key is to not compete for the masses who don’t understand why we do what we do. Leave those in the system and hopefully the system will leave us be.
      growmap would love you to read ..Why the Economy is In Decline and What We Can Do to Improve ItMy Profile

  15. really enlightening post, I will be checking back to this blog now and again to see further material of this quality!! btw does anybody know if this site that says i can

  16. I tend to prefer working in Freelance than have to work with others, because if we work for ourselves, then the salary we get is really hard work ourselves and we can also decide how much of what has been done . Freelancers do not really know much about marketing, but by continuing to take a job like that and then little by little marketing even indirectly we will learn.

  17. There are lot of freelancing sites. I prefer odesk and as they provide good buyers.
    .-= Carly@Pop Up Displays´s featured blog ..How Much Fun Can You Have With Pop Up Displays? =-.

  18. Being transparent to your clients is the key to success for a freelancer. It is a good point to disclose the your charges before hand to ensure the transparency.
    .-= George´s featured blog ..The Crucial Role Of Online Maps =-.

  19. Great article. I’m considering creating a separate Marketing Plan template just for Freelancers, as they seem to face different challenges than normal small businesses, and they normally have quite different aims and goals as well.
    And it’s true about Testimonials. They seem to rate better for freelancers than for businesses.
    .-= Fiona Bosticky´s featured blog ..My Top 10 Twitter Icon Resources =-.

    • Hello Fiona,

      Thank you. Sorry for the delay in replying..I’m trying to do too much with too little of me to handle it all. I agree that testimonials are even more essential for freelancers.

      Testimonials work best when they’re from people who are either well-known or friends of the potential client. That is the reason why it is much easier to get more work if you focus on specializing in specific skills in a specific niche.

      I noticed that your CommentLuv link is not going direct. You’ll want to fix that. See these links for details:

      CommentLuv Redirects.

      Feedburner Redirects lose CommentLuv benefits.
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  20. Matthew says:

    I used to freelance a lot, and from what I can see most freelancers under-price their services. A lot of freelancers are terrified that they will not get a job, because they know they are not the cheapest guy in town.

    You will be surprised what you can charge if you are good at what you do, and can form good relationships with people and get referrals.

    I recently paid someone triple what I originally paid for my website design and setup, however the task was done right, and was completed in an efficient manner.

    Do good work, and you can charge a lot more for your services. You don’t want to be working for the “tire kickers” anyway.
    .-= Matthew@Atlanta Marketing Consulting´s featured blog ..How to Market Your Small Business Online in 3 Easy Steps =-.

    • I totally agree with you Matthew. Freelancers are often not trained in business. They are usually talented at what they do (web design, writing, graphic design, etc.) and not familiar with marketing, pricing and soliciting work.

      What those who offer and buy services need to be clear on is the value of talent and experience. The difference between someone who gets $25 an hour versus $250 an hour versus $2500 an hour is perception of value, results obtained, and applied experience.

      Exceptional business owners understand that they are NOT paying someone for their time – they are paying for what the consultant can accomplish.

      Freelancers who want to make more money need to either get fast at what they do or exceptionally good. Those in countries where exchange rates are favorable to buyers elsewhere should be marketing a specific skill set and pricing it to sell.

      No one should be competing solely on price even if you’re in a country where that is the primary draw. Quality comes first; price second. As Matthew wisely states, you don’t want to be dealing with “tire kickers” and I’ll add you want those who only care about price to be someone else’s headache!

      Everyone who is selling services needs to make sure someone like me knows about and has your links and contact information. When my clients need more services than I can provide they hire who I recommend and I bet I’m not the only one in that position. Instead of having to market yourself so much you need to make those who are into marketing know about you.

      Matthew, be sure to read the post I’ve featured in CommentLuv in this reply.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Local Search Directory Listings =-.

  21. I always agree being up front on the price you going to charge, at least your potential customer would have known that is the amount.

    I had a thought base on my own experience as freelancer, don’t offer your service in a freelancer site. They are too many seller and the prices is often dirty cheap. Forum would be a much better place for freelancer to start off gathering your profile before moving in to freelancer site to get more business.

    • Hi Ample,

      I really recommend that freelancers connect with people like me who often get asked who to hire and who can recommend them regularly. Freelancers need to make it clear what services they have to offer and what they charge.

      The economic decline is really starting to hurt businesses. Affiliate marketers in other countries are already seeing seriosly declining sales from the U.S. The businesses that will survive must immediately ramp up what they’re doing to increase their sales, traffic and visibility.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Support Small Businesses =-.

  22. Im planning to increase my income. After reading this post, i’d like to do some freelance business. Thanks for sharing. :)

  23. Its been a long time i am coming to your blog and i am also going to start a freelance business and i want to increase my income .Thanks!

    • Hi Sam,

      I know what skills people are looking for and am always looking for freelancers willing to complete a specific task for a set price. I would be happy to offer input.

      Let me know what you want to do and show me your work and I will add you to my referral list. I am willing to review the work of any freelancer who want to be referred.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Keyword Tags, MetaTags, Tags: How Many Are Best? =-.

  24. You are so right about people overlooking basic work and undervaluing it. We always forget how valuable and unique our talents are once we have mastered them. But, for most people, these things are not easy and we can charge more than we expect for these services.
    .-= Richard Cummings´s last blog ..Web Authentication Using PHP and MySql =-.

    • Hello Richard,

      Thank you for offering your opinion in support of what I am recommending. Few realize how difficult it is to locate someone for a specific task.

      Freelancers can use the information I shared in my selecting anchor text post to figure out how someone would search for the skills they can offer.

      Then they should write up their process, testimonials and prices and start building incoming links commenting in KeywordLuv blogs (and other methods.

      Do read that post because your comments here can benefit your business. I hope you don’t mind that I have added anchor text to your comment for you.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Social Media Marketing Monday – SMM Overview =-.

  25. Duia Chi says:

    Thanks for your sharing indeed. More freelance work means more income and cash, which is the final dream of all freelancers.
    .-= Duia Chi´s last blog ..Search Engine Marketing Strategies of 2010 =-.

  26. PPC Services says:

    This is really very interesting blog post and good tips for making money online for whom who really want part time work like me i am really happy with this post authors. thanks

  27. Clara Mathews says:

    This is great information for me, since I am in the process of starting my freelance writing business. Pricing and what services to offer are the most difficult questions I needed to answer.

  28. The problem I have had in the past..and current.. is that I have never been able to find / connect with freelance writers. I get so sick of blogging that I would surely pay someone with good talent to write for me. I just simply don’t know where to look.
    .-= James @ Curtain Track´s last blog ..Heavy-Duty Curtain Track =-.

    • Hi James,

      Ask me. I know several excellent writers that do freelance work. There is one in particular that would be perfect for your business site. You can find my contact information on the contact tab or visit the site of the freelance writer I regularly use and highly recommend.
      .-= Gail @ Support Small Business´s last blog ..Social Media Marketing Monday – SMM Overview =-.

  29. I agree with your second tip. But lot of people dont believe in recommendations. They always try to achieve something unique.

    • Hello,

      The only people who can effectively evaluate complex skills are others who understand what they do. That is why I believe recommendations are so important – and WHO recommends someone is critical.

      Many customers recommend service providers they use who are not even competent because they themselves do not realize how bad they are. Until I found Affiliate Manager Adam Riemer and Power Affiliate Ron Cripps I did not have a trusted source for Ethical Affiliate Marketing. Now I do.

      I make it a point to find the very best in every specialty and then recommend them to those who can most use their assistance. If more people would do this we would all be better off.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Social Media Marketing Monday – SMM Overview =-.

  30. Gail,

    This is a great post – if you follow the guidelines above, it is possible to establish a strong client base without more than minimal marketing. I wish I had known not to spend so much when I first set out working for myself – I would be a lot richer now, with the same number of customers!

    With best wishes, Jen

    • Hi Jen,

      There are so many selling memberships, ebooks and other things and so few providing free quality information that it is not surprising that most people spend more than necessary – especially when they first get started.

      Now that I have seen your work I have no doubt that you will be as busy as you wish. Thank you so much for the exceptional articles you have written for us. I look forward to a long working relationship.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Keyword Tags, MetaTags, Tags: How Many Are Best? =-.

  31. Well I am not a freelancer actually, but if I were looking for a freelancer I would have definitely seen sample works on other sites and testimonial from previous/ current clients to get an idea about how the work goes. I also think that freelancers should try to specialize some or other field so that they can ask for a related field for work. This would also help them in asking for a good package being specialized in the field.
    .-= Maria@Handle Stress´s last blog ..How to Deal with Financial Stress? =-.

  32. That’s a solid post Gail. :)

    Lot’s of freelancers could take a lot out of this post, that’s one thing about freelancing, adaptability, and like you said in the comments about pitting a speciality twist on it and drilling into a niche.

    Great stuff.
    .-= rob sellen@internet marketing´s last blog ..Blogger sucks, if you must use it… =-.

  33. Thanks for these tips! I keep very busy with my freelance work, but you know there can alway be more.
    I do get most of my jobs from referrals though. If you do good others will recommend you to family and friends.

    • Hello Tracy,

      Do please let me know what you do. Feel free to reply to this comment with links to any information, testimonials, rates, etc. I regularly recommend talent.

      I edited the anchor text in your comment to benefit the site you put in the URL field. Be sure to read my post about how KeywordLuv benefits you when you comment.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Merchant Affiliate Management Tips =-.

  34. Great post. I’ve been thinking about starting a little freelancing on the side and this got me thinking about a few things. In regards to what you said about the value of the job not being based on the amount of time it takes to do it… I half-agree with you there, but isn’t it also based on how much others are charging for the same thing? I guess the market price is kind of a compromise between one and the other…

    • Hi Josh,

      The reason I wrote about that is because I can not count the number of conversations I have had about specific tasks. Every one of them went something like this:

      Freelancer: “That only takes 15 minutes to do so it isn’t worth my time to do it for others.”

      Me: “It only takes YOU 15 minutes; it would take me and others hours or days to figure it out and we would rather pay you what it is worth to us.”

      What it is worth is usually at least $20-$40+ which we would gladly pay. We don’t care how long it takes you as long as you are good at it and we don’t have to learn it ourselves.

      This is especially true for anything that we only need once (or once per site) and not something we would do regularly. That covers a lot of specific skills in a blog.

      Honestly, so few freelancers are effectively offering their skills that comparing prices for services is not easily done. Most are thrilled just to find someone who can do what they need.

      One of my most repeated pieces of advice to freelancers, consultants and businesses is NEVER COMPETE ON PRICE! I am absolutely serious.

      Quality services are not a commodity and you usually get what you pay for. I regularly recommend specific people to others (and they almost always hire them on my recommendation) and I have NEVER had anyone quibble about price because I always explain why their skills are worth what they charge.

      Look at price another way. If you undercharge you can not provide the same quality of service. Months and years later few remember the price but they WILL remember whether they were happy with what you did. Always charge enough to do excellent work to be successful.

      Have you read my posts about anchor text and using KeywordLuv? I ask because I believe there are stronger keyword phrases you could target.

      Park Transfer already ranks for their name so I would suggest using phrases such as Birmingham Movers or Alabama Moving Company when commenting.

      Do share my post about how they can get free Local Search Directory Listings in major sites with them?
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Keyword Tags, MetaTags, Tags: How Many Are Best? =-.

  35. I think a strong, well designed portfolio is highly important as well. Even if you don’t do design work, you still want your main site to be as modern and simple to use as possible. Ask all of your clients if you can include them and a testimonial on your portfolio. Connect with them on LinkedIn – some clients are more willing to leave a testimonial there than just send an email (for whatever reason). Include case studies if possible (such as I redesigned their website and now their traffic has increased by %). Those are just a few things I can think of to help boost your reputation to get more freelance work!
    .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..My Favorite 2010 Search & Social Awards Nominees =-.

  36. I think its very easy to start a blog but very hard to maintain its quality. This is I think one of the primary pitfalls many freelance artists have to face.

    • Hi Robert,

      Although I love blogs and many freelancers do have them they are not mandatory for success. As long as a freelancer publishes what they do, how they work, their portfolio and testimonials they do not necessarily have to use a blog.

      I am a huge fan of blogs and WordPress can be used to create a static site and the ability to blog and accept comments turned on later if desired. An example of this is this site for a Texas gazebo manufacturer.

      If anyone is interested in buying a Gazebo I highly recommend them. They are a Mennonite family gazebo builder who build very high quality gazebos for much less than you can buy anywhere else.

      I was hoping they had a photo of the gazebo they built that withstood Hurricane Ike on their gazebo photos page but I don’t see one.
      .-= Gail @ Support Small Business´s last blog ..Merchant Affiliate Management Tips =-.

  37. I always want to do freelancing to have extra income however I am not that confident yet to market what I do, but I guess in time I will have more experiences and knowledge, by that time I will be confident enough to offer my services.

    • Hi Kay,

      I recommend learning one basic skill and making sure many bloggers and Social Networkers like me know you offer that service and what you charge. Make it easy for us to refer potential clients to you.

      Several people have mentioned the importance of testimonials and reviews. New freelancers who do not have any can seek out people they admire who regularly connect those who need a skill with service providers and offer to provide samples of their work.

      If you don’t have any samples ask them if there is anything they need and consider doing it in exchange for an honest review. Many bloggers are so focused on writing and helping others that they have no disposable income and are willing to work with new consultants.

      That is how this blog got such an exceptional logo design, Avatar and Favicon. We asked if any logo designers were willing to work with us and were amazed when Joshua Geiger offered to create the logo you see here today and the Avatar you see everyone we are active online.

      We learned so much from working with a top logo designer that we compiled the information into one of our most popular posts ever. That post called How Much is a Memorable Logo Design Worth is STILL in the Most Popular section.

      Joshus was exceptionally patient, answering our many questions and thoroughly explaining all the specifics most people who hire a logo designer never learn until it is too late. We recommend him enthusiastically every chance we get.

      I will fix your link in your comment so your anchor text is optimized. See our post about KeywordLuv for details on how that benefits you.

      You know what bloggers that have multiple blogs could really use that you could make? We need post scheduling calendars to keep track of which days we have scheduled posts and how often we check into each blog. If you’re interested I can explain in more detail.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Who Can You Benefit by Sharing GrowMap? =-.

  38. In a recent study I read in the local paper, I found that there are no adequate resources to perform basic services. Corporate houses as well as freelance world is suffering a lot from it.

    Everyone wants to do the high profile tasks which pay the most and there is tough competition in those niches, which eventually brings down the total remuneration value drastically.

    Newbies who desperately want to get the job start to quote at rock bottom prices, which lures the buyer immensely. Your post is so enlightening and helpful for those who are finding it tough to get started.

    • Hello Paul,

      I fixed the anchor text and URL for your comment and made some other edits to improve the translation. I hope you don’t mind.

      Intelligent people generally figure out that it can take just as much time to work with a tiny client as it does to work with a huge one because major brands have much deeper pockets and much higher revenues.

      This causes many top talent to focus on Fortune 500 clients. That IS where the money is – but they can also be a major pain to work with because they have all the power too. Freelancers will be much more successful focusing on small businesses with high potential.

      Entrepreneurial consultants will get along much better with entrepreneurial companies and Corporations get along best with other large corporations and large agencies.

      I only work with company owners who can and will make decisions wisely and quickly. I will leave the long meetings and taking forever to act to be someone else’s challenge.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Merchant Affiliate Management Tips =-.

  39. Nice post. I’m enjoying your smaller posts. I think this is working very well for you.

    As a freelancer I’m always struggling how to price for services. Times change, markets rise and fall, and now there’s the whole issue with outsourcing. I’m still trying to balance my services page to charge a fair rate and be competive.

    I kind of disagree with the specializing philosphy. If I had stuck with the niche I started out in (Online Technical Writing) I would have have been out of business after my first writing job.

    In order to stay competive and make a living I had to exapnd the services I offered. Now I offer Online Technical Writing, site design, and creating posts and articles for a variety of industries. While I would prefer to specialize in one niche or another, I don’t think it’s the most practical thing to do, especially if you are a writer.

    It’s made more difficult when most businesses don’t see the value in writing and are looking to pay bottom dollar rates for an article just to have “new” content on their site. Not that I blame them. I mean how can they afford a quality writing when they are struggling to get business in the door too?

    As for the portfolio, that’s unquestionably the best thing to have on your site. I still have a lot of samples to put on my site, but I have a nice sampling of everything I’ve done out there.
    .-= CJ´s last blog ..Writing Styles Set the Writing Tone =-.

    • Hi CJ,

      I probably should have mentioned that when you specialize you have to pick a very large niche like golf or horses or home improvements or real estate.

      Technical writing could be a large enough niche but possible more challenging to break into. Strong relationships and recommendations on LinkedIn could be beneficial in that niche.

      Another way to specialize is to make a name for yourself in a specific geographic area or a combination of a location and an industry. That would work best in places with large populations or a concentration of a particular industry.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Affiliate Tips Tuesday: Holiday Promotions =-.

  40. Alex Monroe says:

    I never understood why people sometimes thing simple is not the right way to do something. They always have to take the difficult route and end up doing way more then they have to. What I often find unclear are bout us pages on blogs. They are often so long with trivial information. I have found that a great way to defer that is to have a one sentence statement. It quickly and easily tells the reader what you are all about w/o losing them after the 700th word.
    .-= Alex Monroe´s last blog ..Business Tales From College =-.

    • Hi Alex,

      I agree that long about pages with someone’s life story on them can be less effective than being clear about what you’re about. Most people really don’t like to read all that much. I love to read and I still prefer about pages that are shorter and to the point.

      The beauty of the Internet is that you CAN please many types of readers. Simply make the main page short and link to that long life story (or additional hiring information, products, background – anything really).

      That way you keep the attention of those who only want the most basic information and still provide comprehensive information to researchers and readers like me.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Social Media Marketing Monday – SMM Overview =-.

  41. Thanks for the shout out! :-)

    I can see that my Sunday question certainly sparked an interesting discussion. This is a great outline for new freelancers who are seeking to market their services, but don’t really know how.

    Thanks for adding this into the conversation.
    .-= Laura Spencer´s last blog ..Should You Write Your Own Copy? =-.

    • Welcome to GrowMap, Laura,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment in this post. It only exists because after I commented in your post I felt this really should be published here too to benefit even more freelancers.

      Did you notice that I linked to you using anchor text instead of your site name? Using anchor text effectively is one of many important concepts I share here.

      I hope you will come by whenever you can make the time and participate in our discussions.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Keyword Tags, MetaTags, Tags: How Many Are Best? =-.

  42. Dennis Edell says:

    Excellent tips. Besides setting prices, a portfolio when applicable is a MUST.

    This almost matches exact to the question, “How much is my blog worth?”

    The only correct answer, “As much as someone is willing to pay for it.”

    With freelancing it is both a little easier and a little harder due to seekers being able to price around to freelancing competition…..this is where your portfolio comes into play.

    Spy around your competition a bit and play with your numbers some; don’t be afraid to raise or lower if necessary.

    This is all somewhat timely for me. I’ve been chatting with a friend, discussing the possibilities of consulting for pay.
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Comment Contest: 5 Days Left! =-.

    • Thanks for sharing your insights Dennis. Yes, a portfolio is important too. One thing I want to interject at this point about pricing is that no business should compete on price.

      You don’t want to be the cheapest because you will have to deal with the people who will complain the most, eat up more of your time, and would still be unhappy if YOU paid THEM for your services.

      If someone is not willing to pay what your services are worth let them be someone else’s headache. My philosophy is fire the bad clients immediately to make more room for those who deserve your assistance.

      As should be very obvious from my post about logo design there is plenty of room at every price point.

      Focus on what answers the questions “Why should they hire you instead of everyone else”. There are some excellent posts about finding your USP.

      Once a freelancer knows what benefits they have to offer and is honest about their own skills they should set a price and know they deserve to be paid what they are worth. Good clients will pay it; those who quibble are NOT the good clients you are seeking.

      There is ALWAYS someone willing to do it cheaper than you. Never make the mistake of going down that slippery slope. Be flexible if there is a REAL reason someone deserves a break but don’t fall for every story.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Social Media Marketing Monday – SMM Overview =-.

      • Dennis Edell says:

        Excellent advice for someone established or even starting to establish their name…newbies to any field can rarely afford to be so choosy.
        .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Comment Contest: 5 Days Left! =-.

  43. Ms. Freeman says:

    I am not a freelancer, but if I were looking for a freelancer I would definitely want to see sample works on other sites and testimonial from previous/ current clients.
    .-= Ms. Freeman@Baby Steps of an Internet Entrepreneur´s last blog ..Stop fighting it! Just write it! =-.

  44. John Soares says:

    I just tweeted this post.

    Great information for freelancers of all types. I strongly urge freelancers to specialize in a niche. That way you get known as an expert and you can charge higher rates.
    .-= John Soares @ Time Management Techniques´s last blog ..Freelance Writers — Niche Specialization is the Key to Success =-.

    • Thank you John. Excellent advice. May I elaborate? I believe that John is referring to something I too recommend, specifically that you become know in a particular niche and we’re not talking about logo design or WordPress work.

      We mean that you should become known for offering your specific service to a specific industry. You can’t easily compete as the best logo designer but you could easily become the best real estate logo designer or logo designer for ecommerce businesses or specialize in designing logos only for auto related sites or construction companies or any other specific niche.

      Instead of being a WordPress installer become the best WordPress designer for Mommy Bloggers or Horse Businesses or DIY sites or sites dedicated to green living.

      (I hope that is what you meant too John. I thought expanding on your idea would benefit more people.)
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Social Media Marketing Monday – SMM Overview =-.

      • John Soares says:

        Yes, this is exactly what I mean.

        I specialize in freelance writing for college textbook publishers. It pays well and there’s not a lot of competition.
        .-= John Soares @ Time Management Techniques´s last blog ..Freelance Writers — Niche Specialization is the Key to Success =-.

        • Tammi Kibler says:

          I would add that specializing also gives you more ability to network with potential clients instead of just with people in your talent niche. For example, as a writer I connect on Twitter with writers, IM, bloggers, etc. These connections can help but are less likely to be my target clients.

          If I specialized in financial writing, I would then be more attractive to accountants, bankers, brokers, etc. on the social media sites and would be marketing more directly to potential clients.
          .-= Tammi Kibler @ Write More. Write Fast. Write Now.´s featured blog ..Writing Career Goals – Checking In =-.

  45. I agree with everything you say and I would also add some testimonials as well. Some people like to see the sort of work you have carried out before…before make a choice of using your services or not.

    You could simply have a testimonials page.

    .-= Andrew @ Blogging Guide´s last blog ..The Power of Blogging and Politics =-.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I realized this morning that I could have included a link to your blog building site in this post. I’ll see if I can add one. I am working on learning to write shorter, faster posts that are easier to understand in one setting so this one is only about that one tip and not everything a freelancer could be doing.

      I absolutely agree that a testimonials page and/or a review system should be part of every business site. I also believe businesses need to help raise awareness about the benefits of writing reviews.

      Even freelancers should seriously consider getting their Local Search Directory listings at least on the major sites like Google Maps and Yahoo Local.

      We all need to write reviews for businesses we use and love. If we don’t they may not stay in business because almost every one of them is already being affected by the sliding value of the dollar (inflation). My post about supporting small businesses includes links to the major places people can review your business, products and services.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Keyword Tags, MetaTags, Tags: How Many Are Best? =-.

  46. Dump trucks says:

    Wow… I am even looking for the freelancing projects but its too tough to get those.. These are the awesome techniques to get the freelance projects and make some money..!! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  47. This is such a good take on how to price and offer freelancing services. I agree that most potential clients of freelancers do not want to put the time and effort into learning how to set up a good wordpress blog or even write good SEO content. The reality, though, is that most people who run a web based business may know how to do these endeavors and more but just don’t have the time for them (which is of course why they hire a freelancer for such tasks).
    Nor can they afford to spend time figuring out which freelancers to work with which is why all freelancers should follow the advice of this post and be clear about what they offer. I know that this simple, sincere strategy works with my products!
    .-= Chuck Edwards@Weight Loss Tips´s last blog ..Acupuncture For Weight Loss =-.

    • Hello Chuck,

      Many excellent freelancers and consultants think being flexible is best and are not good at pricing their work. Setting a specific rate for a specific task is much easier for potential clients to understand and better for everyone involved.

      The other thing that happens once a freelancer posts this type of information is that it makes it far easier for others to recommend them. It is a lot faster to share a link in an email or at Twitter than it is to write a long email or try to describe what you do.
      .-= growmap´s last blog ..Merchant Affiliate Management Tips =-.

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