How to Sell Yourself When Looking for a Job in the Financial Sector

Finance Jobs: How to Sell Yourself

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Finding a finance job after graduating or when changing careers is difficult. There’s a lot of competition since finance careers pay well and are very secure. In order to get a job in finance, you need to know what to do and what not to do to sell yourself to potential employers.

[Note: these tips apply to ALL job searches,
so even if you’re not in finance, read on.]

What To Do: Focus on Your Three Best Aspects

It’s easy to try to mention every great quality you have that makes you perfect for the job when in an interview. This is distracting for the interviewer.

Instead, choose the three best things about yourself that relate to the job you are interviewing for. This number is recommended because neuroscientists discovered people process and retain information better when it is delivered in groups of three.

The three things the employer needs to know about your skills and experience can be expanded upon during the interview, so you will have plenty of things to brag about.

What Not To Do: Be Unable to Give a Short Description of Yourself

Pretend you’re on Twitter and you need to sell yourself to an employer in 140 characters or less. If the employer likes your tweet, you get the job.

Craft a short statement that incorporates everything about who you are and what you can bring to a job in finance. This is an inviting pitch that grabs attention.

What To Do: Be the Solution to a Problem

The reason you are being considered for a job is because the title will solve a problem the company has. Identify problems that are hinted at in the help wanted ad before going to your job interview.

Come up with examples of how you would solve these problems
and what abilities make you uniquely able to solve them.

What Not To Do: Settle for a Job That Pays the Bills

Many people settle for a job because it pays the bills, even if they see a lot of things they will not like about it. There are many jobs in the finance sector. Find the one that you will enjoy the most.

No matter how tough the competition is, go for it! Since most of your life will be at this job, you need to love doing it. You can explore career opportunities at FI in order to find that dream job you deserve.

What To Do: Learn About Your Interview Audience

Tailor your interview answers so they apply to specifics about the company. This shows that you are invested in the company and you want to work there specifically instead of seeming as if you are mass-applying to any business with your job title.

Feel the room when you begin your interview as well. If the interviewer seems rushed, keep your answers brief and to the point. If the interviewer seems interested, expand on your answers.

What Not To Do: Ignore Nonverbal Communication

Everyone has a nonverbal language they speak, even if they do not realize they are speaking it. Be aware of what your body does in interviews, especially if you feel nervous. Your posture and facial expression will say something different from your words.

Sit up tall and pull your shoulders back to project confidence. Relax your face, nod along, and keep up eye contact when the interviewer is speaking, and make sure to smile.

Leaning forward makes you seem closed off and using a lot of hand gestures makes you seem nervous and on edge. Make your handshake the perfect amount of strength without being too weak or too aggressive.

What To Do: Network in Person

Social media has made it easier than ever to network for business. However, face to face conversation is still more powerful. Begin conversations with people in the industry and volunteer at these corporations. Just focus on making connections, but also remember your Twitter pitch in conversation.

Being able to sell yourself to potential employers is the best way to increase your chance of getting hired. Make sure you know the company you are interviewing for, practice your techniques, and be able to sum up your talents in one short pitch.

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    Confidence is the key when you are applying for a job. First you must convince yourself that you can get the job and you are good enough. This doesn\’t mean that you can be arrogant about it. But you can let people around you know that you have what it takes by the way you sit, shake hand, talk or answer questions.

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