How to Create and Install Favicons

Favicons are those tiny images (16×16) shown in your browser tabs:

Favicons visible in FireFox Browser

Favicons visible in FireFox Browser

In the screen capture above you can see our new Favicon followed by one for Adam Singer‘s blog The Future Buzz and Andy Beard‘s blog Favicons can be created from almost any image file type (.jpg .gif .png .bmp) and are saved as the .ico file type.

Every Web site should seriously consider having a distinctive Favicon created that matches their Avatar and Distinctive Business Logo. You can use one of the Favicon generation tools below to create one from an existing image and the Favicon WordPress plugins to install it on your site. The process is similar for installing Favicons in Non-WordPress sites.


  1. HTMLkit Favicon Generator – recommended by Mikael from Retire Rich – creates still and animated favicons from regular images
  2. Dynamic Drive Favicon Generator – create a Favicon from an existing image [input images: gif, jpg, png, and bmp]
  3. FaviconGenerator – create a Favicon from an existing image [simple – no options – square images only]
  4. Favicon-Generator – create a Favicon from an existing image [input images: gif, jpg, png – few options]
  5. ProDraw Favicon Generator – create a Favicon from an existing image [Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIF file formats for uploading. Output size from 16×16 pixels (favicon.ico icon size), 32×32 (desktop icon), 48×48 (large XP icon) up to 128×128 pixels (Windows Vista icon size) in the *.ICO icon format.]
  6. Favicon CC – create Favicons in a paint type program


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  9. It takes years to build a great brand and having a Favicon is the first step in building a brand. Favicon helps you get noticed and easier to recognize.

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  13. I never understood the importance of Favicons. Are they that necessary? Please do tel me abt it..

  14. I wish everyone website had a custom favicon – my bookmarks bar would be so much tidier :)

  15. Anna Hussie says:

    Favicons are very important sometimes but i did not know this.i am using Firefox forr last 5 years but did know about this feature.I made so many CSS Templates , Joomla Website Templates
    .I have become master in these but did know about this feature.

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  23. Now you can also create your flashy favicons with flash generators.

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  28. Now I have been using Favicons on almost all of my sites but I had never really though about the fact that many sites still don’t use it. At least now there is no excuse 😉

    My personal favorite generator is this one: but I guess they all do the same thing.

    .-= Mikael @ Retire Rich´s last blog ..Why You Need a Financial Planning Course =-.

  29. Blogging Tips says:

    Here is a simple step by step tutorials to create your own FAVICON easily on
    photoshop cs version.
    How to create FAVICON using Photoshop?

  30. I’ve always wondered how to get those little things! Now I know. Thanks for the resource. I’d better get creating.
    Cheers, Chloe
    .-= Chloe @ Ben 10 Toys´s last blog ..Ben 10 Toys – 10 Things Every Parent Needs To Know =-.

    • Hi Chloe,

      This has been a popular post for Retweeting so there must be quite a few Web site owners that did not know how to get their Favicons added – and just about everyone at Twitter has an Avatar they can use to create one!

      Even though you are an online business if you have a physical address you can use you may want to start listing it in all the free Local Search Directories because they can increase your search engine position.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How to Get Your Free Business Listing in Yelp =-.

      • What a great idea about using my Twitter avatar. I’d been messing about with a few ideas but that might be a way forward. Or if I come up with something else I can change my Twitter picture to help keep consistent branding.
        Thanks Chloe
        .-= Chloe @ Ben 10 Toys´s last blog ..Through A Child’s Eyes =-.

        • Hi Chloe,

          Consistency in images and user names really makes a huge difference. When someone sees your comments in other blogs or comes across your profiles or what you’ve shared in other Social Networking sites it is like bumping into an old friend. Make it easy and your accounts grow much faster and your content gets shared far more often.

          Did you see the Tweet thanking me for sharing your recent Ben10 post? @tristanbailey tweeted: @GrowMap “the one that was not on the list is my son thinks Starbucks cardboard cup holders are ben10 omnitrix 😉 cheaper anyway”.
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          • Time, time, time – how do I make more to get all these things done! Just saw the Ben 10 tweet from @tristanbailey – glad he found it useful and many thanks for tweeting it in the first place.
            Cheers, Chloe
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    thanks for this trick

    this what i looking for .. can we use without plugin .. actually for html only ???
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    • Hello,

      Yes you can add the Favicon image the generators create without having to use a plugin to get them onto a Web site. The instructions for doing that are on one of the generator links.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How Much Is A Memorable Logo Worth? =-.

  32. Nice rebranding going on here, and yes a favicon is an often forgotten but easy way to make your pages stand out.

    • Hello Adam,

      I am honored to have you take the time to click through and comment here. When I filled out the questionnaire for the new logo yours in one I used as an example. The reason your Favicon is featured in the image above is because I really like it so whenever I think of Favicons I think of your blog.

      Thank you for the compliment. We are very fortunate to have Derek’s skills plus a professionally designed logo.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How Much Is A Memorable Logo Worth? =-.

  33. Johnyboy says:

    Wonderful post. Thanks for all the favicons generators sources. I knew how to code it in HTML, but modifying pics can blur the images. Thanks
    .-= Johnyboy@Affiliate marketing blog´s last blog ..How does affiliate marketing work? =-.

    • Welcome Johnyboy,

      You’re very welcome. Even when someone CAN hand code it usually makes more sense to use a tool when one exists. I really prefer sites that have distinctive Favicons because I usually have dozens of tabs open at once and they make it far easier to quickly move between them as I work.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..Select Keywords First to Make Your Content Easy to Find =-.

    • Hello Johnyboy,

      I meant to mention that we’ll be doing many future posts on Affiliate programs so we hope you’ll be a regular visitor. If you see any posts here that relate to yours do feel free to add them in the comments (which are DoFollow) and to link in any posts related to your own.

      You can add the links in the Website field or in the text of comments. Akismet may mark them as spam but I do review them all and will rescue them.
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  34. For the longest time, i didn’t even know how to get a favicon on my site.. Eventually took the time to learn and do it though. Thanks for all the links, definitely going to look into favicons for wordpress blogroll.
    .-= Josiah@Youtube Backgrounds´s last blog ..Michael Jackson =-.

    • Hi Josiah,

      I often post about skills that every Web owner or blogger can use because they usually are not that commonly found. Even though many of my readers already know how I reach out to those who do not.

      I also wrote this post because I often mention Favicons in other posts and now I don’t have to explain what they are each time. I will simply link to this post and only those who need to know more will see the information.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How Much Is A Memorable Logo Worth? =-.

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