Father's Day Word of Mouth Gift Card Giveaway

Earn Your $25 Gift Certificate

Earn Your $25 Gift Certificate


Father’s Day 2010 is June 20 in the U.S., U.K. and Canada and September 5 in Australia and New Zealand.

For those not familiar with the whole idea of Word of Mouth or Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) it is nothing new.

People have always shared what they have recently discovered or most appreciate with family, friends and co-workers. Recently I’ve been sharing these really unique stone candles.

Here are some examples:

  • We tell our friends about our favorite restaurant, make plans to meet them there or even buy them a meal.
  • We show our friends our latest gadgets from iPads to iPhones – Tivo’s success was built almost entirely on WOMM
  • We ask them to join us in our favorite Social Networking communities

Bloggers have the perfect vehicle for improving the economy and the world we live in by freely sharing their opinions.

Think of everything you have learned in your lifetime and all the skills you now have and how valuable that knowledge would have been to you.

How many times in your life have you thought, “I wish I had known that BEFORE I … started, bought something, invested my time…”

We bloggers can make life easier and better for so many. All we have to do is share what we know truthfully and ethically. I have asked one of my favorite businesses to reward bloggers for learning this new skill.

Executive Gift Shoppe has agreed to give any blogger who likes their store enough to write about and link to them a $25 gift certificate good toward anything they sell. You can even use it towards shipping so if your money is really tight you won’t have to spend a penny of your own money to try them out.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to visit their store full of men’s gifts and see if they have the perfect Father’s Day gifts for the Dads in your life.

You don’t have anything to lose and you might really like what you see. My regular readers know that I only recommend what I truly believe in and only work with people who most deserve my time. The owners of Executive Gift Shoppe are my kind of people: super honest, ethical, and hard-working.

They want to provide the very best service and highest quality products they can for everyone who buys from them and be your favorite gift store too.

They have the best warranty of any store I have ever seen: If any product they sell fails they will replace it and deal with the manufacturer themselves so you won’t have to!

I have known and worked with the owner Pete since 2003 and assure you that recommending his store is safe for your reputation. They have been in business as a Yahoo Store for ten years and have very good Yahoo Store reviews, Product Reviews and Testimonials.

You can read more reviews of Executive Gift Shoppe and that page also shares their A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Online shopping is safe with them. Yahoo stores are secure and they are also TrustGuard certified and ShopperScannedPrivacyProtected.

I know many bloggers are concerned about how their readers will react to their writing about an online store.  If Product Review Blogger Connie from BrainFoggles wondered before she offered a $50 Executive Gift Shoppe certificate for Mother’s Day during the last BlogMania event she doesn’t any more.

Her post received 177 comments in 24 hours. Analytics shows that 146 of her readers visited the store and looked at an average of 8.62 pages each.

Even better, most of the comments mentioned specific products they really liked.  *** Readers clearly like giveaways and gift certificates. ***

A huge percentage of your readers will be interested in finding at least one gift for Father’s Day and we have something for your readers too!

  • Any reader of your blog who makes a purchase and leaves a comment in your post that includes their order number can claim their own $25 Gift Certificate good on their next purchase or to give as a gift. We’d love for them to also mention what they purchased in your comments too.
  • We know how tight money is for many people  so we have another way that you and your readers can earn a gift certificate by doing us the favor of writing store or product reviews! For every honest review you write just send me the links and we will send you a gift certificate equal to $5 for each review you post online. See the direct links to the many sites where you can write reviews at the bottom of this post.

You can buy your Father, yourself or anyone else a really nice gift with the gift certificate of up to $80 you can earn by writing reviews.

We hope you like this idea and here are some more benefits for you:

  • I will personally assist any blogger who asks with ideas on how to best tie what Pete sells into your niche. No matter what your niche is your readers would not begrude you mentioning Father’s Day!
  • Since anchor text is important to every Web site we would like to specify what words you use to link to his store. This skill in using anchor text properly will greatly increase the search engine positions and traffic to your Web site.
  • Any blog that links to Executive Gift Shoppe’s online gift store will receive links from this blog (and any others I collaborate with whose links would benefit you).
  • All blog posts linking to Executive Gift Shoppe personalized gifts will be promoted by me on Social Networks to send you more traffic.

Here are our favorite keyword phrases (below). Please use at least one of these in your post and link only those words to that specific page. If these just don’t work for you contact me and we can discuss alternative ideas just for you.

You are welcome to use any combination of these and the pages they land on in your post) or any other product, keyword phrase or landing pages you like.

  • Business card holder or business card holders
  • Groomsmen Gifts
  • Money clip or money clips
  • Flask or flasks (we understand if you are anti-alcohol and prefer not to link to these)
  • Zippo lighters (and we do know many are anti-smoking and only associate lighters with that; they DO have other uses but you don’t have to link to these either)
  • Golf Gifts
  • If none of these appeal ask me or visit their store and pick out something that you are interested in and contact me

You are welcome to use images from the store to make your post more attractive.

Your post can be as short and simple or as fancy and long as you wish as long as it includes at least one link using the above keywords landing on the specified page.

If you’ve never written a post about a product before they don’t have to be complicated. If the gift you like already has product reviews they almost make the post for you. Use my posts about Swarovski Crystal business card holders, money clips, Zippo lighters, or flasks as examples.

If you have (or want to learn) advanced skills like using multiple images in posts see my Groomsmen Gifts and Gift Baskets posts for ideas. I will personally assist any blogger who wants to learn how (although if you don’t use WordPress I may have to enlist assistance from collaborators).


Reviews are only valuable when they are completely sincere and honest. Most sites that accept reviews require that you log in and if you don’t already have an account you will have to create one.

Please follow these guidelines regarding writing reviews:

  1. Only review products that you have bought or have personally seen and used. Do be completely honest and include both pros and cons in your reviews.
  2. If you have bought from Executive Gift Shoppe write about your experience and specify what you bought (and if you also do a review for each product you qualify for $5 for EACH review).
  3. If you have NOT bought from Executive Gift Shoppe yet only write about why you plan to buy from us (specific products you desire, huge selection, guarantee, free shipping, etc.).
  4. Your reviews can be similar but please do not copy and paste the same review on multiple sites. Some online sites pull reviews from multiple sources and display them together so it is best for them to not be exactly the same.


  • Merchant Circle (click Write a Review)
  • Yelp – Yelp specifically prohibits incentives for writing reviews so we can NOT include reviews at Yelp in this promotion but we invite you to connect with us there.
  • Reseller Ratings (click Write a Review) – we could especially use some current reviews here – thanks!
  • Epinions (click Write a Review)
  • OneWed (click Write a Review)
  • MyBestOnlineStores (click Write a Review)
  • Coupon Mountain (click Yellow Review This Merchant button)
  • Coupon Snapshot (click Write a Review)

*NOTE: It is NOT our intention to violate the TOS of any site. Please advise us immediately if you know of any rules against including any of the above in this promotion and they will be immediately noted and removed. Thank you.

Wondering if this is a good idea or not? Read ExpertSEM‘s post on Online Reviews: Ask for Them and Improve Your Search Engine Positions.

There are many reasons why people write reviews and my opinion is that the more opinions we share the more we all benefit.


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Gail Gardner

Small Businsss Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of GrowMap.com, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.