Exceptional Social Media Influencers for #FollowFriday Link Roundup

Tia from Biz Chick Blogs Top 11 Twitter Recommendations for 2010

Tia from Biz Chick Blogs – Click for her Top 11 Twitter Recommendations

There have been numerous exceptional lists of Twitter influencers shared over the years. These are truly labors of love others have compiled so I share them here so my readers don’t miss a single one of them:

NOTE: Some of these are older, but still valuable because you will know who has staying power and is still active online.

I included links to the Twitter accounts for each of these list creators so you can easily follow them too. I’m rounding up lists on Twitter and will do a new post with them by category.

Know of any other lists I should share?
Let me know in the comments!

Want to find more influencers faster? Check out the Twitter lists of the ones you already know. Just click on lists on their profile. Here is a link to the lists I created and lists I subscribe to or who list me.

Which social networks are most important? Find out:

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of GrowMap.com, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. thanks for the list of blogs i was looking for it!
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  2. twitter influencers are great because they spread the word.

    twitter a great place to advertise your influence.

  3. Hi GailNice article and also nice list i never know about some of the blog you listed. i definitely follow that and i hope it will very helpful with me thanks for sharing list.

  4. thanks a lot for sharing the links.

  5. Really a very nice list. You have covered all the blogs and finally I got some more blogs to follow. :)

  6. thong truong says:

    Great list and clearly the best of the best are represented. With so many “social media experts” out there it is hard at times to separate the wheat from the chafe, but you have done it.<a href

  7. Nice post, I’m really surprised to see the number of comments received on this post. I guess its been while since the last time I visited this blog and I’ll check the listed post.
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  8. Great list and clearly the best of the best are represented.
    there are an amazing number of quality blogs, especially in the marketing, Social Media and SEO niches.
    thank you for this list

  9. This looks like a great list; Thanks for sharing.

  10. well, its a great list of community, it helps me to grow a great audience. thanks for this great work
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  11. Wow! Great list of bloggers. These bloggers indeed deserves to be in the top list of blogggers for 2010. I only know a few from the list but I’ll definitely check them out on my Twitter account. Cheers and Happy Holidays! =D
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  12. Gail, I wanted to personally thank you for all that you give our community. We are very proud to have made it on this wonderful list. The beauty here is, we support each other, there is no competition just pure respect and admiration. Grazie, merci, thank you.
    Gabriella Sannino would love you to read ..Company Blogging Do’s and Don’tsMy Profile

  13. Great list and clearly the best of the best are represented. With so many “social media experts” out there it is hard at times to separate the wheat from the chafe, but you have done it.

  14. Gail,

    Thanks so much for including me amongst this wonderful group of people. YOU are truly exceptional! :-)
    Michele Welch would love you to read ..Steps for Optimizing a Behavioral Targeting CampaignMy Profile

  15. Excellent list of Tweeps here. I personally know Kristi Hines aka Kikolani and she is awesome :)
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  16. Hi, exceptional resource thanks for sharing…

  17. This is good act to make strong the blogging community.

  18. Thanks for sharing such useful and informative links here with us.Great find!!!

  19. sharingsmoke.com says:

    This is nice web go n comment on this website …….
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  20. Hey! I knew some of them, but found 4 blogs that I had missed. Thanks! Will be checking and reading them.

  21. Thanks for sharing the links. I still consider myself a newbie in the blogging world and sometimes I find it hard to come up with new material.
    Michelle would love you to read ..NC wedding photographer Engagement photos RaleighMy Profile

  22. Wow! Great list of bloggers. These bloggers indeed deserves to be in the top list of blogggers for 2010. I only know a few from the list but I’ll definitely check them out on my Twitter account. Cheers and Happy Holidays! =D

  23. Great women,they’re really competitive and they reach their goals.Women at work is no joke,I idolize them for taking so much hardwork.

    By the way,great article you have here.Good luck!
    seph would love you to read ..Site MapMy Profile

    • Hi Seph,

      Thank you for being a regular commentator here. I know you think because you put seph from (how KeywordLuv displays your name and keywords) instead of seph @ keywords (which is what is needed to link only your keywords and not your name) in your comments. I edit them so you get the SEO benefit.

      See the post I’ll put in CommentLuv in this reply for details on how KeywordLuv works.
      growmap would love you to read ..DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv CommunityMy Profile

  24. I am also thinking the same , Now a days Blogger community is growing and having much power to change to society
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  25. Great list of bloggers. Gonna check this out soon. I really love reading blogs especially when their topics are interesting. I’m just starting to blog and I want to learn something new, Let’s see if I’ll get a new lesson from them. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Nice list..good collection

  27. Cosmin Cornea says:

    Very well think, now I have more blogs to follow
    Cosmin Cornea would love you to read ..Fotografii nunta Timisoara – Irina & StefanMy Profile

  28. Nice list of some really helpful bloggers you have here. I love Kristi at Kikolani (I’m sure that her list of 125 Fearless Women Bloggers took her hours), and I also love what they’re doing over at Level 343.

    I’m pretty sure you could have added a handful more of other bloggers in this list, but we can learn a lot about how to run a successful blog properly with the list you have compiled here.

    I think I will check out Mark Thompson’s blog at stay on search a little more, it seems interesting. Thanks for the list.
    John would love you to read ..Beginning Acoustic Guitar LessonsMy Profile

    • John, I agree I think Kikolani is my favorite as well. Awesome list though there are quite a few I need to check out.

      • Thank you for commenting John and Crystal. I have been trying to get the AdAge Power150 to add Kikolani.com to their list. They don’t seem to believe that she writes about marketing but she and I write about all the same topics.

        John, Do you know that Kristi is published regularly on Stay on Search? That is one of many blogs she is a regular contributor on. Others are Search Engine Journal, Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Watch, and Stay on Search.

        Kristi’s post about Collaborative Blogging has links to her author profiles on each of those sites. That is a fast, easy way to find her posts on each blog.
        growmap would love you to read ..PostRank Connect Identifies Social Media InfluencersMy Profile

  29. Wow, another opportunity to meet great bloggers. Thanks for coming up with this list. Will be checking them out soon.
    Andrew would love you to read ..Blog Expert Series- How To Be The Fearless One Who Never FlinchesMy Profile

  30. By this roundup you have introduce the blogger community to whom you are delivering links. It is help for the new readers.

  31. I think the bloggers must be powered by the other people success and to write just for fun. If you are a passionate blogger you can win some money if you can attract users to your blog. However, the world has changed and the bloggers are a part of this change.

  32. Thank you for the list. I am looking forward to taking some time to learn more about the individuals you included here.
    Jack would love you to read ..Do As I Say Not As I DoMy Profile

  33. I love that most of these exceptional blogger lists are made up of women. : ) Saw the top 125 female bloggers over at another website. Warning to anyone who clicks it: you’ll be spending the next 3 hours or so just browsing and reading the list!

    • You are right definitely right. The 125 female bloggers link made me browse for hours. I love all the posts and link connected me to links and I forgot about the time. :) I love reading blogs about women making it big in the internet biz. Girl power rocks!

  34. online pdf library says:

    I really wonder how much these bloggers are making from their efforts, do you think you can post something on that, thanks
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    • Hello,

      Most exceptional bloggers are not focused on making money; they have a calling they are fulfilling. As their influence grows so will opportunities for them to generate an income, but so far bloggers who are making money are somewhat uncommon.

      For two examples, Kristi and I are both fairly well known but we don’t make much money and that is why we are both using and recommend Andrew Rondeau’s Income Blogging Guide. You can read more about it in the guest post I’ll put in CommentLuv in this reply.

      There are only so many hours in a day and we each must decide what is most important to us. Making money requires focusing on those specific things that generate an income.

      Unfortunately, at least for me, I often find that what is most deserving of my time is not something that pays money. I choose to do what is most deserving regardless of income and that is why I don’t make very much.

      I believe that will change over time and that blog outreach is likely to be increasingly important so those who have more influence through their blogs and Social Media accounts and know many other bloggers will be compensated by small businesses seeking more online visibility.
      growmap would love you to read ..A True Guide to Making Money with Your BlogMy Profile

  35. Thanks for the list – the only one I’d heard of was Kristi Hines – she always produces a ton of great resources to check out. I’ve just started looking at Mark Thompsons blog and he’s got some great material including a very useful post on how he analyzes the commercial intent of a keyword phrase.

  36. This is a nice article. Thanks for sharing your list. Your list of bloggers including you, are truly exceptional. Loved it! Looking forward to reading more.
    Outsource SEO would love you to read ..The Main Reasons Why Companies Should Look for SEO OutsourcingMy Profile

    • Thank you. Many of us have been online so many thousands of hours that we are in a position to share great lists. This post was made easier by the excellent lists compiled by other bloggers.

      Beyond just SEO I do hope all SEOs are focusing on Local SEO. That is what is most important to many small businesses.
      growmap would love you to read ..Local Search Directory ListingsMy Profile

  37. Hi Gail,

    Thanks so much for compiling and sharing this wonderful list. I will try to visit each one of them.

    All the best to you,

    Ana/Traffic Generation Cafe would love you to read ..From Ebay Link Building to Ebay Traffic Generation- Let the Auction BeginMy Profile

  38. Kristi Hines and Michelle Welch are great bloggers…i have been following them for quite some time now.

  39. Well there goes my morning! Thanks for these lists.

  40. I didn’t know any of them apart from Kristi’s Kikolani, I am off to check them out


    really like the stay on search design / colours – happy to see you made it on their list too :)
    Leo would love you to read ..Hair Salon WebsitesMy Profile

    • Hi Leo,

      Thanks for noticing. Mark at Stay on Search is another exceptional blogger and Kristi is a regular contributor there too.

      I hope you are teaching your clients to use Local Search Directories and create mailing lists. Here is an idea for them: when you have last minute cancellations send out an email and/or Tweets offering that time at a discount.
      growmap would love you to read ..Local Search Directory ListingsMy Profile

      • That’s a great idea, although we found that most people use Facebook rather than Twitter – but you can feed the former into the latter so it’s even better!

        Mailing lists and email marketing is fully integrated to the sites, and yes local directories – in particular those that Google aggregates for their Google Places for hairdressers – are on our “need to register with…” information.
        Leo would love you to read ..Hair Salon WebsitesMy Profile

  41. I knew of a few of these already, but Kristi seems like the one to really look into. Very interesting, I love how social media is bringing everyone together in ways that were impossible ten years ago!

  42. All bloggers have nice idea and great quality of writing. I am just following two of them.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this list.

  43. Gail,

    Agree with everyone they look like great bloggers (i don’t know them)

    The one i know is Kristi, from Kikolani, well who does not know her? LOL

    Thanks for the other links, will check them.


  44. 3 blogs on your list that I already follow, but some interesting additions, it’s just where to find the time to read all this great info….

    • Hi Louise,

      There are way too many to read consistently, aren’t there. What I suspect will happen is that there will be many overlapping niche blogging communities and eventually niche communities in specific geographies.

      I hope many bloggers take my post about choosing blogging niches that combine both a location and a niche to heart.

      Do read my post about Building Traffic I’ll put in CommentLuv in this reply. A keyword like “sale” is far too general to be effective. Even if you did manage t0 rank for it you are unlikely to get converting traffic that way. Le Creuset Sale or Le Creuset on Sale would be far more likely to generate sales.
      growmap would love you to read ..Building Traffic Using Anchor TextMy Profile

  45. Is this a special women edition round-up :)? I can see a couple of posts about woman blogging.
    I will check some of the blogs, and like everyone else here I also want to see who made it from 2008 till now!
    Alex would love you to read ..Arcasul ErouMy Profile

  46. Gail, as you probably know I follow your Twitter account. Alas, I have never taken the time to (personally) thank you for all the support and valuable information you share with us. As much “link bait” and crapola there is out there it’s always refreshing to see good solid information passed around. Granted, it’s not easy being seen.

    The competition is fierce, I know I’m constantly trying to muddle through the good , bad, & just plain ugly! You have an amazing list started including some great side notes. I too would love updates on those list you included and the ones you have created as you stated “it would be interesting to know how many are still around.” Oo I think you have a typo on our link it’s Top (too) SEO Women…Grazie per il riferimento, ciao!
    Gabriella Sannino would love you to read ..Search Engine Optimization Isn’t Part of the IT DepartmentMy Profile

    • Hi Gabriella,

      Thank you. There is far more quality content and there are many more substantial bloggers now than ever before. Thank you for letting me know about the typo; I just fixed it.

      I would love to see a blogger with more time than I have take that 2008 list and see how many of those bloggers are still active. I would gladly publish it as a guest post here if they like.
      growmap would love you to read ..Building Traffic Using Anchor TextMy Profile

  47. Thanks Gail for yet more amazing bloggers to go check out. I have visited some of the blogs that you mention, but will now have to check the rest out.

    You are such an encouragement to the blogging community and I sure appreciate all that you do to get the word out about blogs to visit and also commentluv which for me is such an amazing community to be a part of.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia would love you to read ..Are You a Tweetheart-Commenter…or both!My Profile

    • Hi Patricia,

      I am impressed at the number of blogs you comment in that I haven’t visited yet. It looks like you are actively seeking out other CommentLuv bloggers and that is a good thing for you and them.

      The list Kristi compiled is REALLY amazing. Everything Kristi writes she does so well; she is truly a role model for us all!
      growmap would love you to read ..A True Guide to Making Money with Your BlogMy Profile

  48. Hi Gail,

    Great list. I’ve only been into the blogging scene this year but it’s picking up momentum and so I think one of the things that’s happening is streamlining a system to make it work for me and that I work on it less to do more projects with these awesome bloggers.

    Hence, there’s lots to learn from the collaborated lists you’ve compiled here. Thanks so much for putting them together for us!

    Have a great weekend,
    Thu Nguyen would love you to read ..Using Alexa As A Tool To Research Your Blog IdeaMy Profile

  49. Thanks for linking to the Top 11 list! I’d also be interested to see how many of the Top 100 bloggers list from 2008 are still around!

    Cheers and if we don’t connect again soon, Happy Holidays!

    Tia would love you to read ..10 Things I Learned About Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur in 2010My Profile

    • Hi Tia,

      Thank YOU for being happy that I used your image and link. I looked for you to get permission first and then decided I knew your heart and you wouldn’t mind if I featured it. I am graphics-challenged but appreciate images others create and that one is perfect for drawing attention to your post too.

      I have been more cautious about images since I made an A list blogger “furious” when I used one of her images with attribution and a link on a page I knew would be super high-traffic. I did it to recommend her and give her visibility but she didn’t see it that way. Oops.

      Have you given any thought to what keyword phrases to use to make BizChickBlogs easier to find. Read my building traffic post for ideas.
      growmap would love you to read ..Building Traffic Using Anchor TextMy Profile

  50. Thanks for the list. Now I have another 7 new blogs to follow ;)

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