Affiliate Tips Tuesday: Three Ethical Affiliate Marketing Experts I Trust

Affiliate Marketing Overview

Affiliate Marketing Overview

This is the first post in my new Affiliate Tips Tuesday weekly series.  These will be short posts containing tips and links to benefit affiliate marketers and merchants who have or are considering starting their own affiliate programs.

Many do not realize there are only a few highly ethical affiliate marketers and affiliate marketing managers who work hard to keep their affiliate programs clean of parasiteware and affiliates who steal from merchants and each other.

Unlike the many resources I shared in the post I wrote about How to Evaluate a Merchant Gift Affiliate Program, in this column I will be recommending only trustworthy sources who promote only ethical affiliate marketing strategies.

I could not do this before I met Adam Riemer and Ron Cripps because I did not have enough experience or skills to identify who could be trusted and who could not. These are the affiliate marketing experts I personally trust:

  • Adam Riemer, Affiliate Manager for Executive Gift Shoppe and many other merchants; expert on keeping affiliate programs parasite free and ensuring that both merchants and affiliates benefit.
  • Ron Cripps, Power Affiliate Marketer and Affiliate Marketing Blogger. Don’t miss his Affiliate Marketing FAQ and his Affiliate Marketing Tips that Get Long Term Results and How to Become a Super Affiliate.
  • Murray Newlands who has one of the top Affiliate Marketing Blogs and is the founder of our private blog collaboration.
  • NEW: While controversial, Pace Lattin has a reputation for taking on fraud in the affiliate and performance marketing industries as can be seen in this letter of recommendation for Pace Lattin from Jim Lillig

I highly recommend all three of their blogs to anyone interested in learning how to ethically use affiliate programs. I will be sharing some of their best posts in future Affiliate Tips Tuesday posts.

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Tips Book

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Tips Book

Another book I keep next to my monitor provides an abundance of affiliate marketing tips. While I do would not use all of them there are many that I will definitely be implementing. This is that book:

Internet Marketing from the Real Experts; 3 Minute Lessons on:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • and Much More

I will be sharing excerpts from some of their tips in future Affiliate Tips Tuesday posts.

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