Dog Owners: Will Fear of Thefts Make This Viral? #dogs

Update June 9, 2013 There will be a new Kickstarter campaign kicking off soon. Go to to get details.

What Jim most needs to get this product to market is pre-purchases. I know people want instant gratification, but patience is often a virtue.

If you can buy a StayBoy Lock that will get the wheels rolling.
Donations of even $1 and comments will help keep his campaign

featured so it doesn’t drop into oblivion many pages deep.

Blond woman holding up small white dog with Stop Pet Theft across the bottom of the photoBest practices spring from real world challenges. They are how effective marketers learn what works and what doesn’t.

Dog theft is apparently a larger epidemic than I ever knew. With the AKC telling him that his product is a winner and knowing the stats, Jim @StayBoyLock launched an IndieGoGo campaign.

And as I have repeatedly shared with my readers, things do NOT go viral simply because they’re great ideas with appeal to a large audience.

Unless you have a huge group behind you,
there must be a PLAN to make it go viral!

I previously explained why viral does NOT “just happen” in these two posts:

We can learn from what Jim does what works – and what doesn’t. His first IndieGoGo campaign quickly fell off the launch page and was buried so deep few ever saw it.

My post Stop Dog Theft From Breaking Hearts: Crowdfunding for Startup with Patented Idea to Prevent Thefts was not able to increase activity on that campaign.

Poster for Dog Theft Awareness Week

Click the image for more details and a great video.


Prior to launching his second attempt, here is what he has done:

  1. Tied the new IndieGoGo campaign into National Pet Theft Awareness Week (this week)
  2. Lined up dog bloggers to publish about it
  3. Joined the BlogPaws community and friended many top dog bloggers there
  4. Published a Press Release about StayBoy Lock (through PR Web) – released today March 20, 2013

Here’s the Bad News, though.

Even with all these major players interested,
Without public support willing to take action there could be no StayBoy Locks (but Jim says he’ll sell his house to make it happen)!

Dog Lovers have to be willing to support the crowdfunding by Prepurchasing a StayBoy Lock or donating at least $1

Even $1 can help because it keeps the campaign near the top
where more people will see it!
Comments help, too.


  • AKC (American Kennel Club) has agreed to mention StayBoy Lock on their AKC Facebook page that has 121,034 likes on it.
  • AKC is featuring StayBoy Lock in their Summer Gear Issue of AKC Family Dog magazine
  • As Seen on TV contacted Jim because of the PRWeb press release. He has a contract to have StayBoy Lock profiled in their spots.
  • Media Corp contacted Jim because of the PRWeb press release. They plan to feature StayBoy Lock in TV spots.
  • Multiple bloggers have committed to doing posts this week.

Jim has to raise $45,000 or there can be no TV spots or AKC magazine
spread. That is what manufacturing will cost. He WILL make it happen,
but wouldn’t it be great if we could get dog lovers to pre-purchase or donate to make sure there will be plenty of stock?

Be Part of the Solution >> Donate to or Pre-Purchase a StayBoy Lock

Dog Theft Poster


  • Jim has hired Gary from TrendingPhones to get the Press Release and a request for coverage to all the members of the previously mentioned BlogPaws community plus many other dog blogs. (Gary works with me and does social media, blogging and small business related projects as an independent consultant.)
  • Jim continues to follow up with bloggers and media.
  • Keep the IndieGoGo campaign updated with breaking news about dog theft and updates on the progress of the fundraising.
  • Add links to the Press Release and blog posts to existing related pages and posts.

Can you help? Besides supporting the IndieGoGo Campaign you can share what is going on with dog lovers and dog bloggers so
more people will see it. But most of all they have to ACT!

Warning Dog Thief Area ~ Don't Leave Your Dog Tied Up On Sidewalk

With StayBoy Lock you CAN leave your dog tied safely!


  • AKC also has a AKC Family Dog Facebook page (and others). Reaching out to additional page managers could increase exposure.
  • AKC has other publications. Using the AKC Magazines page, contact other editors.
  • Find dog bloggers on social networks and interact with them to get additional exposure.
  • Find dog related boards on pinterest and pin information about StayBoy Lock there using the most compelling or cute images.
  • Look for dog related communities on Google+ to spread the word about dog theft and this preventive product.


Dog with sunglasses and whig above his tail

Don’t turn your back on pet theft and let the thieves win! We need your support.

Here are ways my readers can help (and learn what works and what doesn’t so when you want to promote something you will have experience).

  • Share the IndieGoGo campaign on social networks. Mention it on Facebook or G+ or repin it on Pinterest.
  • Donate if you can. I suspect that donations count the most, so even $1 could help keep the campaign featured until more people buy.
  • Blog about StayBoy Lock – especially if you have a dog or animal related blog.

Do you have any additional ideas? Please share them in the comments.

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  1. There aren\’t actually a lot of media coverage done for disseminating information about dog safety in terms of theft and dog fighting incidents. I have not seen an in-depth coverage regarding dog safety this year. Local television channels especially the evening news is watched by almost everyone. For me, I have a habit when we I got home from work. I turn the tv on and watch the daily evening news. I think there should be news segment or a social media app that keeps us updated not just on human affairs but also on the animals\’ present living state. We should not just look out for the welfare of our fellow human beings but also on the welfare of the animals especially the ones we pet.

  2. Taffy Miltz says:

    Hi, Gail. This is really a good start. Thanks for noticing.

  3. pet hedgehog says:

    Keep up the good work ! We will spread the word around. Its nice to know that people like you go to great lengths to protect our pets. Thank you!

  4. Olivia Simmons says:

    God bless you animal lovers for this article.Lots of pet owners should read this.Thank you for raising awareness of these dangers.thanks again
    Olivia Simmons would love you to read ..Contact us for a Meet n’ Greet!My Profile

  5. This dog theft prevention initiative is great. But it would be better to expand this protection to other pets like cats, iguanas, mice, etc.

  6. I really like this blog. Dog theft prevention is really a good idea. Maybe all this time we also need guard dogs for the safety of our families. Not just pet dogs.

  7. These are good ideas– dog theft is not real until you were victim of it one day.

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