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UPDATE 2014: I DO NOT recommend comments in blogs be dofollow because you are more likely to be penalized for inbound and outbound link penalties if they are. I also recommend you turn off keywords if you were permitting them.


UPDATED Sep 24, 2011

A DoFollow site is one that allows the search engines to follow a link from their site to yours. This increases the number of incoming links to your site, increases the likelihood that someone will locate you when searching, and improves your site’s position in the search engines. We all have a limited amount of time so why not make it count?

Focus your NEW community building in blogs that believe in dofollow! Read about How KeywordLuv Benefits us All

  • DoFollow blogs are more likely to have really active and loyal communities and commentators
  • Bloggers who believe in Do Follow are far more likely to visit and comment in YOUR blog
  • They have a positive effect on your blog’s position in search engines like Google

Do remember to maintain your involvement in any active communities you’re already visiting and keep an eye out for quality blogs and visit them even if they are not DoFollow. Then use the DoFollow Tools linked below to find new places to participate.

The use of DoFollow and plugins like CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, Lucia’s Linky Love (anyone have a link that works or know if the Lucia’s Linky Luv plugin still works?) and others is growing so spend some time and select blogs that you will really benefit from interacting with because the content they offer adds value to what you do. Implement plugins that encourage conversations.

WARNING: Some blogs that Use CommentLuv and/or KeywordLuv are No Follow. We use the Highlight NoFollow links function in the  SEOBook Toolbar to verify them. We also recommend adding your dofollow sites to and and using this Verify Dofollow service.

Some blogs do revert to no follow because it does take a little more time to manage SPAM. The lists below will contain some blogs that are not still DoFollow but they are still valuable for locating blogs. You can usually use the SEOBook SEO Toolbar to instantly see whether comment links in a blog are dofollow or nofollow. (Some sites do block this function).

Or use the DoFollow Blog Search Engine to quickly determine if blogs are really Do Follow. You can also use that tool directly to search by keyword. It returns only those blogs that are confirmed to be Do Follow at the time of your search.

[NOTE: Updated 01/23/10 – All links last UPDATED Aug 26, 2009 – please leave comments if any fail and we will update them.]

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  • NEW: AbinfoTech: How to Search for DoFollow Blogs


  • NEW: YouDoFollow
  • Web Site Ranking Help DoFollow Plugins, Search Engines and Lists
  • Do Follow Blog Finder
  • Kikolani’s Blog Directory (searchable)
  • PageRush DoFollow Blog Search Engine
  • EZBusiness Needs DoFollow Searcher Tool
  • Mr Definite Ultimate Free DoFollow Blog Finder Tool – (Scroll down to find search box – many ads on page)
  • Fast Blog Finder (Downloadable DOS-Windows Executable Software)
  • edublogfinder’s Do Follow Blog Search Tool


  • BRAND NEW: Ana Hoffman @WebTrafficCafe CommentLuv Enabled Blog List of PR2+ Active Internet Marketing blogs annotated with whether they are DoFollow and KeywordLuv or the new CommentLuv Premium Keyword enabled.
  • Netchunks: Huge List of 400+ Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs (Dec 30, 2010 – checking with @NetChunks to see if it has been updated since)
  • Blog Directory – Created by Kikolani – (Twitter) – Do YOU DoFollow?

What makes this new DoFollow Blog Directory special? Unlike most other blog directories, this one includes ways to look for DoFollow blogs with certain features such as Comment Luv, Top Commentator, keywords allowed and Keyword Luv.

If you are a DoFollow blog owner: please go by and submit your link to the DoFollow blog directory. In addition to listing the above features, you can also list your blog as not allowing keywords and DoFollow links only happen after a set number of comments.

Also, don’t miss the DoFollow blog, which covers everything you need to know about DoFollow.



  • NEW: Kikolani’s Dofollow Social Media Networks


  • NEW: Kikolani’s DoFollow Forums
  • DigitalPoint List of DoFollow Forums


  • Kikolani’s new DoFollow Article Directories List
  • Do follow Article Directory – (Twitter) – Dofollow directory using CommentLuv, KeywordLuv



  • Membership Site to find targeted blogs interested in Reciprocal Blog Linking and Commenting


  • Andy Beard’s Ultimate List of DoFollow and NoFollow Plugins – Includes directions on how to remove nofollow from popular blogging platforms including Blogger, Blogspot, Movable Type, Typepad and WordPress. Also how to install nofollow on these plus Drupal.


  • Free Online Tools: Keyword, Backlink, Niche Finders
  • SEOBook SEOToolbar – can verify dofollow or nofollow status in one click on many sites (some blogs do block this ability)



If you know of other related tools, posts or lists please leave links to them in the comments. Periodically we will move them up into the body of this post.

The list below is of DoFollow Blogs where I manage the comments.

I approve more comments to support small businesses, good causes and bloggers than most bloggers so being active in our blogs is to your benefit. They are all 100% dofollow from the first comment and have both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv installed:

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Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


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  22. I agree 100%, this is a myth from old SEO’s that remained until today. A link from a PR7 .gov or .edu has the same value as the link from a PR7 .com domain, the only real thing to look for is that the link comes from a related site to your content. But, so called SEO gurus still push this myth and there are plenty SEO newbies trying to get something that is almost impossible.
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