DoFollow No Longer Recommended for CommentLuv Blogs

ALL CommentLuv bloggers (free version or Premium) are eligible to be added to my many lists from which I share content across Social Networks.

I DO NOT recommend your comments be dofollow any longer.
I recommend turning off keywords if you have been using them.

I also link to those blogs from my posts and choose from those when I receive valuable special offers and put together blogging collaborations.

The CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv Premium Launched
Scroll down to see links to 28 CommentLuv Premium reviews
Or click this link to read about CommentLuv Premium Benefits.

Commentluv Hearts

Click the image to read what Jackie from Internet Marketing for Mommies thinks about CommentLuv and KeywordLuv

Have you heard? CommentLuv Premium is now available.

CommentLuv Premium defaults to nofollow but can easily be configured to be dofollow.

Those of us who believe in supporting bloggers and small businesses by offering dofollow keyword phrases as their anchor text in the name field or dofollow CommentLuv links will want to configure our CommentLuv plugins accordingly.

I will be doing a post on how to configure CommentLuv Premium and want to make sure my readers know about CommentLuv Premium which is already installed here and on other favorite blogs.

The current sale price lasts through Nov 30

You can get CommentLuv Premium for a
one-time cost to use on ALL your blogs
at a price that will NEVER BE OFFERED AGAIN!

AND You become an affiliate and earn 50% commissions.

There will be more on that here between now and then and you can read some great reviews on some of my favorite blogs *:

  1. Attraction Marketing @MavisNong ~ CommentLuv Premium – Should You Really Invest in This New Plugin?
  2. @Ileane @BasicBlogTips ~ Why I’m Not Installing Livefyre on Basic Blog Tips and Getting Your Blog Ready For CommentLuv Premium
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  14. @Craig_Sowerby ~The All New Dancing Comment Luv Premium Plugin
  15. @JeffAldalen ~Promote your site with Comment Luv Premium
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  17. @Chad_Nicely ~ CommentLuv Premium review: “Commentluv is now my favorite plugin of all time!”
  18. @SHurleyHall ~ CommentLuv Premium review: “CommentLuv Premium now offers much more for both blog owners and commenters.”
  19. @VernessaTaylor @CoachNotesBlog ~ Beta, Beater, CommentLuv (Premium) is Sweeter!
  20. @ftarnogol Switching from Disqus to Commentluv
  21. NEW: @NetChunks ~ If you LOVE CommentLuv Wait Until You See CommentLuv Premium
  22. NEW: @NoBogies ~ Why Buy CommentLuv Premium?
  23. NEW: @ExecGiftsBlog ~ Buy CommentLuv Premium During Prelaunch Sale
  24. NEW: @amvdl1966  ~ Abraham’s Tips ~ Blog Commenting Tips
  25. NEW: @MavisNong on BetterNetworker ~ CommentLuv Premium – Should You Really Invest in This New Plugin?
  26. NEW: @BlogsNewsReview ~ Premium CommentLuv engages and rewards your readers
  27. NEW: @HotBlogTips ~ I’m Luvin The New CommentLuv Premium Dashboard Luvvers Widget
  28. NEW: @BlazingMinds ~ How to Use CommentLuv Premium Dashboard Luvvers Widget to Find Unanswered Comments.
The CommentLuv Plugin

If you want to use my affiliate link click this image – Bloggers can get their image w/ affiliate link in the ComLuv members forum.

* NOTE: All of these beta testers of CommentLuv Premium have affiliate links for you to use so choose the blogger you most want to support when you click through to add your email for Early Bird Notifcation to buy CommentLuv Premium.

ATTN: BETA TESTERS: If you have a review post you would like added here just leave the link the comments and I’ll move it up.)

For those who prefer videos, Andy has created this video that explains what is new in CommentLuv Premium and how you can get in on the one week sale starting next Tuesday:

Now is a great time for me to update my many lists of DoFollow bloggers especially the one in my post on KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All.

It is also the time for you to all TELL ME
if any of your blogs are missing from my lists.

I regularly find out bloggers I know have DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv blogs that aren’t on my list AND I get introduced to bloggers that somehow missed being on my radar. Just yesterday Vernessa mentioned Stella Anokams’ Marketing Tips (@stellaanokam on Twitter) and I realized her blog qualifies.

DO leave links in the comments to any blogs – yours or anyone else’s – that aren’t in my KeywordLuv list linked above, my Twitter DoFollow CommentLuv List and Twitter KeywordLuv List, or not included in my Top Marketing Blogs list.


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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. I so interested about comment luv but I dont understand what is benefit from comment luv..

  2. thank for sharing,good post..! I am a newbie blogger.salam kenal

  3. thanks, this is very very useful for me

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  7. Honestly I do not understand how to use or install the blog luv my comments system

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  9. I am a newbie in blogger, please help me for get backlink from commentLuv

    • Hello Galuh,

      You are going about commenting incorrectly. What you want to do is sign up for CommentLuv which only works if you have a blog. Then read content that interests you and leave relevant, thoughtful comments. Do not ask for backlinks. The point of CommentLuv is to build a community of collaborators – not links.
      Gail Gardner would love you to read ..Do Not Let Your Images Blow Up Your BlogMy Profile

  10. nice article. i’ll do your sugest as soon to get more traffic thaks for information

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  13. Thankyou for giving us such a help post, before your post every time i searched for the dofollow link but not found a single one and i frustratedly said to my partner how they Look-alike lol, before this informative post i always worried about my site my career because i refused highest paying jobs in the united states and decided to start my own online business, now i have no regret on my decision because of commentluv.

    • Hi Roney,

      This is a very old post, and today there will be very few CommentLuv blogs that are still dofollow due to Google’s war on blogs. I’ve been working on updating my list of CommentLuv blogs to comment on. Today, it is best that we not have dofollow comments because Google reduces the blog’s traffic and penalizes the site that is commenting.

      For anyone who can use WordPress correctly and writes well, they need to focus on guest posting on RELATED blogs. Comments can bring you traffic, but should not be used for link building.
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  19. Dear Gail,
    I liked what you said about I will be doing a post on how to configure CommentLuv Premium and want to make sure my readers know about CommentLuv Premium which is already installed here and on other favorite blogs.
    Continue this kind of articles because they are very good and useful, congratulations.

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