DoFollow No Longer Recommended for CommentLuv Blogs

ALL CommentLuv bloggers (free version or Premium) are eligible to be added to my many lists from which I share content across Social Networks.

I DO NOT recommend your comments be dofollow any longer.
I recommend turning off keywords if you have been using them.

I also link to those blogs from my posts and choose from those when I receive valuable special offers and put together blogging collaborations.

CommentLuv Premium Launched
Scroll down to see links to 28 CommentLuv Premium reviews
Or click this link to read about CommentLuv Premium Benefits.

Commentluv Hearts

Click the image to read what Jackie from Internet Marketing for Mommies thinks about CommentLuv and KeywordLuv

Have you heard? CommentLuv Premium is now available.

CommentLuv Premium defaults to nofollow but can easily be configured to be dofollow.

Those of us who believe in supporting bloggers and small businesses by offering dofollow keyword phrases as their anchor text in the name field or dofollow CommentLuv links will want to configure our CommentLuv plugins accordingly.

I will be doing a post on how to configure CommentLuv Premium and want to make sure my readers know about CommentLuv Premium which is already installed here and on other favorite blogs.

The current sale price lasts through Nov 30

You can get CommentLuv Premium for a
one-time cost to use on ALL your blogs
at a price that will NEVER BE OFFERED AGAIN!

AND You become an affiliate and earn 50% commissions.

There will be more on that here between now and then and you can read some great reviews on some of my favorite blogs *:

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If you want to use my affiliate link click this image – Bloggers can get their image w/ affiliate link in the ComLuv members forum.

* NOTE: All of these beta testers of CommentLuv Premium have affiliate links for you to use so choose the blogger you most want to support when you click through to add your email for Early Bird Notifcation to buy CommentLuv Premium.

ATTN: BETA TESTERS: If you have a review post you would like added here just leave the link the comments and I’ll move it up.)

For those who prefer videos, Andy has created this video that explains what is new in CommentLuv Premium and how you can get in on the one week sale starting next Tuesday:

Now is a great time for me to update my many lists of DoFollow bloggers especially the one in my post on KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All.

It is also the time for you to all TELL ME
if any of your blogs are missing from my lists.

I regularly find out bloggers I know have DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv blogs that aren’t on my list AND I get introduced to bloggers that somehow missed being on my radar. Just yesterday Vernessa mentioned Stella Anokams’ Marketing Tips (@stellaanokam on Twitter) and I realized her blog qualifies.

DO leave links in the comments to any blogs – yours or anyone else’s – that aren’t in my KeywordLuv list linked above, my Twitter DoFollow CommentLuv List and Twitter KeywordLuv List, or not included in my Top Marketing Blogs list.


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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Well, you have a good point there. But for me, the main advantage of the blog do follow is you can target the right keywords with a direct link juice to it. And this helps you improve your site ranking of some
    indeed do follow blog so I enjoy

    • Hi,

      Using keywords in the name field is what used to provide awareness about what you sell; however, as Google now penalizes both the site hosting the comments and the one linked to, it is better that comment links are nofollowed. Some SEO savvy bloggers I know won’t even use their URL (thereby giving up any potential traffic and visibility garnered by their comments) because they feel their site could trip a threshold and lose traffic.

      It is unfortunate that there is no way that an honest blogger or small business can operate online without the risk of losing traffic due to Google’s impossible guidelines and ever-changing algorithms.
      Gail Gardner would love you to read ..Beware of Token Stealing Man-in-the-Cloud Hackers (MITC)My Profile

  2. Thanks For The List! I just hope they have some amazing content in their blogs to read to too!
    Gizgoo would love you to read ..SECRET RECIPE FOR MAKING YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESSFUL ( Start Small & Get Big )My Profile

  3. Nice post, but actually i’m still new i don’t really understand about the topic.
    I just found this site referred by trafficgenerationcafe, about Commentluv Enable. And I’ve just learn how to build backlink. I used to be using “good post; I really like this post; keep posting”, :), i just copy others but this is wrong way like you said. I must throw away wrong way and do better one. Hope i can learn a lot from your site. Thanks
    John Indo would love you to read ..Keunggulan Sepeda Listrik IndonesiaMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the article, I am not an automated robot , I was a blogger who wants to learn how to optimize your blog I have. but every time I commented I thought spam . so I beg for help to realize this . for the good of us all .

  5. I do not understand the blog DoFollow and nofollow, maybe no one will explain it in detail and their benefits if we comment!

  6. Well, you have a good point there. But for me, the main advantage of a Do Follow Blog is you can target the proper keyword with a direct link juice to it. And this helps your site increase some rankings.

    • Hi Mike,

      The problem is that if you comment regularly you can end up being penalized instead of being benefited. By nofollowing comments we hope to minimize the chance of a penalty while still giving our commenters exposure to attract our readers back to their site.

      Plug your site into Google Penalty checker at and you’ll see that it is impossible to deal with what Google is doing to us. Building links is dangerous; not building links is dangerous. Whatever you do, your site will suffer for it.
      Gail Gardner would love you to read ..How To Build Great Relationships With BloggersMy Profile

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