Do YOU Know and Follow These Special Bloggers? Why I Love #FollowFriday

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I love Follow Friday because it reminds us weekly to thank the many who take the time to share what others are doing.

We don’t get to thank people as often as they deserve, so today I want to offer special thanks to these fine bloggers for consistently going above and beyond to support what I am working to accomplish:

[NOTE: Additional links and anchor text will be added for all the above. If you have a request for specific links or landing pages leave them in the comments or Skype or IM them.]

I was thinking how I REALLY miss TweepML and went to grab a link to explain what it was and…

GREAT NEWS! TweepML is back!

As soon as I receive a confirmation email resetting my password I’ll add a TweepML link with all of the above – provided it works.


When someone goes out of their way to uplift what you do, here are some important ways you can thank them:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: write about and link to them, making sure you use anchor text correctly. Do NOT just link to their name or blog name as they probably already rank for those in the search engines and anyone that already knows their name won’t need to be searching! Link to a phrase that someone who did not already know them would use to find what they are offering. Land that link on the page that has the best information rather than on their home page. If you aren’t sure what to use, ASK THEM!
  2. Write reviews for them at LinkedIn, Technorati, Alexa, StumbleUpon, and on Blog Directories. [Each of those links has how-to info - point at the link to see what it says. You can right click and select open in a new tab so you can go read them after you read this post.]
  3. Share their content on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, on voting sites like BizSugar or Sphinn and on bookmarking sites like Delicious. If their content is consistently relevant to your followers and of high quality, consider automatically sharing their posts as they get published using Twitterfeed or a similar Twitter app. (That has the added benefit of making it more likely YOU will see it and will bring you more followers and get what you shared featured in aggregators like and the many similar offerings appearing on Twitter.)
  4. Comment in their blogs. Encourage them to use CommentLuv so they can grow a thriving blog community and get to know you and their other commentators better through the posts CommentLuv enables them to share. (I feel KeywordLuv helps me get to know my commentators faster through the keyword phrases and landing pages they choose.)
  5. Google +1 their posts and share them on Google Plus. See these resources:
    1. Kristi Hines on Social Media Examiner: Getting Started with Google Plus, Complete Guide
    2. Jane Sheeba on Find All Answers: Google Plus Tutorial
    3. Kristi on Kikolani: 6 Reasons I Like Google Plus
    4. Jym Tarrant: How Google Plus Will Impact Your Income and How to Make it Work for You.
    5. Kristi on Future Simple: 3 Ways Google Plus Benefits Businesses Now
  6. Give them +K on Klout - Quick Klout Tip: The fast way to start receiving +K is to give it. We can see who gives it in our Klout account so the first people I consider are the ones who have given it to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one!
    1. Official Klout blog post on How to Give +K on Klout
    2. ProfessorJosh ~ Easier to understand tutorial on How to Give +K on Klout
    3. Ileane on What is Klout
    4. BlogHer What is Klout +K and How Does it Work
    5. BusinessesGrow Does Klout +K Affect Your Klout Score?
  7. Congratulate them and brag on them publicly whenever they have:
    1. Been nominated for an award such as the Small Business Influencers awards Liz, Kristi, and I are currently nominated for @SmallBizTrends. [You can vote for us and others you know or admire once every 24 hours.]
    2. Published a book or ebook.
    3. Been interviewed of featured anywhere.  When new recommendations are published (as several have for me lately which you can see at the bottom of the post in the vote for us link above), sharing them right away is more powerful than sharing later. (Sny time is greatly appreciated though!)

While all these things do take time, remember that you are planting the seeds that will bring you and them a larger harvest over time.

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