DMOZ Now Largely a Waste of Time


Just today Chris Crum of WebProNews asked Do You Respect DMOZ after 11 years? The Official Happy Birthday DMOZ announced by AOL is June 8, 2009. Although DMOZ was once a quality directory, the reason for their declining favor can be summed up in one word: attitude. That attitude comes through clearly in their R-E-S-P-E-C-T- for DMOZ post and the responses to comments there.


“I saw a definition on the Alternate Webmaster Glossary ( of ODP: That place where you submit a site and forget about it. (And they forget about it too). That’s what webmasters think of the ODP.”~ Will in comments in that DMOZ respect post mentioned above~


According to DMOZ, it is always YOUR fault if you don’t get listed because you obviously did not follow their rules. You must have made a mistake. You just aren’t “good enough”. While I am certain they do get many submissions that are poor, using their rules as an excuse to reject or ignore quality sites is unwise at best and a major cause for their impending demise at worst.


Any visit to DMOZ makes it obvious there is a shortage of editors. There is a very good reason for that. Many suggest becoming a DMOZ editor is one way to finally get that elusive DMOZ listing you desire. Many claim that doesn’t work:

DMOZ rejects new editors without explanation and rarely responds or adds new websites submitted by users to categories. ~ Comment from Jeff Reason ~

I wanted to give DMOZ a fair test so I applied to become an editor. Apparently I am not talented enough to volunteer my time as the application was declined. I did definitely disclose all Web sites I am involved with so that isn’t the issue. If you still want to give it a try read The Secret to Getting Listed at DMOZ and Submitting a Successful DMOZ application.

While we originally did not know whether the charges of corruption at DMOZ were accurate; they certainly are abundant. It is really hard to argue against that accusation given what happened to ShoeMoney. Not only is ShoeMoney still not listed there are only 23 listings in the Affiliate Weblogs category where he once appeared. The PleasantonWebDesignBlog post DMOZ is Corrupt and the comments in it are representative of many we’ve read elsewhere. Here are even more concerns about DMOZ Editors.

Chris Crum at WebProNews asks Does Dmoz Still Have a Place in Search?  They seem to be telling us they don’t. After thorough research we have concluded that although a DMOZ link is still considered valuable, DMOZ is largely a waste of time. Apply once carefully following their rules if you wish and then, as Will suggested, forget about them.


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