DMOZ Now Largely a Waste of Time


Just today Chris Crum of WebProNews asked Do You Respect DMOZ after 11 years? The Official Happy Birthday DMOZ announced by AOL is June 8, 2009. Although DMOZ was once a quality directory, the reason for their declining favor can be summed up in one word: attitude. That attitude comes through clearly in their R-E-S-P-E-C-T- for DMOZ post and the responses to comments there.


“I saw a definition on the Alternate Webmaster Glossary ( of ODP: That place where you submit a site and forget about it. (And they forget about it too). That’s what webmasters think of the ODP.”~ Will in comments in that DMOZ respect post mentioned above~


According to DMOZ, it is always YOUR fault if you don’t get listed because you obviously did not follow their rules. You must have made a mistake. You just aren’t “good enough”. While I am certain they do get many submissions that are poor, using their rules as an excuse to reject or ignore quality sites is unwise at best and a major cause for their impending demise at worst.


Any visit to DMOZ makes it obvious there is a shortage of editors. There is a very good reason for that. Many suggest becoming a DMOZ editor is one way to finally get that elusive DMOZ listing you desire. Many claim that doesn’t work:

DMOZ rejects new editors without explanation and rarely responds or adds new websites submitted by users to categories. ~ Comment from Jeff Reason ~

I wanted to give DMOZ a fair test so I applied to become an editor. Apparently I am not talented enough to volunteer my time as the application was declined. I did definitely disclose all Web sites I am involved with so that isn’t the issue. If you still want to give it a try read The Secret to Getting Listed at DMOZ and Submitting a Successful DMOZ application.

While we originally did not know whether the charges of corruption at DMOZ were accurate; they certainly are abundant. It is really hard to argue against that accusation given what happened to ShoeMoney. Not only is ShoeMoney still not listed there are only 23 listings in the Affiliate Weblogs category where he once appeared. The PleasantonWebDesignBlog post DMOZ is Corrupt and the comments in it are representative of many we’ve read elsewhere. Here are even more concerns about DMOZ Editors.

Chris Crum at WebProNews asks Does Dmoz Still Have a Place in Search?  They seem to be telling us they don’t. After thorough research we have concluded that although a DMOZ link is still considered valuable, DMOZ is largely a waste of time. Apply once carefully following their rules if you wish and then, as Will suggested, forget about them.


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Gail Gardner

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  1. Btw, my last project I am involved, was listed at DMOZ by editor himself, I was really surprised. DMOZ golden era ended with Google directory closure, since Goog directory scrape their listinings from DMOZ, imho it gave enormous trust to participating sites, right now DMOZ is just a regular site and furthermore you are getting link from category page which could be less valuable than, this page, for example! :)
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  2. I agree that DMOZ isn’t that useful anymore. I sucks that they take forever to approve new submissions.
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  3. No doubt something is wrong. They reject totally genuine, non-marketing-oriented websites. Its as if all submissions go into a black hole. The links might be valuable but overall its a waste of time.
    Submit and forget.

  4. danielmac says:

    obtaining a dmoz listing is so difficult nowadays but it definitely distinguishes older and more established sites from the newer ones
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  5. a total waste of time and effort in my opinion..very disappointing service indeed
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  6. I think it’s definitely a waste of time and I think submitting a site to DMOZ is more than enough…and if your site is not listed even if you had a quality site then it’s not your problem anymore.

  7. Yes, it is good to watch the videos that Matt Cutts is producing, you can see them on Youtube, he has his channel. He is one of the most important people in Google.
    So..such places like DMOZ unfortunately are not that important any more. Now, what counts, is a website that has visitors.
    Traffic from twitter, facebook,

    there is just one trouble with this kind of thinking- websites are like buildings. You cannot rely and diagnose the power of the website based on ephemeral factors, like traffic from the Social media sites. Sometimes the good needs to wait to be discovered, and that is why all sorts of white hat links should be taken into account. Not just the traffic, but also the internal link structure should be considered.

    wouldn’t you agree?

    • Hi Jim,

      What most businesses do not understand that I do is that there are many entities intentionally making it difficult for small businesses and individual interests to be found online.

      Just as they control all the major media they seek to control what we can and can not find on the Internet. That is why it is imperative for those who see what is going on to use their blogs and influence to encourage the use of independent sites instead of those controlled by what I refer to as The Borg which includes all those under control of the same connected multi-national corporations.

      Creating local blogging communities is one excellent way to do that. More details in my post about Local Communities.
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  8. android spy software says:

    One of the other reasons of being a waste of time is that it is not getting updated on regular basis, this is what i have obserevd

  9. Flexible Mini Tripod says:

    Yes to get the category to submit a website is bit of a search, so one s first goal is to search for the right category, if it is hard to find the category then search for similar web sites and then write down their category. Secondly make sure one has quality content. It shouldn’t be a copy of any other content. It should be error free. The links should not be missing. It is important to have a good web design too.

  10. It truly is a waste of time and they’re way better ways you could be using your skills to improve your rankings. I believe that dmoz submission is a joke this day.

  11. hey friends

    I actually agree with Ken, when he says that he doesn’t need the link from DMOZ.
    If DMOZ doesn’t act logically, but only chooses the sites that comply with its inner policy…well I don’t really see Google paying much attention to them.

    What creates the great strength of our sites is its relevancy and the ability to solve the problems. so we have many comments and later many links from Social media…
    any thoughts on this?
    why does it matter to you to get a link from DMOZ?

    thanks, Nicole
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  12. Is this site a waste of time too?
    If it is, I hope my comment does not get to be!

  13. For me, DMOZ has been a complete waste of time. I have applied for the inclusion of more than one site with no success, and waited YEARS for any kind of communication, and they are still not listed. I recently applied to become an editor and was rejected for arbitrary reasons.

    • Hi Matt,

      Welcome to the very big club. I was once an Editor there and obviously I should have made sure I kept active because I also have been declined more than once both for listing many sites over the years for clients and myself and as an Editor. If experienced bloggers with quality blogs and influential Social Media accounts are not good enough for them I don’t know who will be.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. If you read the other comments you will see that many just don’t understand what I’m saying in this post – or would like to stay in denial.

      You may want to read my posts about keywordluv and CommentLuv. Both can increase traffic to your Free Flash Games.
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  14. If you want your site to be listed, just read the guidelines of Dmoz directory and then submit your site according to that. Dmoz guidelines are the most common guidelines for directory submission. Just follow it.
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  15. James Ryan says:


    that’s quite surprising what you wrote. I have recently submitted one of my websites to DMOZ directory, and yes it takes a lot of time, to find the right category and to give them good info on your site.
    I remember watching a video with one of the SEO gurus talked about directories, and he was quite convinced that they do not really have volunteers. that DMOZ is probably 2 guys.

    Well, anyway, the SEO is changing, Google now looks for different types of links, they appreciate natural links, like created through social media, and directory submissions no longer count. or at least not that much.

    cheers mate

  16. If relevancy is not DMOZ’s primary priority, DMOZ will become a giant hub for a small group of people to satisfy their desire for power. If I submit a site to DMOZ and the editor is my competitor, it just don’t think he/she will be unselfish to include my site.

  17. DMOz can help but it is not of crucial importance. that directory is old and will be replaced by something better soon

  18. Delroy A. Whyte-Hall says:

    Thanks for the information. However, I have been running my online business for over a year now, and I have had difficulty getting listed in the major search engines. Just as Guy Web III stated earlier, I too have made several attempts to get listed listed in DMOZ. All my efforts have failed, but I am not giving up just yet.

  19. I have been doing some sort of web publishing, designing and optimizing for 7 years and have yet to even once get any website listed in DMOZ. All attempts were professionally done sites, non-spammy, perfectly good websites. As well, all rules followed to a tee. Alas, nothing. The reasons can’t be discovered factually, but logical speculation leaves me with two possibilities. Either it is completely corrupt and only “the in-crowd” who know (and by ‘know’ I mean ‘pay’ -wink) an editor can get in, or they are extremely short-handed on personnel and websites just sit in a queue forever never reviewed at all and eventually purged for age. I actually think it is both.

  20. Thanks for information. This information is really helpful for me.
    This information is help me for link building.

  21. not sure that its really a waste of time.for directory submission its very useful getting listed in DMOZ its helps in linking building.

  22. Sorry. Can someone explain what a SERP ranking is? How do I find mine and what is its importance? Thanks in advance.

  23. It was often said that for Directory submission , getting listed in DMOZ is very much essential as far as link building is concerned.DMOZ listing helps get a site listed with Google and other search engines.But now we come to hear mixed reviews about DMOZ.Moreover after getting listed in this directory there is no guarantee that you receive a backlink from them.It does not carry any additional weight.
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  24. CongMoney says:

    That’s some disappoint info from DMOZ. I always wanted my site to be aded in their listing since i really think that they are one of the best. But i guess it is not now.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Some do get lucky and get their sites listed so there is a small chance if you are very careful to follow their rules.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How to Add Your Business to Merchant Circle =-.

  25. I think DMOZ is still popular but its clearly declined in the face of other more popular sites and ways of communicating. It just goes to show you that sites like myspace and twitter may seen great now but they need to listen to users and keep up with their needs or another site will replace them.
    .-= kris@morgage refinance calculator´s last blog ..Morgage Refinance calculator break even analysis =-.

    • Hello Kris,

      The decline of DMOZ is their own doing. Most companies do not listen to their users; however, those that do will be more likely to succeed.
      .-= Internet Strategist @GrowMap´s last blog ..How to Add Your Business to Merchant Circle =-.

  26. Dentists in Bradford says:

    Yet Dmoz is the best source for getting relevant results.

    • While they may be relevant they are definitely NOT comprehensive. At least some of the very best sites have been deleted because they would not pay up. Many excellent sites are unable to get listed. Perhaps that is what DMOZ is all about – only listing those who are willing to pay corrupt editors. Makes me wonder if they declined my application because I am too ethical to fit in.

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  27. For me DMOZ doesn’t exist. I haven’t submitted to DMOZ in last two years. I regularly see DMOZ editors ‘selling’ guaranteed listings so all the charges of corruption are not incorrect. ShoeMoney not being in affiliate category for a directory is a shame for the directory.

    What’s your favorite directory nowadays? (Free or paid?)

    John Berry’s last blog post..Top 10 Interesting Books to Read This Summer

    • Hi John,

      Yes, the ShoeMoney incident is a serious issue that DMOZ would have to address. I doubt they’re going to change so it is up to other sites – notably Google – to take action. Corrupt directories should not be getting credibility or be rewarded.

      As you know there are many types of directories. The one I use most frequently is When I want a phone number or address or am seeking a new business to patronize I look there first.

      When I want to research or find information rather than a specific business I use and the blog search at My ideal search engine would be to be able to search DuckDuckGo using Zuula blog search OR to have a blog search function in DuckDuckGo (which would eliminate my use of Zuula).

      I very rarely use any other directory or search engine. I am absolutely thrilled that DuckDuckGo provides better search results than Google so I don’t use them any more except for image search.

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  28. Hi David,

    I agree that DMOZ doesn’t offer much to attract actual visitors. A directory with the type of expanded listings you suggest is best – and that is a great niche for anyone interested in building a site for a particular subject or location.

    Since DMOZ does not seem to be able to get even their limited listings up in a timely manner – or ever in many cases – expanding what they offer is highly unlikely. That is why many niche spin-offs exist. Targeted niche sites make excellent resources so there is always room for those.

    The only reason DMOZ is still alive is because of longevity. Any new site run so poorly would never get off the ground!

    Internet Strategist’s last blog post..Select Keywords First to Make Your Content Easy to Find

  29. In 9 years our web design/hosting/multimedia company has NEVER been able to get a single site we’ve built and/or hosted listed in DMOZ. Some of our people have even applied to be an editor with absolutely NO response whatsoever… not even a “thanks, but no thanks.”

    Once upon a time a DMOZ listing was an SEO essential, now its just a fairy-tale… and like all fairy-tales its a nice bed-time story but not very practical for use in the real world.

  30. Getting into a high level category is still worth it if you are targeting niche terms.

    Re. respect for DMOZ. I don’t think there are many people who respect it. Directories are not really much part of the web because they are not coming up with anything interesting. All it is, is a title and a line or two of text. They need to really expend the listing – create something of a human-edited wiki of categorically ordered sites. An example of a directory that take a bit more effort is The information provided in that is actually of substance.

    David’s last blog post..How to Stop Your WordPress Blog Getting Hacked

  31. I have never wasted my time with them, I hate that whole elitist thing and in the end all that really matters is SERP rank, and it’s not like you can’t get it without them.

    JR’s last blog post..Internet Marketing – The Money and Traffic Is In The Images

    • Hi JR,

      They are really more important for business – and it is businesses that have the toughest time getting listed. It is unfortunate that DMOZ doesn’t seem to want to make any improvements in their approval process or their attitude.

  32. Getting a website listed in DMOZ can be very frustrating. We know that being listed will probably help our Google rankings, but getting in can take a very long time. Besides, not many people actually use DMOZ for searches in the same way that Yahoo! is used, so the directory itself is of little value in generating traffic.

    • Hi Mark,

      Probably very few actually use DMOZ for search. While getting a quality site into it would be a good thing for search rankings and spin-off niche DMOZ sites we can only apply and hope for the best.

  33. I don’t think I wasted so much time by doing DMOZ submission. I mean I heard a lot that being listed in their directory is nearly impossible. So, I didn’t spent much time to fill the submission form. However, I totally agree with people around here that you should just “fire and forget”.

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  34. Submitting to DMOZ is a “fire and forget” submission. All of the editors are volunteers and many of the categories do not have an individual editor assigned to them. This means that higher level editors have to cover an entire category and all of its sub-directories. It can take upwards of 6 months or longer for your submissions to be approved.

    • Welcome to GrowMap, Miyaka,

      DMOZ would have a lot more editors if they didn’t keep declining applications. If someone like me is not qualified who is? The problem isn’t how long it takes as much as it is that it is a black hole. Those who apply never know if their listing is still pending or has been declined or discarded.

  35. DMOZ is becoming nearly impossible to get approved for, assuming you even manage to find a category that has active editor. A shame that Google still pays so much attention to it

    Alex’s last blog post..Learn How. Make Money Blogging Is Easy!

    • Hi Alex,

      Yes, any site run this badly should not be important for ranking at Google. Did you read the comment from Matt about DMOZ feeding cloned niche DMOZ directories? That would be valuable to many and makes this situation all the more distressing.

      I have yet to see any indication that DMOZ is listening to the feedback they are receiving. Since their service still provides value they could reservse the damage and become effective again by changing their attitude, accepting editor applications, and getting the quality sites that are being submitted listed.

      InternetStrategist’s last blog post..Be Pro-Active and Take Calculated Risks

  36. yeah, I agree with you terry, today,the dmoz close to being irrelevant

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    • Welcome John. Glad to see you here. Yes, DMOZ is becoming irrelevant by their own actions. Only they can fix the issues they have created.

      InternetStrategist’s last blog post..How to Create a Successful Blog Based Business Part 1

  37. I have heard of plenty of people who submit legitimate, high PageRank, professional websites and follow all the DMOZ submission rules and still don’t get listed even a year later. I still think that a DMOZ link is very valuable, but nearly impossible to get. And becoming an editor also seems fairly impossible, even though they have a shortage of editors.

  38. Not sure if its really a “waste of time,” since a DMOZ “Open Directory Project” link replicates itself over the years: there are now literally HUNDREDS of cloned directories using DMOZ data, and my link keeps getting added to these sites on a daily basis, without my doing anything.

    Yes, its frustrating when you have to wait (my site waited 12 months to be listed, and this was back in 2001-2002) — but its definitely worth it to be listed (its free, after all).

    Two years ago, I became an “editor”at the “MusicMoz” site, a junior version of DMOZ that is for the music industry ( — and I can honestly tell you that anyone who applies in MY category (Sacramento music and DJs) will be admitted, as long as they submit a relevant site!

    • Hi Matt,

      They ARE valuable links IF you can get them. I’m not suggesting that businesses not submit – just that stressing out over it isn’t worth it. Comments at WebProNews from one person indicated that the way they got sites in was to submit them hundreds of times.

      While their guidelines specifically warn against doing that it could work. Even the most stubborn might finally decide listing your site beats having to delete your submissions over and over and over.

      Even though I would not normally advocate doing something like that I can’t really blame them and it is DMOZ’s behavior that has created that situation. If they could just see what is happening from the perspective of those interested in getting listed perhaps their attitude would change.

      Your editing at MusicMoz is how it should be. Any legitimate, relevant site should be listed.

      InternetStrategist’s last blog post..Select Keywords First to Make Your Content Easy to Find

  39. HI Dude .Thank for sharing for sharing news with us..

    Thank You Once again..

    • Hi Mohibkh,

      I always share what I learn and I do give every business the benefit of the doubt. I will submit sites to DMOZ and then forget them. If they get listed they do and if they don’t, oh well.

      InternetStrategist’s last blog post..Watch Out for Recent WordPress Gumblar PHP Exploit

  40. Couldn’t agree more, got a site listed on DMOZ about 8 years ago, have tried about 20 more sites since then – but nothing.

  41. I guess DMOZ does not matter anymore. Back in the days it might have been great but today, it’s close to being irrelevant. Nice try on that RESPECT post though. LOL

    • Hi Terry,

      Their links still matter and it is truly unfortunate that they care so little for the only people who care about using their site – people who want listings. The general public doesn’t commonly know about DMOZ.

      InternetStrategist’s last blog post..WordPress 2.7 Threaded Comments Works In Thesis

      • In my opinion, the fact that the common people does not know about them is their downfall. DMOZ is like an online yellow pages right? I don’t know how many people uses directories to search for things they want info about but I’m pretty sure that there are very few of them.

        DMOZ should reinvent itself if it wants to be taken seriously again.

  42. DMOZ are so whatever now.

    Lisa’s last blog post..thumbs UP a great review

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, DMOZ has chosen a bad attitude. Perhaps they’re reconsider with all the bad Press they’ve been getting lately and over many years now. I’m not going to hold my breath though as this isn’t the first nor will it be the last post explaining to them that their attitude is ruining their site.

      I’d love to know more about what your Reviews site is about. You may want to add a tagline (slogan) in your header so when someone drops in they know what you write about there. I did find out by visiting your about page but most people won’t go looking. Use a short version of this for your slogan:

      Something like this would work:
      Movies, Games, TV & Books Reviewed by People Just Like YOU!

      For my readers: “Flipcurve is a great place to read reviews and blogs from people just like you from all over the world. Movie, Games, TV and Book reviews (plus anything else we like) written by real-world bloggers doing it for fun and not for money. Right now its just the beginning of a website.”

      InternetStrategist’s last blog post..Intelligent Bloggers to Consider Reading

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