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School bullying

Anti Bullying School Assembly Programs (“Buddies Not Bullies”) for K-6th grade all Throughout New York, Westchester County NY, New York City, Connecticut, Fairfield County CT, Massachusetts, Bershire County MA, New Jersey, Morris County NJ, Bergen County NJ, Somerset County NJ, Montgomery Township NJ & Many Other School Districts.

Bullying has always been a serious issue, but in previous decades it was mostly ignored and some are still not clear what it even is.

Thankfully, bullying is finally getting the attention it should with media coverage, implementation of school bullying prevention programs, and special educational anti bullying school assembly programs.

WHAT IS BULLYING? definition of Bullying: when someone keeps
doing or saying things
to have power over another person.
The behavior can be
verbal, emotional, and physical.

As the smallest person in every class the entire time I went to school, from a poor family, and teased about being the “Teacher’s Pet” because I got straight A’s most of the time, teasing turned dangerous when I got into Junior High School.

Judging by this graph on discipline problems by school year – Junior High also sometimes called Middle School ( usually grades 7 and 8 ) is when bullying is highest:

School Discipline Problems Stats

This graph shows the share of public schools with common discipline problems in the School year 2007-08 by school level. 3 percent of the surveyed primary schools reported racial or ethnic tensions. Graphs and statistical data courtesy – Click image to enlarge.

Looking back on it, the image of the girl bully who claimed the back seat in the school bus strikes me as funny. (Girls were not permitted to wear pants when I was in school.)

What isn’t so funny was the group of my peers who tried to take teasing to a physical level. I used teachers as cover (without them knowing it) to get from my class to the library. That usually worked – and when it didn’t, swinging my lunchbox around me kept them off.

Schools rarely protect students and every school has a bullying problem. Recess, lunch periods, gym class and sports – especially dodge ball – are favorite ways to terrorize victims.

If the school won’t stop what is happening to your child
YOU as the parent MUST protect them by changing schools
or even home schooling. FIND A WAY – MAKE A WAY –

YOU are ultimately responsible for their safety!

I don’t remember what kind of nightmares that caused, but I do know that I jumped so high every morning when my Mother woke me up that she finally asked why. I don’t remember what I told her, but my parents didn’t do anything about it and I dreaded lunch hour every day.

Advising victims that it is THEIR FAULT they are being bullied because they lack self-esteem or need to stand up for themselves is VERY BAD ADVICE.

Violent children are usually emulating violent adults – and violent adults love
to blame their victims: “he made me so mad” – “if only she didn’t…”
Blaming the victim instead of the perpetrators is dismissing their responsibility.
We must STOP the violent person – not blame the victims!

19 year old Brandon Hughes had decided to take his own life to stop the bullying. He wrote his suicide note – but couldn’t find a weapon – so he is still here to share WHY.  Adults who do not understand why bullying is so serious need to hear what he has to say:

QUESTION: “Why do these children, whom psychologists have found to be exquisitely sensitive but mostly normal and untroubled, take such a drastic step?

Brandon’s ANSWER:

It’s like there is no escape,” Brandon says. “You can’t walk away, you have to go to school and interact with these people every single day. It wears you down.

The grown-ups, it seems, agree with the
bullies since they sometimes just laugh at it.

And then suddenly one day, you wake up and you can’t feel anything but the pain and you are convinced that you are just a piece of nothing.”

Parents need to stop thinking bullying is just
a “phase” and realize how dangerous it is.

Bullying is NOT a “right of passage” and it is far more common than most adults realize. It is not “harmless fun” or kids being “over-sensitive”.


Here are some additional bullying statistics provided by Statista:

Bullying Statistics

Statistics Courtesy – Click Image for how Statista can help you with your own research. They have many more statistics on bullying and cyber-bullying.

Cyber bullying is an even larger problem than bullying in physical life is, with 47% of teens ages 12-17 reporting that they have witnessed online cruelty or meanness on social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter:

Cyber Bullying Stats

This statistic shows the amount of times teenagers and adults witness online cruelty and meanness on social networking sites. 29 percent of teens aged 12 to 17 report to witness cruelty “sometimes” whereas only 18 percent of adults aged 18 + observed any of this.

In this excellent video on Bullying, Social Media & Suicide kids interviewed say they all lie about their age to use Facebook and NONE of the parents knew you are supposed to be 13 or over to use Facebook.

Facebook Stalking

This statistic shows the percentage of Facebook users who agree with the statement that Facebook brings out the stalker in them. 62 percent of young adults feel that Facebook facilitates stalking. Credit:

Sadly, the victims of bullying often can find no one to protect them or even take them seriously.

So many children have committed suicide
there is even a term for it: Bullycide.

How big a problems is “bullycide”?

“Bigger than most people think”, says Lucinda Franks at the Daily Beast, about bullycide. She cites the following statistics:

  • About 50,000 teenagers attempt suicide each year – and 5,000 succeed
  • About 250,000 teens a month say they’ve been physically attacked
  • 30-60 percent say they’ve been attacked online.

A new study by the Cyberbullying Research Center found that about 20 percent of middle-schoolers said they’d seriously considered suicide, and that people who were bullied at school or online were almost twice as likely to attempt suicide.


Educators in the north-east U.S. are doing special anti-bullying school assemblies. Domino the Great is in Brooklyn, New York (Kings County) presenting four school assembly programs to stop bullying next MONDAY, November 28, 2011.

Domino is so passionate about doing whatever he can that he asked me to spread the word that he has this afternoon open and is willing to stay overnight and do two more schools each day. He told me that if schools team up while he is in their area, each school will save $150.00 on any of his assembly programs.

Other school entertainers are putting together anti-bullying programs. If they leave a comment here with a link I will add them to this page to make it easier for schools to locate them.



If you have additional resources (books, videos, presentations, etc.) you feel would be valuable to others you are encouraged to leave links to relevant information in the comments of this post.

Educational entertainers who have bullying programs will be added to the above list by location, so please include what states or countries you will travel to in your comment.

I encourage anyone who realizes someone is being bullied to reach out to them and offer your assistance. ADULTS can stop most school bullies before they grow up to be abusive adults.

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Gail Gardner

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  1. Hasanmasud102 says:

    nice post.but Bullying is a big problem that needs to be dealt with. I am glad schools are finally doing something about it. Its horrible to know how bad some kids’ lives are because of it.

  2. Bullying is a very serious issue and it’s so sad to hear that a lot of children are getting bullied and it seems like they have no choice but to bear it. This is terrible. Sometimes I wonder what the schools are doing to avoid or at least minimize bullying. I am thankful that as a parent I didn’t have to go through worrying about my kids getting bullied…they are home-schooled.

  3. being bullied since childhood, it changes you so much. I feel for the kids who gets bullied everyday.

  4. watch the movie Bully!!it the reality of the now

  5. Hi! I’m doing a debate and gathering information for my side of the debate; your information here is great! Unfortunately, i don’t see your name posted anywhereon this post, so i can not correctly cite your information and make it beliaveable. So i ask this simple question; who is the author of this article? Most appreciated!


    • Hello Emily,

      Any post that does not say “this is a guest post by” is written by Gail Gardner – including this one. That is true in most blogs except those that are set upi as group blogs and you can find that information (if the blogger is aware of best practices) on the About page that should be linked from the home page of every blog. (Not every blogger knows this – but eventually they learn and add that information.) Thank you for asking.

  6. Arjun Rai says:

    that will be great to start from school, good luck from my side and i’m totally in favor of your way.
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  7. Alana Whiter says:

    Cyberbullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. A great website for parents and children to learn about how to end cyberbullying is The more we know, the more we can fight against the bullying.

  8. what a great program!!!any bullying is a crime!!

  9. It’s such a seriously bizarre world kids are growing up in now-a-days.. unlike anything we knew, that’s for sure. It’s only going to get more and more extreme, and kids will be spending more and more time with more and more advanced technology VERY QUICKLY! We have to get used the idea, basically it’s inevitable that young teens will be involved in whatever is the cutting edge communications technology of the era. And with the way kids can be so cruel to each other… this kind of thing will unfortunately happen.
    Gregory would love you to read ..AFA Congratulates Advancing Teams in CyberPatriot CompetitionMy Profile

  10. Yes i agree with you that bullying is a common problem in every can see a many students of bullying in every class.many children faces a bullying problem in a school.
    harrysom would love you to read ..Vigor ProMy Profile

  11. With this information who want to submit our children into the school. So now what we hire teacher to teach our children into home.If the teacher is teaching sexuality.Who is responsible?. Really it is true many school environment going wrong side.I hope your effort can change something better. thanks nice information.

  12. thi thing scared me, this is a really horrifying fact to know, we shoul take care of our childrens in future….thanks for the information

  13. Online Banking says:

    I kind of wonder if the faculty would find it acceptable if they were bullied into paying more attention to bullying. They seem to get away with a little too much.
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  14. With the increasing popularity of social networking sites, we couldn’t control some things, but we could at least help in preventing some things to happen. I guess as adults, we need to constantly supervise younger people in making use of their social networking sites to avoid cyber crimes like cyber bullying. I do hope that these crimes will soon be avoided.
    Christina would love you to read ..Kids’ Plastic Chairs For A Place To Sit In The PlayhouseMy Profile

  15. Yes I totally agree, that Bullying has become a bigger problem these days due to all the social media and elementary school age kids with cell phones. Its just sad we have to have schools and assembly speakers talk about Bullying and how its not good.

    As a big part is the lack of parents not talking and teaching their kids about respect and not to make fun of kids, as it hurts no matter what you say or do. We just hope that with the combined effort of both schools and parents hopefully we can stop bullying.

    As one thing I can guarantee if we do nothing, this will only get worse and there will be plenty more suicides of kids not just high schools, but middle school and even elementary school kids.

    And if we let the bullies be bullies then when they grow up, then will just be bullying around their co-workers as some have already express has happened to them. So this is a serious issue we need to help stop!

    [Hi Domino, I rescued this comment from the WordPress spam folder which indicates that Akismet has you on their worst spam list and you comments will end up in spam even in blogs that do NOT have Akismet installed. You will either have to appeal to Akismet for removal from their list or contact blogs directly when leaving comments or both.]

  16. Hi Gail,
    I am truly glad that the Bullying issue has been in the spot lights for a while. It really is serious issue and needs some attention. I mean, things we go through in our childhood can have profound implications in our adult life. I certainly hope this awareness campaign can help stop bullying once and for all.
    satrap would love you to read ..20 Summer Jobs for College StudentsMy Profile

  17. Scary stats. Bullying is a very big problem that s many kids have to bear that. What I am trying to tell all the kids that never hurt anyone anyhow. Make lots of friends an enjoy the life.

  18. The stats are socking .. Cyber bulling is the Gen Z bulling of particle bulling .. very bad .
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  19. These days there are lot of this in news…some how this should be stopped
    Mark would love you to read ..How to Protect your online Reputation: 4 Things You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]My Profile

  20. Bullying is a huge problem that many kids face today. It is important to keep your kids out of this environment. I guess this is why many people opt to home school their kids.

  21. Bullying is something I experienced recently at my last job. My boss was out to get me and let me know about it eveyday. In the end I just walked out when things got out of hand. It was the right decision for me at the time, but I wish I had stood up for myself . I think confronting him in front of other staff would have let him know that I wasn’t there to be pushed around and abused.

    I think young people need to learn how to deal with aggression. Parents and teachers should mentor their children on how to deal with conflict non-violently and with self defence so that they can protect themselves.
    It should a subject in schools.

    I don’t think bullying will ever stop no matter how much education we put into it. In fact It can only get worse.

    Bullies need help too, but they need to be punished in a way that will stop others from doing the same thing.

    The best way to do this is to have society tell them it is unacceptable – public shaming. Not suspend them from school, but give the people they have abused a chance to express themselves in front of others.
    Nick would love you to read ..How to Find a Niche MarketMy Profile

    • Hi Nick,

      Even if you had stood up to your boss at that time, usually upper management is aware of their bad behavior and doing nothing to stop it. The odds are not great that they will back you up – even though they should. My philosophy is life is too short to put up with bad treatment so I would have done the same thing you did.

      Bullying WOULD stop IF we as a society stopped tolerating abusive behavior in all forms and quit allowing ourselves and our children to be conditioned towards violence as the norm. This is done intentionally to create future soldiers.

      Instead of condemning bad behavior we are collectively rewarding it. THAT is the root of this problem – and how we could most effectively stop it. We have to stop admiring bullies in Fortune 500 companies who rule the world and make most people their unwitting slaves.

      Children emulate the adult behaviors they see – and when the parents and role models are bullies they are proud to raise children who act as they do. Parents, teachers, and other adults CAN stop this as can executives ABOVE bad managers.

      If the individual stands up to a bully in the workforce and upper management will not address the issue, all that will happen is the employee’s life is likely to be made a living hell or they’ll be driven out anyway. Even that is better than staying and putting up with it.

      Do read the post I’ve put in CommentLuv in this reply because it explains THE most important thing to know about selecting a niche.
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  22. This is a great program. Almost, many schools have this bad hidden bullying, but it could not attract enough attention from the public, and we should take action to prevent it and make sure the young child have a great studying environment.
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  23. Pretty insane that we have to learn our kids to be nice to each other. So what went wrong? The parents did. All kinds of people are allowed to multiply these days, even people that don’t take care of their kids – which by the way end up being a pain in the butt for kids that actually WERE raised the way they were supposed to.

    Looks like the school system gets the job of raising peoples kids now too, how nice. An idea: The kids should be transported to school right after birth, cuz then the parents wouldn’t have to be bothered with their kids at all, and the school would just do all the work for them. Which they by the way do for many people anyway.
    Lars would love you to read ..365Privat MastercardMy Profile

    • Hi Lars,

      The problem is that the media, society and schools are the ones raising the kids – and it is THEM who create bullies. Watch movies, TV, video games and listen to the lyrics of rap and other music.

      Yes, the parents SHOULD BE ultimately responsible, but “they system” has encouraged them to abandon their obligations and allow others to condition their children.

      Any children in my care or that I was responsible for would NOT go to public school or even most private schools and would NOT watch any of what passes for entertainment today. I don’t even want to watch it – and I don’t.
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  24. Thankfully Bullying in all it’s forms have now been recognized as a problem.I believe that parents , schools and society in general are all responsible for educating children about bullying.Cyber bullying is a particularly awkward problem to tackle, with the growth of social media
    David Cornick would love you to read ..Places to See in RomeMy Profile

  25. Befor i see this post, I really do not know the school bullying so seriously.
    Evzen would love you to read ..Outstanding within the lottery are usually painless! – how to win the lotteryMy Profile

  26. Cristian Balau says:

    Its up to the parents to educate their children at home. I hate when parents blame the school for everything their kids do. Education must be done at home, not by teachers at school, teachers are there to teach.
    Same goes for the bullied kids, they also need attention from their parents.

    • Hi Christian,

      Conditioning people to see violence as the answer to all their conflicts has been going on for generations – or maybe since the beginning of mankind. The parents weren’t educated properly because THEIR parents weren’t so each generation gets worse.

      This was done by design and can be reversed by returning those who are older and wiser to positions of respect where they can share what they’ve learned in their lives instead of worshiping youth and selfishness.
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  27. I too agree, Bullying has always been a problem in all schools (elementary, Middle schools & High Schools). Its just getting worse due to all the new technology we have on our phones and social media. And for me I was a victim of being bullied and made fun of because I wore glasses. And I can only imagine what kids are going through nowadays with Facebook, Youtube and etc.

    That is why I’m so happy to do my part and travel all over the Northeast to elementary schools with my “Buddies Not Bullies” anti-bullying assembly program. I get to reach thousands about thousands and talk to them about Respect and Teamwork!

    I share personal stories of what I went through being bullied, and talk about a true letter from a little boy who also was bullied and no one seemed to care about him. And he had died due to an unknown disease. This really touches the heart of the kids and teachers! So I really hope visit as many schools as I can throughout the school year!

    Bullying all starts at the Elementary schools and just becomes worse and worse as the kids get older. For most people, you were either bullied by someone when you were in school or were the bully. Lets spread the word and get rid of all Bullies in schools!!

  28. Yes, bullying must be stopped. My nephew was a victim of this kind of rudeness. Bullies must undergo psychiatric help, because it’s a very serious dilemma to children.
    kim would love you to read ..My Arowana Is Not Eating No Matter What I Do !!!My Profile

  29. Every parents should sit with their kids every week and talk about this. Whether they are being bullied or not. This thing is serious and should be treated seriously..

  30. Bullying is really a serious issue in the school and I am very concerned about it now that my son is already in grade school. As a parent, it is my responsibility to ensure that my child is not bullying others and bullied by others. Parents should make regular follow ups in school to see how things are going and not just leave everything to the school.

    More importantly, I agree that violent actions from children are emulated from violent adults. It is very essential that kids grow up in a loving, violence-free home.

  31. Bullying is finally being taken seriously in Texas schools as well. The days of accountability are here and schools are being held accountable for what happens at school and what trickles into the schools from social media. Bullying can no longer be ignored.
    Addressing bullying often starts with the “Man or Woman In The Mirror”. When you look at all the different behaviors that are associated with being a bullying, such as just leaving someone out because they are different it can be a reality check.
    This is a great post because it reminds us that bullying is a serious matter that can not be ignored. I will end my ramble now. But thank you for this great fact filled post.
    Arelthia would love you to read ..Why I Switched From Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 To Muvee Reveal XMy Profile

  32. Cyberbulling is a big problem for children; I agree. However, there is also an increasing amount of adults being bullied and harassed online as well. “Trolling” has become a particular passtime for cowards and bullies, and none of the goverment agencies are taking it seriously enough.
    Frank would love you to read ..Love And Pride CouponMy Profile

  33. Every parents should sit with their kids every week and talk about this. Whether they are being bullied or not. This thing is serious and should be treated seriously..
    CorinneC would love you to read trainingMy Profile

  34. Stop The Bullying really seems to be an excellent initiative and infact it is good to know that people are taking actions to remove bullying right from the level of schools. Well, I myself am a person who has been a victim of bullying in my life and I can surely tell you form my experience that it hampers the mindset of a kid a lot, it hurts their motivation and well as hampers their social interactions. Sometimes bullying can even affect teenagers to such degrees that they become introvert or even start building hatred towards society. I think bullying is something that really must be taken care of and it is the duty of every parent to teach their child the proper values and that they should not bully other kids who they feel are or look different from them.
    Shiva would love you to read ..How to Take Action if Someone Copy Your Website ContentsMy Profile

  35. I didn’t see bullying as a problem in my early years. I grew up in a very small town though in the neighborhood of 500 population. We moved to a much larger suburban city when I was in middle school and it was a whole different story into high school. I can imagine bullying is getting out of hand these days. Then, add Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networking and media that kids belong to and look out. I am glad I am not in middle school or high school in this day and age.
    Ray would love you to read ..The old man and the night clubMy Profile

  36. This is a problem, a very difficult one.
    Kids can be very cruel to each other. And parents being very protective about their children doesn’t help them if anything it makes the target on their back even bigger. I think it is mostly in the schools hands to change the environment and atmosphere.

    For parents it is smart to get their kids to enroll in some martial arts, Like James said. Most times when a child learns how to defend themselves, just the self esteem they get from that is enough to not even get picked on.

    When I was very young and insecure, I used to get picked on by groups of people on the streets. Sadly enough that is very common. They pick on kids, women, but also adult men.
    A couple years later I studied several martial arts 7days a week. And actually looked forward to getting picked on…..but after that strangely enough they didn’t do anything to me. They would pick on adult men, but they left a confident 17 year old alone. And believe me I tried… staring at them. walking straight through their groups. It didn’t work.
    Most people would be jealous of this situation, but I actually felt sad because I saw that as the only opportunity to test my skills outside the sport.

    But what I’m trying to make clear is, if you get your kid to learn a martial art, that doesn’t mean you are preparing your kid for a fight. In most cases you are actually preparing your kid to not get into fights by learning how to fight.
    Danny would love you to read ..Poulan Pro PP446ET 8-Inch Gas Powered Pole Chain SawMy Profile

  37. Parents, teachers and adults should be made aware of the seriousness of bullying. It is indeed a big menace in schools. It is said that the children involved in bullying suffer from psychological problems and this is the reason for their bullying behaviour. It is the role of the society to stop the bullies of the school from becoming violent/nonsocial adults. This post is useful to every parent, teacher and children who may encounter bullies in real world or cyberworld.
    Jane would love you to read ..Affiliate Marketing: My Best Selling Affiliate ProductMy Profile

  38. I enrolled my son at a young age in jui jitsu first for the discipline and to introduce him to self defense. he learns respect and non violence at eh same time he can use the skill an shut a bully down very quickly with out really hurting some one. a bully taken to ground an submitted and locked up by his target is pretty embarrassing.My son also learning about his won ego and who he cant get all full of himself.I am a believer in martial arts.
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  39. Carrier Opportunities says:

    I learned newly about the Bullying issue from the given definition of your post. Previously I was accustomed with such behavioral problem but was unfamiliar to the term. It is really a sensitive issue that we all should take care to mitigate that. Thank you for your nice post.

  40. Bullying is a big problem that needs to be dealt with. I am glad schools are finally doing something about it. Its horrible to know how bad some kids’ lives are because of it.

    I don’t personally think cyber bullying is that big of an issue. I have never witnessed anything too bad. I think most things people say on twitter or facebook are them just speaking their mind.
    Khleo Thomas would love you to read ..New Mixtape: Mike Posner – The LayoverMy Profile

  41. I’m sorry to hear you were bullied as a kid. I’m glad to see you are treating this serious. As I noticed myself many kids are just mean and with no reason. They don’t realize that their attitude is wrong and what’s worst is that they determine other kids to imitate their behavior.
    The solution would be to organize special classes where teachers, kids and their parents discuss this social issues and inflict them a sense of unity and responsibility.

  42. To be honest, I really don’t know about this but thanks for this I may able to know about School Bullying Programs. Your statics point is really great and very informative post.
    LeaShen would love you to read to meet womenMy Profile

  43. Thank you for bringing up this topic. People need to be aware that bullying not only hurts people’s feelings but it can RUIN someone’s life. There has been so many videos up on youtube, reports of teenagers committing suicide because of constant bullying from their classmates. But it does little to prevent the issue. I think we should do more, because I know that we can do better.

  44. private server says:

    Great article, bullying was bad enough when i was younger now add in social media and it has become a serious issue. I am all for this program.
    private server would love you to read ..Microsoft Virtual Server SpecificsMy Profile

  45. Dave Pilgrim says:

    Thank you for this post! As a parent I often feel helpless with bullying and feel like there is something I should do, but until now I haven’t known what to do. Your post helped me not feel so helpless.
    Dave Pilgrim would love you to read ..Free Itouch App called Drake’s TowerMy Profile

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