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NOTE:  This software was available for a limited time. It is no longer available, but an improved version may be released in the future. If it is, this post will be updated and a new one written.

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Screen shot of the actual Magic Push Button Dashboard. See video for readable version.

Screen shot of the actual Magic Push Button Dashboard. See video for readable version.

This is an interview Eric Larson created from discussions we’ve had about his Magic Push Button Software. What he has done is create a client acquisition system for creating custom webpages and tracking what you have sent a prospect so you know what to send them next.

The video further down in the post explains this better, but the primary take-away is that effective marketing requires multiple contacts with potential buyers. Eric’s system provides a turn-key method for tracking your contacts and automatically populates customized follow-up Web pages you create and email from within the system.

Successful marketers have to have a system for organizing their contacts and following up with them. Most people struggle to create their own tracking system or to learn complicated CRM systems. Eric’s solution provides a simpler method.

In the video he shows how a small business SEO, Web, Internet Marketing or Social Media Marketing consultant would use his system to generate more business. His system comes with already researched and created follow-up information you can use as is or customize as your own. Set it up once and use it over and over. Edit it any time you wish.

Read on to find out more or jump to the video at the bottom to see the system in action.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Gail: Today I have guest and co author Eric Larson, an Internet marketer, software creator, and developer of the Magic Push Button Software.

Hello Eric. Welcome.

Eric: Thank you Gail for having me.

What is Magic Push Button Software?

Gail: So Eric, What is the Magic Push Button?

Eric: It is Client Acquisition Software; a tool that helps convert prospects into clients.

Gail: Ok, well how does it do that?

Eric: Well Gail keep in mind it is a tool. It is designed to market prospects on a consistent basis, as it stores 5000 records to market to prospects over and over again until they buy.

Gail: I see. Is it like those automatic systems?

Personalized Marketing Approach

Eric: No it’s semi-automatic. It creates custom web pages addressed to your client designed to market your services to them. I call it PMA, or personalized marketing approach. In a world of mass mailers, prospects are ignoring all the spammy messages they receive daily trying to sell them. This puts a personalized touch to your offers.

Gail: So it’s personalized marketing. What exactly does that mean?

Eric: Ok. Let’s say you wanted to sell an offline client ‘Joe Thompson’ your Facebook services to his restaurant ‘Joe’s Seafood’. You would enter certain variables into the software about him and his company:

  • His name
  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • eMail address
  • And a specific video you want to show him.

In this example I use one of the official Facebook videos I found on YouTube.

The software creates a marketing page hosted on Magic Push Button’s server, addressed to Joe and his business, coming from you.

Gail: I see. Then what do you do with this Webpage?

Eric: You email the client from within the software, and let him know there is something missing on his website, and that you created a specific webpage just for him explaining the details. You also provide him a link to his webpage. When he visits the webpage, and likes what he sees, he buys from you.

Gail: And why is this effective?

Eric: Like I said, in a world of mass mailers who throw as much against the wall to see what sticks, you will be delivering a one-on-one effective approach to marketing.

CRM Software Holds 5000 Records

Gail: Ok. So say he doesn’t buy from you, now what?

Eric: As I mentioned Gail, the software hold 5000 records, which you can recall by name. Every time you market to the client one of your services, the software will record what you have sent to them. So in this case like Facebook, Joe Thompson would receive a check by the FB box indicating you have already sent him a Facebook marketing page.

Now a week later you can go into the storage area, double click on his name, and have all his information propagate in the client fields,. So with the click of a few buttons you can market him any of your other services you offer.

Gail: Why did you name it the Magic Push Button?

Eric: (laughs) I was wondering when you were going to get around to that. Actually they say in Internet Marketing, there are no Magic Push Buttons. This is the closest I found, because it creates webpages from a dashboard at the push of a few buttons.

No hosting, no website, not html coding, or ftp. Just fill in a few fields, click and you get an instant custom webpage. Pretty cool huh? It’s also a powerful marketing tool…That’s why I called it the Magic Push Button.

Also I knew it would create some controversy, which encourages others to take a closer look at the software, to see what it does. And controversy is never a bad thing when you are marketing. As long as you have good software.

What Services Can You Offer?

Gail: Which services does the software market?

Eric: It has 9 different marketing buttons for things like Facebook, YouTube, Mobile SMS, Twitter, blogs, QR codes, SEO, Google Places or your custom offers. However there is no limit to the type of services or pages you can create and offer. There is also a ‘special’ button you can use to market any number of services you chose.

Gail: Ok. So when a person wants to market his SEO or Website design services he can?

Eric: Absolutely. I even give training how to create your own custom pages to market any service or product.

How to Use it for Affiliate Marketing

Gail: What about affiliate marketing?

Eric: Sure. You can enter your affiliate ID for Clickbank or any other affiliate network, and sell directly to prospects and make the commissions.

Gail: That sounds interesting. So the software can be used for many services and is good for contacting prospects over and over again.

Eric: Yes Gail. This is especially good for marketers who need help keeping organized, and for doing consistent marketing.

Full training including videos included

Gail: What about training?

Eric: Inside the software I have included video and PDF training, along with a tools and resources section. It’s very simple do this, and do that software.

Gail: Has this product been tested on the free market so far?

Eric: Yes it has. I’ve had over 35,000 visitors, and hundreds have sold for as much as $92. The reviews are very good. We have many testimonials on file for the software.

Gail: What are you looking to do here today?


Eric: As I mentioned Gail, I have a special offer for your readers. For the first 100 of your readers who ask, they will receive the ‘Gold’ (our best) version of our Magic Push Button software absolutely free.

Gail: And why are you doing that?

Eric: I am hoping that your subscribers will see the value in the software, and use it to enhance their business.

Gail: That’s great, but there has to be more to it than that right?

New Software Development School

Eric: Correct. I am opening a new software development school in 2013, and I will be teaching a Masters Class in software development to a few select individuals. The class will show them how to start, run, and create their own online software business.

Gail: Does this take any experience to do?

Eric: No. A complete newbie can learn how to start and grow their own software business.

Gail: So you’re looking for new subscribers who also see the value in creating software? And you hope to get some users and testimonials from my readers?

Eric: Yes, I believe 2013 will be a big year for online software. Of course since they are under no obligation, at the very least they get the Magic Push Button Software for FREE, my special gift to them.

Gail: Anything else?

Walk-Through Video

Eric: Yes. I created a special walk-through video just for your subscribers to show how the software works. I have included it in the post (just below). So…”When you like what you see, get the software for Free…” as an instant download now.

You can see the page mentioned in the video here:

And see the discussion in the Warrior Special Offers Forum about Eric’s Magic PushButton Software.

Gail: Thank you Eric. Hopefully at least my more advanced readers will see the benefit of having a system that you set up once, and then use to generate customized follow-up pages complete with their own custom Web page. I hope many of them take you up on your free offer.

Eric: Thank you Gail, and Happy New Year.

Get The Magic Push Button Software here.

(Sorry Mac and Linux users – currently Windows only.)

NOTE:  This software was available for a limited time. It is no longer available, but an improved version may be released in the future. If it is, this post will be updated and a new one written.


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