Do Not Let Your Images Blow Up Your Blog

Don't Let Images Blow Up Your Blog

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Using images in your blog posts and marketing creatives is NOT optional. But knowing which images are safe to use confuses most bloggers, marketers, and small business owners and managers.

I previously explained the difference between free and royalty free and compiled extensive links to places bloggers can get images in this post on DirJournal:

DMCA Takedowns

2014 will bring even more shutdowns of blogs for copyright infringement DMCA take-own claims. Many bloggers are not aware of these issues in spite of some huge DMCA take-downs.

Buying images from sites that allow creators to upload them is some protection, but many of these sites allow users to upload images they claim are theirs – but may not be.

Save this in case you ever need it:
How to Respond to a DMCA takedown notice.

The safest and most compelling images are those you create yourself.  With Pinterest driving massive amounts of traffic and Facebook and G+ becoming more visual – not to mention Instagram and mobile growth – if you want your blog to stand out you need original images.

Creating Original Images

I predict in 2014 we’re going to see top bloggers using more creative, custom images. Being graphics challenged myself, I am thrilled to have met creative magician Julie Weishaar.

Julie is multi-talented. She does:

  • Unique custom videos for businesses
  • Installed the marketing system you see in the top right of my blog now. (Subscribe to find out why I wanted it and what it can do for your blog or business site.)
  • Custom images

You can learn to use the tools Julie uses to create your own custom images. To create the image above she used Logo Creator and one of the Cartoon Vector graphics images included in the Vector Character Packs you can see by subscribing below.

But since Julie has talent and many subscriptions to unique images on multiple sites, businesses or bloggers who can afford it may want to just hire Julie instead.


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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Yes Gail, we all need to be care about those issues…
    Abinav would love you to read ..Facebook Tips and Tricks 2014 [Updated]My Profile

  2. Hey Gail, Thanks for the information, I never knew about these DMCA take downs, After reading the guide about DMCA takedowns I came to know a lot about these things..:)

  3. Great topic, as a blogger I am always trying to find ways to be more original. I actually went out and bought Canon T4i so that I could get really good custom images….Finding images that are free has always been a challenge for me. Thanks for the heads up about the DMCA.
    Larry Rivera would love you to read ..Are The Days Of Guest Blogging Gone Forever ?My Profile

  4. Hello Gail Gardner,
    I am agreed with you, the proper way of posting is the correct use of images that can increase the interest among the visitors. A successful post do not need a lot of images it only needs some images but it should be noted that the images must be relevant to the post and about the content, it must be so innovative and carries new information that is not published online before.

  5. Images are worth 1000 words but infographic images are worth even more words:)
    Robert would love you to read ..2014 Digital trends and predictions [Infographic]My Profile

  6. I think the images are good for your blog. But you should manage the images as per the web 2.0 requirements. Your page should not be overloaded with the unwanted images, as it will make user experience and behavior bad.
    Zareen would love you to read ..Civil Engineering Internships 2014: Mega Careers SAMy Profile

  7. This is very informative post. Everything in the post has been easily understandable.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Keep posting :)
    Zareen would love you to read ..Whatsapp for PC (Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

    • Hi Zareen,

      If you leave very general comments like this you will be flagged as a spammer and usually the comments are deleted. You have write a comment that makes it clear you are commenting on that specific post. And not by inserting the title in it, either. (Another form of automated spam. We are buried in spam, so you have to make it obvious you aren’t a spammer.
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  8. It is said that images are worth 500 words and we have to use images very well.
    Mohit Rajwani would love you to read ..Valentines Day Cards 2014My Profile

  9. Another handy thing – is a tool that ties into the Flickr API and lets you search for CC-licensed images you can use on your blog. Plus it gives you the credit link / HTML to embed into your post. Handy!
    Jeff would love you to read ..Stop NetworkingMy Profile

  10. I think that there will be a lot more of Graphic information conveyed on blog posts and websites rather than words. Info graphics alone have become a great means of communication and are pretty good for SEO. Thanks for the tools for creating custom images!
    Alex would love you to read ..Ticket’s to The TriadMy Profile

  11. Janessa Russomanno says:


    Exactly using images on blog is really difficult task, before using image on blog you should check whether its going right with your blog.

  12. Prince Bhata

    I agree, if anyone wants to leave an impact on users mins then the person needs to use images which are unique and interesting at the same time complementing to your content. Many bloggers are pay least attention to creative and original images.
    Prince Bhata would love you to read ..Five Places to See Before You DieMy Profile

  13. This is a very important topic, but there are other options aside from buying a premium license or taking / creating your own images. I use creative commons a great deal, and if you focus for an attribution / modification reuse license, you can use the image with a simple link back to the original source. I’ve found a range of great images this way, especially on Try it for yourself – works like a charm.

  14. I have seen this with Pinterest in the last couple of months. Thanks for the good read.

  15. harish gupta says:

    thanks gail for sharing this knowledge….
    I didn’t knew about this exactly….
    but made it understand so easily….
    keep up..!

  16. Ignorance is the key in these issues where one does not have the information of patents or copyrights. The best and effective way is to create images oneself but will it really help is something questionable.

  17. I use zementa right now to add related images to my post. I alot of their images come from flickr and I look for the right to use information before I insert it into a post.I think 2014 is going to bring great things and new challenges for all of us.

  18. Thank you for this amazing post. Not only it was an interesting read but it also allowed me to note down some points which would

    help me with my own blog. :)

  19. Thanks Gail for the accolades :) Obviously, I agree that images are very important. Seeing a comment like: “First of all the image made me laugh” from Isha is very rewarding. It means the image “works”. People are visual beings and visually appealing or eye-catching content grabs their attention so they will listen to your message.
    Julie Weishaar would love you to read ..Open the Window For Your Ecommerce Customers And Increase SalesMy Profile

  20. hey Gail,
    First of all the image made me laugh. This is very informative post. Everything in the post has been easily understandable.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Keep posting
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  21. Thanks for making us aware. I too use to create image using photoshop.
    Abhishek Abh-i would love you to read ..How to embed Facebook post in WebsiteMy Profile

  22. Good and informative post. I always create the image which is suitable for the post. I never buy/copied others images. I have a bad experience on buying the image. Thanks gail :)

  23. Hi Gail,

    Image usage on the blog is really crucial, as it enhances the look of your blog posts and user experience. So using royalty free images are really important, but many bloggers are unaware of it. They still use the same old technique to find images by searching on Google.
    Aahna would love you to read ..Corporate video making companies IndiaMy Profile

    • Well Aahna I agree with you. Still many bloggers are using the same technique for image they just open the Google and searching image and used it in their blog. They even didn’t mention the source name nor given the credit to particular site. That’s really bad :)

  24. I think you’re right and that we’re already seeing this with the increase of social media sharing and sites like Pinterest. I also think this will spill over into creative assets like video and infographics. Something We’re seeing clients begin to invest in more heavily and something they’ve earmarked in 2014 budgets.

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