Do Not Let Your Images Blow Up Your Blog

Don't Let Images Blow Up Your Blog

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Using images in your blog posts and marketing creatives is NOT optional. But knowing which images are safe to use confuses most bloggers, marketers, and small business owners and managers.

I previously explained the difference between free and royalty free and compiled extensive links to places bloggers can get images in this post on DirJournal:

DMCA Takedowns

2014 will bring even more shutdowns of blogs for copyright infringement DMCA take-own claims. Many bloggers are not aware of these issues in spite of some huge DMCA take-downs.

Buying images from sites that allow creators to upload them is some protection, but many of these sites allow users to upload images they claim are theirs – but may not be.

Save this in case you ever need it:
How to Respond to a DMCA takedown notice.

The safest and most compelling images are those you create yourself.  With Pinterest driving massive amounts of traffic and Facebook and G+ becoming more visual – not to mention Instagram and mobile growth – if you want your blog to stand out you need original images.

Creating Original Images

I predict in 2014 we’re going to see top bloggers using more creative, custom images. Being graphics challenged myself, I am thrilled to have met creative magician Julie Weishaar.

Julie is multi-talented. She does:

  • Unique custom videos for businesses
  • Installed the marketing system you see in the top right of my blog now. (Subscribe to find out why I wanted it and what it can do for your blog or business site.)
  • Custom images

You can learn to use the tools Julie uses to create your own custom images. To create the image above she used Logo Creator and one of the Cartoon Vector graphics images included in the Vector Character Packs you can see by subscribing below.

But since Julie has talent and many subscriptions to unique images on multiple sites, businesses or bloggers who can afford it may want to just hire Julie instead.

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