Six Ways to Create Buzz to Launch Your Brand to Stardom

Six Ways to Create Buzz to Launch YourBrand to StardomIt isn’t easy to break into the hospitality business with thousands of brands all competing for fame and fortune. The good news is that there are measures you can take to get your company noticed sooner rather than later. If you’re ready to make a splash in the world of the elite, here are just six ways to launch your brand to stardom.

1: Host a Celebrity

Most consumers are too savvy these days to fall for celebrity endorsements, but media buzz can still give a huge boost to your brand under the right circumstances. For example, no one will drink Super Soda just because Beyoncé does, but if Beyoncé gets into a fight during a Super Soda event, that little detail will go into every blog, news report and viral video of the moment.

2: Extend a Giving Hand

There’s a reason that so many business owners host charity walks and sponsor sports teams. It raises visibility while also promoting their brand in a long-term way. Every time a player takes the pitch, the crowd is seeing a company logo on his uniform or a brightly-colored banner behind him. Evert time someone takes a drink of water during a long marathon, the label is telling everyone that they got it from Walgreens.

3: Encourage Human Interest Stories

Human interest stories are a great way to get yourself into the news without being aggrandizing about it. Who won the last jackpot? Did a server receive a $1,000 tip in your restaurant? Promote these events in the media in order to raise awareness and goodwill for your company. Everyone wants to get famous, and you should send the idea that your establishment is the place where it can happen.

4: Embrace All Forms of Social Media

It isn’t enough to give your company a Facebook page. Recent trends in user activity suggest that Twitter is the new golden goose of social media, with other platforms like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest all gaining on its heels. If you’re serious about establishing an online presence in an increasingly virtual world, you should be joining every important social media site you can.

5: Identify Industry Leaders

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Look for leaders within your field and tweak your business models based on their ideas and successes. If you’re hoping to make your mark on the world of Las Vegas entertainment, you can start at nightclub mogul Andrew Sasson’s Tackk before following him onto other sites for advice, information and business strategies. You won’t want to copy him exactly, not if you want your brand to be independent and forward-thinking, but his experience is your gain.

6: Go Old-School

Tired of doing everything online? It’s true that most businesses have taken the bulk of their marketing onto the Internet, but that just leaves more opportunity for you to dominate the brick and mortar. Think about circulating newsletters, handing out flyers and snail-mailing coupons and invitations. It’s harder to ignore a tangible favor than an unsolicited email in one’s inbox.

These are just six tips for getting your business off the ground in the hospitality industry. There are many more, of course, but these should be enough to increase your profits and prestige much quicker than your competitors.

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  1. Host a celebrity is the one making waves now in Nigeria. If you really wanna create a Brand buzz, those are actually what to do. Thanks for this article.
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  2. Great tips! “Old school” is always helpful. Thanks for sharing :)
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  3. Zubair ismail

    Thanks for the great tips. I thought that they are simple and straight forward. but was shocked to see how you twisted the whole strategy at the end. That should be 100% working methods :)
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  4. Hi, I would give a great importance on that point number 4, Embracing Social Media to an optimum point. Creating a new brand and making it familiar around people got so easier after the social media revolution.
    Also, Identifying Industry Leaders and understanding the insights they shares are vital i guess.

  5. hi Gail Gardner ,
    Very interesting post .
    One thing i would like to share .To launch my brand i try to work in my local community, ensure my local customers feel as welcome and valued as the short term visitors. After all – they will come all year round – often with their family and friends.

    DJ Sid
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  6. Harry Hawk

    I love all these ideas but #6 is really important. You are never going to reach everyone but you shouldn’t assume everyone is on a social network. For a few of my clients we have some old school outreach and it always pays off. It’s good to “cover the water front!”

  7. Industry leaders has proven to be one of the most influential methods of brand building. The challenge is in finding a willing individual that can help.
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  8. For online marketing selection of the right audience plays one of the crucial role. Then only you would be in position to develop effective strategies.
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  9. Hi Gail,
    Found two interesting points and I think “Encourage Human Interest Stories” works better. Social media also important to create a brand as well as business.
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  10. One can make wonders,if he’s perfectly planning the branding process. Social media is the cheap and best way to do it. Nice post.

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  11. Social media now became a life blood for any organization especially for branding purposes.
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  12. One can really succeed with online marketing, if you’re able to connect with right audience. Right way to this by establishing emotional touch. So think about the ways according to your niche to connect emotionally with your audience and you’ll able to create buzz in short span of time.
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  13. Your point 6: Go Old School is really key. Most people have become online savvy and overwhelmed that they have forgotten toatally about the offline world. No matter how advanced the internet world goes this old school way will remain. Thanks for reminding us!

  14. Social Media is very important….for the brand!
    and host a celebrity is a cherry topping!

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