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Two weeks ago I offered a Small Business giveaway to develop processes and best practices for promoting small businesses.

Not surprisingly, some of the bloggers who regularly read GrowMap were far more excited about the opportunity to work with me – especially Kelli from 3BoysandaDog – who you may know from her exceptional series of guest posts on How to Score a Mommy Blogger.

I made a command decision to have TWO giveaways so I can document the processes involved in promoting a small business and growing blogs.

Although there is some overlap in strategies, the priorities and processes are different and the case studies and results will be of interest to two different audiences.

Kelli being the generous person she is agreed to identify and collaborate with four other bloggers in the same niche as her new giveaway and deals blog so that we can implement my new five blog collaboration plan.

I’ll be writing about what we’re doing and putting together other five blog groups so you may want to tune in. Even if you don’t want to be in a group you can use what I share to grow your own blog traffic and visibility.

Kelli’s new blog is all about how to save money and especially homemaking deals and homeschooling deals so the blogs she chose to collaborate with are heavily into:

How to use coupons, frugal living and eating well on a budget.
They call themselves Savvy Frugal Bloggers.

Here are the five blogs I am mentoring who have all agreed to work on this awesome Case Study and Best Practices process:

  1. Kelli (@momof3boys3702) New blog for saving money covering
    couponing lingo, printable coupons, and kid friendly recipes
  2. Rene (@BudgetSavingMom) ~ Budget Saving Mom writing about
    couponing for beginners
    , budget recipes, and organic gardening tips
  3. Sherri (@luvbargains) ~ Luv a Bargain sharing
    how to start using coupons, printable coupons, and simple recipes
  4. Renae (@Renae_Chiovaro) ~ How to Have it All on
    how to coupon, Kroger deals, and easy recipes
  5. Melissa (@Thesassysaver) ~ The Sassy Saver blogging about
    how to coupon, links to print coupons, and frugal recipes

Interested in how to use coupons
and eating well on a budget?

Subscribe to their blogs and follow them on Twitter

I’m publishing a post tomorrow that lays out what actions we’ve done as a group so far and will publish detailed how-to posts so any bloggers who are interested can benefit from what I’m sharing with them.

I shared this post from @AskKim on Where To Start When There Are So Many Things to Learn, Do, Apply and Study with the group to keep them from feeling overwhelmed. It contains important tips for every blogger or business owner. I recommend saving it and referring to it whenever the stress of knowing there is too much to do hits.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. here is a neat coupon blog, think they use wordpress anyone know where I can find.
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  3. Great project. I will search for your posts about the progress.
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  4. I’ve never even thought of creating a coupon blog. Honestly, I didn’t really think such things existed. I may have to look into this more.
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  6. I need to contact all these moms :) I’m starting my own coupon site and we may be able to collaborate together :)

  7. Wow, what an amazing opportunity! I’m sorry that I missed the giveaway but I’ll be excited to tune in to read up on the process!

  8. Hello,

    You’ve got quite a big project there.
    How did it come to life? How did you get the idea for it, it must be the result of a certain experience.
    Andreea Fanita would love you to read ..Coming soon…My Profile

    • Hi Andreea,

      I’ve been watching how bloggers grow their traffic and influence and am applying what I’ve seen to create a process to benefit many more collaborations of bloggers.

      Every blogger can get a head start by seeking out the best other bloggers in their niches, commenting in their blogs, and sharing their best content.
      growmap would love you to read ..Bloggers: Promote Your Blog HereMy Profile

      • That’s a wonderful solution! Instead of competing with the top ‘dawgs’ in your domain is for the best to ask for a collaboration.

        And the resolve you’ve found also keeps their ego satisfied: collaboration with other bloggers and not through guest posts, at the same time ‘keeping their blog for themselves’.

        Great job! :)
        Andreea Fanita would love you to read ..Coming soon…My Profile

  9. Sticker Printing says:

    Thanks you, Gail! Great konwledge shared

  10. This sounds good! Judging your post about the case study as well as the chosen blogger, I am definitely sure that this will turn out great!
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  11. The question should be…who isn’t interested in saving money? I look forward to taking a closer look at all of these blogs and to your documentation of this entire process.
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  12. John Knights says:

    Thanks for helping those small business owners. They have been the back bone of our economy during last recession. Overall, it’s great!

  13. Thank you. I do appreciate it. Next time I will definitely ask :) Also thank you for your kind wishes on the project.
    Andrew would love you to read ..Jazz Rookies Take In Manhattan By Dining At The Olive GardenMy Profile

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  15. These blog groups represent an interesting concept, i might take you up on your offer when you’ll be putting them together.
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  16. Gail, you’re one of the most generous people I’ve ever come across on line. This case study will definitely be great for everyone involved and for folks following along. I’ll be sitting up and taking notes!

    Really looking forward to this.
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  17. Fresno Lofts says:

    Personally, I really appreciate the fact that you are helping small business owners. When you are passionate about helping others, they will feel it and most, maybe not all of them, but most people will be genuinely grateful for the help and they will try to return the favor.

  18. This sounds like it’s going to be a great learning tool Gail. I look forward to following along and seeing how it all unfolds!
    Tisha would love you to read ..Call &amp Learn Teleclass on Creating Successful Podcasts &amp VideosMy Profile

  19. Gail,
    This is great and congrats to the bloggers who were selected. I look forward to following and learning as well. Especially the sites about saving money. I price matched for the first time this past weekend and was excited! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to tomorrow’s post :)
    Lynda would love you to read ..Matchcom Coupon CodeMy Profile

  20. Thank you Gail! I am learning a ton and thankful for your service!
    Renae would love you to read ..Carry a Medication ListMy Profile

  21. I wish there were more people who homeschooled their kids. I was homeschool, I’m awesome, and I’ll be homeschooling my kids – (my wife will be, mostly…I’ll teach wrestling, music, and golf).

    What a better environment homeschooling is to grow up in!
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  22. Thanks so much, Gail! We are learning so much from this process!
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  23. Vitaly Tennant says:

    Look forward to the post, sounds like an interesting case study!
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