Content Marketing Solutions and Best Practices: Interview with Gail Gardner

Content Marketing Solutions and Best Practices: Interview with Gail Gardner of

I wanted to make sure all my regular readers saw the interview Murray Newlands did with me about content marketing solutions for Search Engine Journal. Here’s the intro:

“Quality versus Quantity.  Focus on reaching the right audience not just getting links. Go Local. These are all concepts that Gail Gardner of GrowMap has been preaching for years. With content marketing taking off in a big way, we asked Gail to elaborate on what she sees as content marketing best practices.”

Read the full interview by clicking on the image or link above. It mentions these content marketing platforms that I am testing and will be writing case studies on:

As I quoted Hubspot as saying in a post on How to Increase Conversions By Sharing Pillar Content When Your Audience is Most Receptive:

“Do NOT dilute your high-quality content with mediocre or low-quality content!”

So how do you choose sites? How do we find the best places to publish content?Find out more in my guest post.

Want more tips from me? Check out these two podcasts:

All three interviews are archived for easy access on my GrowMap press tab at the top of this blog.

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Murray Newlands


  1. Hi Murray,

    Would you mind to include PostRunner in your guest blogging case study. I heard people says it was a good guest blogging platform, is it right? Guest Crew maybe the next content marketing solutions for those who’s looking for high quality content. I hope there will be more and more writers from nationwide join the community.
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  2. Nice piece. Content marketing is definitely here to stay.

  3. Link building through Guest posting is the best and cool way to engage with new readers,bloggers and get some important back links to your blog.
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  4. These are really amazing tips for the content marketing. Content marketing is something that everyone is looking in to it, and you are covering all these stuff for amazing reputation in the market.

  5. Rousell says:

    I think its being really helpful to gain the website visitor through content marketing. I usually like to prefer to create and share content over other website. After that I am gonna share over the social networking sites. These how it will gain more people to the website easily.
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  6. Lisa Braker says:

    Hello Murray, Thanks for sharing this interesting and informative information. This is a great opportunity for new bloggers to read this type of good information given by you.
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  7. Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Thanks for sharing so much amazing information on the Podcast Gail.

    That episode has more practical tips than some premium training products that I have purchased.

    Can’t thank you enough.
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  8. reminds me of a Zig Ziglar quote:
    “Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.”

  9. Interesting to note that eHow isn’t in your list. Seems like that website got whacked by the Panda update, and never really recovered. You can add the lower quality article marketing websites to this list as well. When you ask about judging websites, an obvious answer in page rank, although that metric tends to be stale. If you have it, MozRank is a better indicator.

  10. hi murray
    nice job when you read some great blogger person interview then you lean many thing from him. and great opportunity for new bloggers. thanks for sharing.
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  11. Hello Murray, Very useful interview., Me also get some tips from this article. If we know best tips and law of marketing sure it will give success, Really very informative interview which have many tips , Thanks for share keep it.
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  12. very good topic and thanks for sharing the interview useful:)

  13. The fact for content is quality. Well written as per theme. Thanks a lot to bring such a good post.

  14. Hey Murray, great topic and the interview was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  15. their are so many techniques …. very confustin which one to follow

  16. thanks for sharing such a good article
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  17. We have to write articles with simple way. It helps everybody to get understand well. Thanks for your great article.

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  18. Contents are king as always, Publish the original and fresh contents is the best marketing strategy, In this regard guest posting and article marketing are best tactics.
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  19. Mariska Bone says:

    Wow, I’ve never thought like that.
    Great information blog, keep up the good work!
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  20. Content Marketing is the best option to increase the level of the sites and to maintain good technology we should enhance our writing in best possible ways .To increase the marketing of content we should increase our body language and develop our sites in best possible ways.

  21. Content writing is a good way to increase brand name and website reach. But mostly we go for search engine optimization rather than this. I think we should go for this for better results.

  22. Pramod

    “Focus Should be on Quality over Quantity” ->This line is self explanatory and very important..You said it right …One should do what is right for your website/blog and target audiences interested in reading your content.Interview is very informative and a lot to be learnt from .

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  23. Actually, Content marketing is the way to marketing a website or brand. But we Internet marketer very much curious about Search engine optimization though link building. From 1 month In observing that Article marketing is a awesome technique. I always try to write down quality article and submit in popular sites. Thanks you tips, I will remember it.
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