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Bloggers and businesses alike may not realize how very important CommentLuv can be to them. By joining the CommentLuv community you can connect with many others interested in the same things you are.

The CommentLuv featured posts you see in blogs that have CommentLuv installed make it easy to see which other commentators (people leaving comments) write about what you are interested in. Clicking on those comments connects you instantly with them.

There are already niches forming within the more than 20,000+ 30,000+ 35,137+ (on Oct 7, 2010) – 38,550+ (as of March 17, 2011) 41,888 (as of May 15, 2011) 45,894 registered users of CommentLuv (as of Feb 15, 2012) and the CommentLuv commuity is still growing rapidly.

Whether you have a blog or not it is important that you seek out bloggers who write about subjects near and dear to your heart which for business owners means those related to the products and services you have to offer.

BLOGGERS: Welcome business owners as readers and commentators.
Invite them to share their expertise as guest bloggers.
Their experience and knowledge makes your blog even better!
Remember that they have interests beyond what they do
and interesting things to say on other subjects.

Be tolerant of those new to commenting and Social Networking and guide them in what is appropriate behavior. I am certain we have all made mistakes when we first got online. Never assume they realize what they are doing until we first explain what is expected.

BUSINESSES:  Do not spam blogs.
Do not hire SEO companies to spam blogs.
Do not turn your comments into advertisements.
DO contribute to the discussion and share what you know.

FOCUS on blogs in your niche
whose readers would be interested in what you offer.
For example, if you sell pole chain saws, do most of your commenting
in home improvement and construction related blogs.

Let CommentLuv default links guide the blog owners and readers who are interested in what you offer to your site. Use the information about default links to register your business and select anchor text that creates beneficial backlinks without detracting from the blog where they appear.

I wrote the information below in reply to a question that Mike Criss, owner of the online printing company PrintingBlue posed in my post about KeywordLuv.

I was prompted to write this post to share what I told him with all my readers including those who rarely read the comments. I highly recommend you read comments here because I share as much in them as I post!

I will also answer any questions you leave or you can use my contact form to reach me via email. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

To benefit from using CommentLuv and KeywordLuv
you do not have to have them installed but I DO
recommend installing at least CommentLuv.

I strongly encourage all bloggers to install at least CommentLuv and all bloggers and business owners to register to use CommentLuv.

Not long I ago I would have encouraged all bloggers to install both but there is breaking news about new features in CommentLuv that I’ll include in this reply that may make KeywordLuv unnecessary.

My KeywordLuv post explains how you as a business owner can use blogs that have KeywordLuv installed to create dofollow backlinks that will allow your site to be found in the search engines. Now you can get the same benefits by being a valuable contributor in CommentLuv blogs.

Here are some additional resources that will help you do that best:

  1. First you need to know what keyword phrases are important to you. I explain how to do that in my post about using anchor text links to build traffic and get found in the search engines.
  2. When you create content you need to consistently use those keyword phrases. I explain where and how to use them in my post about selecting keywords first and then writing copy.
  3. Since this post was written CommentLuv has added new features that allow bloggers and businesses to register default links that automatically create anchor text without having keywords in the name field (which many don’t really like). Read how to use CommentLuv default links for anchor text.
  4. If you’re not familiar with CommentLuv also read How CommentLuv works.
  5. For those who are concerned about PageRank see CommentLuv Does Not Seem to Leak Link Juice.

I strongly recommend all businesses and bloggers who want to survive the economic downturn that is NOT going to recover and IS going to get worse learn why it is inevitable that the economy is going to continue to slide (both in the U.S. and globally).

The solution is to support small businesses – both the ones online and in their local communities.

There is more about why supporting the marketing efforts of small and online businesses is critical in my post about Word of Mouth. Find out what is causing worldwide economic collapse and how you can best avoid being a victim of it by reading these last two links.

Who do you know that could use this information? Make a difference today by emailing them the link to this post. Write it down and hand it to them. If you’re ambitious print it out and give it to the businesses you use. Use the TwitThis button and add @usernames to make sure others see your Tweet.


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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. It\’s amazing how a simple comment on a commentluv blog can really change a start-up business to a prosperous business! I really enjoy this and recommend everyone to use it more often!

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    Its amazing! it worked for my site. Its really a fun to join commentluv community personally suggest to others too to join this growing community for many reasons.

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  16. equestrian says:

    I would like to use comment luv in my site. Need some more info.

  17. I would like to use commentluv, however, i do not know whether there are several different version for commentluv? do they work the same? or there is only one version ?

  18. iPhone App Development says:

    Well said. Truly commentluv definitely helps to grow businesses and blogs especially small businesses and blogs which are new to blogosphere. This help you to spread out in blog community and let them know about your blog. It is good to have commentluv otherwise you miss lots of opportunities with your blog.

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    These two go together along with the dofollow plugin.

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    [Comment edited by GrowMap to add appropriate anchor text.]
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    I strongly encourage all bloggers to install at least CommentLuv and all bloggers and business owners to register to use CommentLuv.
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