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How CommentLuv supports small business & attracts customers

Q: What does CommentLuv have to do with YOUR prosperity or the prosperity of your business and community?

I’m glad you asked.

A: We can use CommentLuv to create economic recovery and improve our standard of living.

HOW? (I can hear non-believers asking).

EASY! Once you understand what I’m about to share with you.

Money we spend with online and local small businesses is immediately recirculated in the economy – unlike money we spend with big brands and big box stores that benefits the wealthy and does NOT recirculate.

According to a study commissioned by Local First:

$73 of every $100 dollars we spend in locally
owned businesses STAYS in our communities!

Only $43 of every $100 dollars spent in
non-locally owned businesses STAYS.

That extra $30 means more local sales tax revenues and more jobs and higher pay and benefits for people in your community. Small businesses also pay more in property taxes that support schools and fire departments.

Imagine how much more than $30 that would be if your local small businesses start sourcing more of what they sell locally.  Most currently buy from major suppliers and NOT from other local businesses – but they COULD and they WILL if you encourage and support them!

This infographic image makes that easier to see: Use THIS LINK to see the infographic full size.

Economic Impact of Buying Local

Economic Impact of Buying Local and Supporting Small Business

Now you know why supporting small businesses leads to economic recovery.

Q: What do small businesses need to thrive?

A: The same things our blogs and Web sites and online businesses need to grow:

  • Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Community support

What does CommentLuv provide?

  • Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Communities that support each other

CommentLuv can be the tool that
generates economic recovery faster

IF – and ONLY IF – we bloggers choose to be business friendly.

Small Business owners may not have the time to comment themselves because they’re busy running their companies and struggling to survive in this economic downturn.

They may not have the money to hire in-house employees to comment for them or buy advertising the way the Big Brands do. They may have to outsource or hire home workers – OFTEN BLOGGERS – to assist them in raising their visibility.

Businesses need to be sure their comments are NEVER SPAM. Have whoever will be doing the commenting read Vernessa’s excellent post on Virtual Assistant Comment Spam for tips on what NOT to do and my tips for leaving comments that don’t get deleted.

If we object to businesses commenting in our blogs
and call them spammers
how will they learn from us what we now know?

Where will they get the visibility and traffic they need to create more jobs and pump much needed money into our local communities?

A: They probably won’t. Google is taking away their search traffic and plays games with the cost of their ads – especially during their peak sales periods.

There IS NO OTHER SOURCE of traffic that
converts like organic or paid search.

I know because I’ve tested. Local Search Listings can generate traffic that can add up to big traffic, but that takes more time and you need hundreds or thousands of sites to generate 75% of the traffic you get from Google. (See this Local Search Case Study for details.)

Blogging generates traffic but it won’t convert like search. That means you need a lot MORE traffic and for that you need Collaborations of Bloggers familiar with Blog Outreach.


  1. Seriously think about being dofollow. If you use CommentLuv you can set the CommentLuv link to dofollow. If you use KeywordLuv or the Keywords function of CommentLuv Premium you can set the keywords in the name field to dofollow. This blog has both fields set to dofollow. If you only want to set one to dofollow the keywords are more important (unless the blogger is using keywords as the title of their posts). While being dofollow does attract link builders who may be spammers, being nofollow does NOT eliminate spam. We fegularly collaborate with and promote only bloggers who choose to be dofollow AND use CommentLuv.
  2. Rethink your position on allowing businesses to comment in your blog.
  3. Support your local businesses.
  4. Create collaborations of local bloggers. Check out what Rohan @365thingstododc is doing with Washington D.C. Influencers
  5. Understand Why Your Geographic Location IS a Niche and add a geographic component to your blog that will Position Your Blog Where the Money Is.
  6. Use and promote the use of CommentLuv and understand How CommentLuv Grows Businesses and Blogs
  7. Consider upgrading from the free version of CommentLuv to CommentLuv Premium to grow your reach faster and support small businesses even more. I have rounded up almost thirty CommentLuv Premium Reviews.

The prelaunch of CommentLuv Premium
ended at NOON EST Thursday Oct 6, 2011.

Until it becomes available again
you can use the free version of CommentLuv,
free trackback blocker and the
GrowMap anti-spambot plugin.

We don’t know what the new price or pricing structure will be.

If you want to be notified when you can again buy CommentLuv Premium or get more information you can click the banner below:


  • Plain Talk: When you buy local, you create local jobs “…if every American spent just $64 more each year than he or she normally spends, and purchases goods made in the U.S., it would create 200,000 more jobs.”
  • Pioneer Valley roundup of Local Economic Studies
  • PSFK: Infographic: Why Buy Local & Ten Reasons to Shop Local First
  • Local Business Impact Report on Independent Merchants and the New Orleans Economy (September, 2009) Participating businesses report total sales per square foot of $587 per retail square foot. Therefore, 179,000 square feet would generate an estimated $105 Million in annual  sales revenue across as many as 100 individual stores versus only $50 Million generated by the average Target store with the same square footage.
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