CommentLuv Premium Plugin: Reviews, Benefits, Where to Get It and WHY You Want It

Buying CommentLuv Premium is still very affordable.
Click the banner below to see single site, multi-site and developer prices.

Click this banner to find out more and see the latest prices. This IS my affiliate link.

The much awaited day when anyone can buy their own copy of the 8-in-1 WordPress plugin CommentLuv Premium has finally arrived. If you don’t know why there has been so much buzz about it – or why you want to snap it up while it is on sale for the lowest price it will ever be available for again – check out these previous posts:

  • 28 reviews of CommentLuv Premium by influential bloggers you probably already know who were handpicked by Andy to test before the official launch – why they use it and you should, too.
  • Bullet points on the benefits of CommentLuv Premium
  • CommentLuv Your Way to Business Prosperity – my unique take on how bloggers using CommentLuv can improve our economy, standard of living, and increase their traffic and income by being small business friendly.

Remember that all CommentLuv Premium plugin users are
automatically affiliates. The link you used when you signed up
to be notified is who will be paid an affiliate commission so
when you sign up use the link from YOUR favorite blogger.


The new and improved Comment Luv search engine is already online to make finding other CommentLuv bloggers in your niche easier than ever.

Reading and commenting in blogs related to your own is not
only the best way to grow your own blog – it is also the most fun.CommentLuv Blog Search Visit the Global CommentLuv Enabled Site Search Engine

I am having CommentLuv Premium installed in all the blogs I manage and recommend it to every client and blogger because it really IS that good. If you want it why not get it now while the price is so reasonable?

There are also a bunch of bonuses for buying now. I’ll let Andy tell you about them in the best CommentLuv Premium video he has ever done.

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them in the comments of any of my posts or you can send me a regular tweet @GrowMap (if you DM let me know or I won’t see it).

Be sure to leave your links to be included
in my updated DoFollow CommentLuv Blog lists.

I’ll give bloggers some time to get CommentLuv Premium configured and then prioritize my lists into groups in this order:

  1. CommentLuv blogs with dofollow keywords and CommentLuv links
  2. CommentLuv blogs with dofollow keywords / nofollow CommentLuv
  3. CommentLuv blogs w/ dofollow CommentLuv / nofollowed keywords
  4. CommentLuv blogs w/ dofollow CommentLuv / no keywords
  5. Nofollow CommentLuv blogs w/ nofollow keywords
  6. Nofollow CommentLuv blogs w/o keywords
  7. Non- CommentLuv blogs

As you can see that will take some major checking and continual updating as bloggers change their minds. This is how I decide where to spend my time – the more generous the blogger the more I promote what they’re doing on Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+, Facebook, FriendFeed and now on JustRetweet, too.

The higher on the list a blogger is (and that is totally up to them)
the more likely they will be invited to specific projects that come
with benefits like our JustRetweet collaboration and our
Conversion Doubler landing page optimization program.

These are also the bloggers whose new posts I tweet,
that I recommend to other bloggers,
and who I link to in my posts here and elsewhere.

Don’t forget to let me know if you qualify!

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. CommentLuv plugin is a great plugin for commenting, we get lot of benefits for this plugin, as a blogger i really like this plugin.

  2. Comment luv plug-in is really one wonderful thing of a shows the do-follow blogs and their updated post links…I hope the above post should gives such a good clarity image on comment luv…

  3. rak offshore says:

    i also find CommentLuv very useful for me and also for everyone i haven’t found same other plugin like comment luv.
    rak offshore would love you to read ..Raise Your Organisation’s EfficiencyMy Profile

  4. Mujtaba Patwegar says:

    Commentluv enables social interaction, it is recommnded to every1. Planning to get one soon :))
    Mujtaba Patwegar would love you to read ..Find unlimited CommentLuv enabled Blogs by this easy trick.My Profile

  5. web development says:

    I think comment luv blog are rapidly improved as compared other blogs so comment luv blogs essential for every seo experts that play good role increase ranking any website on the almost all search engine.

  6. I’ve rolled out comment luv to a few of my blogs now- I love it, especially the sense of community it promotes- I actually think it makes people more inclined to leave meaningful rather than spammy comments too..
    Matt would love you to read ..Natural Treatments for AnxietyMy Profile

  7. Really commentLuv is great plugin.Thank you! I’m going to subscribe to your RSS Feed to be updated on your latest posts. I can also contribute some information since I know the topics that this blog covers.

  8. when i did not use these commentsluv plug in.i did not satisfied for my sites. i was really depressed and i was think what i do?but when i know about commentsluv plugin.i use it and i find that it is really very helpful for me.i think its not only helpful for me its for everyone….

  9. SEO Quake is awesome!!! I use it all the time

    I use CommentLuv and never knew this. About to go to bed right not, but definitely coming back to implement this. Thank you SO much!!!!!

  10. I haven’t found another plugin like Commentluv that I like near as much. This is a great one to use. What would be the next best thing in your opinion?

  11. Really commentLuv is great word press plugin.I love commentLuv plugin. I already install it.

  12. Val Adams says:

    I’m also planning to purchase commentLuv. I strongly think it can really help in building my site. And from what I’ve read from the comments of people who already used it, I say I wanna my hands on this powerful tool. :)

    More power to commentLuv and growmap,

    Val Adams would love you to read ..Small Businesses Can Still Get Bad Credit LoansMy Profile

  13. i dont think it help it help only to encourage user to post comments, spammer are encouraged to post comments , many dont even read the post clearly ..and post comment to get links..

  14. I love commentLuv plugin. I already install it.

  15. my advice is to be vigilant with your comment posts on your own site. i rely on the comments to give me feedback and advice. but more and more sites are being filled with crap about their own products. very annoying.
    emmanuel would love you to read ..Week 6My Profile

  16. get the premium and see the great benefits it will do for your blog..commentluv and keywordluv changed my way of SEO
    fresh salsa would love you to read ..A Simple Quesadilla RecipeMy Profile

  17. CommentLuve premium is a must-have!
    fresh salsa would love you to read ..A Simple Quesadilla RecipeMy Profile

  18. CommentLuv is soooo worth it…it helps a ton in my SEO

  19. Hello,

    Hope you are well! :)

    I have purchased CommentLuv few days ago and I must say I am very happy and impressed with the plugin. It’s an amazing and powerful tool -transforming a blog into a community and encourages visitors to drop by and leave a comment, as there’s something great to gain from doing so.

    So thank you for a nice review. I learn new things every day.
    Ioana would love you to read ..Top Tips for Being A Better LeaderMy Profile

  20. Can Commentluv and Keyword Luv are useful in blogger or blogspot.?

  21. If you purchase the premium version, when you have it installed on YOUR WordPress installation, can you specify which post on your site gets linked instead of choosing from the latest 10?
    Michael would love you to read ..Winston-Salem NC Annual Rentals – Home, Apartment, Condo For RentMy Profile

    • Hi Michael,

      With CommentLuv Premium you get your latest ten posts AND five pages or posts of your choosing – which you can edit in your WordPress dashboard any time – and you get them on other CommentLuv Premium sites even if the blogger’s configuration usually only gives you those 15 posts if you share their content. We do highly recommend sharing quality content for other bloggers, too.

      If you install CommentLuv and are a dofollow blog let me know in the comments of my CommentLuv Lists post and I will add your blog.

      If you turn on keywords also leave a comment telling me you are a DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv blog in my KeywordLuv post and I will add you to the real estate section.

      growmap would love you to read ..Small Business Internet Marketing: Where to StartMy Profile

  22. Great Plug IN – Going to check it out for my Blog
    Carl Wagner would love you to read ..MLM Skill’s: Finding the Value: Your Most Vital Closing TacticMy Profile

  23. Still there are many people in the blog world that doesn’t know the benefits of one using the commentluv plug-in. Or some do really do not understand the said advantage. I have been making reviews on this one also and I encouraged people/visitors on my site to grab this amazing plug in. It has given me positive result to my SEO strategy over 3 years now.
    Letty :)
    Leticia would love you to read ..procerin reviewsMy Profile

  24. iPhone App Development says:

    Thanks for reporting the premium commentluv plugin. CommentLuv is useful for increasing blog community. I do not want to miss any updated version of commentluv. Keep it up. Thanks.

  25. Thanks for the nice comment. I have also noticed a big change in the quality of comment sand visitors that I have be getting since purchasing comluv premium. I find that the people that have comluv seem to be a better quality of commenter and contributor.

    [Hi Jac. Your comments are being stuck in spam by WordPress (Automattic) so you are probably on the worst Akismet blacklist. You may want to contact them to see if they will reconsider and get you off. Use the test link at the top of this Akismet Blacklist post and the link to contact Akismet further down in the post.]
    Jac Evans would love you to read ..Home Renovation Costs – How to Lower your Home Renovation CostsMy Profile

  26. commentluv is really a great tool to build valuable backlinks for your blog not only that it is a great source to increase the traffic of your blog significantly.

  27. Thanks for the great introduction to Comment Luv. It seems to hold great potential for improved blog traffic.

    Ellie would love you to read ..Dealing With Panic AttacksMy Profile

  28. I’ve read a lot about commentluv. Is it possible to test the premium version also? However, I believe in my current hoster I can not use the plugin.

  29. Really Commentluv is awesome,
    thanks for the share,
    I re tweeted this :)

  30. Well when using it on my niche sites I don’t allow comments, I just install the plugin and in the plugin’s settings I don’t “activate” CommentLuv.

    I can still add my posts in the drop-down I want to show, and build my links on others’ sites.

    • Hello Chrisha,

      Has it ever occurred to you that doing that is incredibly selfish? Is that who you want to be – the person who takes and gives nothing back? If that IS who you really are, you don’t belong in the CommentLuv community and I for one will delete all your links from now on – starting with those in this comment.

      If you ever realize you don’t want to be so self-absorbed, let me know and I’ll reconsider.
      growmap would love you to read ..Quantity Equals Failure. Success Focuses on Quality!My Profile

  31. Commentluv is the powerful tool to improve the search engine ranking and its worth to purchase the premium the version. It really helps me to get my website on 2nd page in less then a month time.
    Austin would love you to read ..Changi Airport SingaporeMy Profile

  32. Thanks for the update! CommentLuv Premium is excellent plugin especially when your using Word Press. My boss is planning to get before end of this year. I’ve already told him about the great deal.
    Brenneth would love you to read ..My Arowana Is Not Eating No Matter What I Do !!!My Profile

  33. I’ve had good success with KeywordLuv over the years , both with my own blogs and for clients.

  34. its a nice plugin… thinking to buy this plugin…
    Ashish would love you to read ..Multiple Gmail Accounts Sign InMy Profile

  35. I like, maybe even love the new 8 in 1 by commentLuv – but I’ve read that many are having “bug” or code issues with it – So I think that I’m going to wait a little longer until they work out these buggy problems and then I’ll buy it. I mean commentLuv is a great plugin and all and the new pro version is very reasonably priced but sometimes it’s better to wait a little while until things cool down.

  36. I also have this plug in to my blog and I have to say its awesome! I’m happy I’ve purchased it.
    Juphet Mislang would love you to read ..Six-Point Priority Site Audit For Large Websites on a Post Panda UpdateMy Profile

  37. I Really love this plug in.comment luv is really good to do a comment on a other blogs.
    harrysom would love you to read ..Vigor ProMy Profile

  38. This is great plugin.

  39. I have installed commentluv on my blog but I haven’t had the chance to get a copy of the 8-in-1 just yet. If it is really that good, I’ll be checking it out.

  40. I have already installed my Commluv! love it.
    Babbling Little Booties would love you to read ..A Sunday "pool" of fun!My Profile

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