Tired of Talking to Yourself? Go Visit Other Blogs, Leave Quality Comments and Links

Are you waiting for a personal invitation before you go visiting? The best way to get quality comments in your blog is to leave some of your own in other blogs. The odds are excellent that you’ll be paid a return visit. Even if you don’t, anyone reading your comment has a direct path to find your blog.

The latest post at Blogging Without a Blog is an excellent example of both a popular blog and a post that garnered plenty of comments: 54 so far as I type this. Read Attract Readers – Make Your Blog a Safe Haven to get an idea how to get your own blog to become a magnet for an active community of folks willing to jump right in to your discussions.

Now that you know what is possible, here are some tips on how to maximize the effect of your online visits:

  1. Bloggers who use CommentLuv create communities of very active commentators and provide link love too.  Subscribe to or keep a list of the blogs you like best so you can visit them regularly. The blogs on that page change regularly so you might visit there regularly too. If you like a blog do them a favor and give them a thumbs up on that page.
  2. When you find a blog that interests you follow the links from the comments there. The odds are good that if you are interested the bloggers who comment there will too – and that they will also use CommentLuv (because bloggers who use it recommend it in their blogs!). If they comment in THAT blog they are likely to comment in yours too! You may want to open them in a new tab so you can explore more posts.
  3. When you find a blog you like read more than one post! Check out the categories they offer or search for what interests you or move backward through their latest posts – or all three. You may have pertinent comments to make in older posts. Remember that older blog posts are likely to be listed in the search engines and drive traffic. Perhaps you’ve blogged on that subject and want to use your related blog post in the URL field. [NOTE: CommentLuv only allows you to choose one of your last ten posts IF you've claimed your blog AND you use the EXACT URL you used when registering.]
  4. I’ve made it REALLY EASY for you to get started by seeking out the Great Blog Communities linked below. Just click through to them and start commenting.
  5. Those who want to skip ahead can use the same strategies while visiting even more blogs from the dofollow lists below.
  6. Do keep track of the blogs you really enjoy so you can visit them regularly. Leave comments. Share your insights. Invite them to visit you. The friendliest bloggers invite the most visitors.
  7. I hope you’ll subscribe to GrowMap because I’m working on some contest ideas related to sharing our favorite blogs that will benefit all who participate AND those they recommend.





  • DigitalPoint List of DoFollow Forums




Wish you knew how to make your blog more comment friendly? See Blogging Best Practices: Enabling Your Readers to Subscribe to Comments and Magic Formula to More Comments; Only 3 Ingredients.

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Gail Gardner

Small Businsss Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of GrowMap.com, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.