Blog Traffic Up 54.87% in the Last 30 Days: Our Proven Traffic Improvement Strategy

UPDATE: 9/19/09 ProBlogger Guest post I Came, I Saw, I Commented: Was It Worth It by Josh Hanagarne – The World’s Strongest Librarian – provides this additional confirmation that commenting does indeed work. He gives these stats:

The numbers after commenting:

  • A 100% increase on RSS subscribers (160-320)
  • Over 40 newsletter subscriptions
  • A second traffic spike due to people returning to answer my comment on their own blogs

Note that HIS strategy was commenting on the blogs of those who commented on his previous ProBlogger guest post. Imagine what could happen if he had used the additional strategy explained below. Maybe he’ll read this, try it out, and let us know what additional growth his blog sees from it.

UPDATE: 3/23/09 I thought some might be interested to know that the Google Analytics default view (which compares the most recent 30 days to the previous 30 days) now shows traffic is now up 76.63%. This traffic is almost exactly evenly split with one third coming from Direct, one-third from search engines, and one-third from referring sites.

Want proof this strategy works for others too? Check out these two Tweets I received today (Mar 23, 2009):

PaulHassing@GrowMap Thank YOU! Yesterday my site traffic was double what it was last Monday. All I did differently was follow your advice. Great stuff!

PaulHassing@GrowMap It’s nice (& rare) to see an approach which is ethical & practical having an effect. For once, good guys don’t finish last! :)


What if there were a simply action you could take whenever you have a few minutes that would benefit the other blogs you visit and increase your own blog traffic too? Would you be interested enough to act on it and see if it works for you too?

Here is the step-by-step method responsible for the increase in traffic here:

  1. Visit your favorite blog, preferably a dofollow CommentLuv blog.
  2. Leave a high quality comment.
  3. If the blog uses CommentLuv select the most relevant post to share or a post you wish to promote.
  4. In a CommentLuv blog you can leave two links in a comment by changing the primary link JUST BEFORE you click submit. When you’re ready to send the comment paste the other link into the box and immediately send the comment BEFORE the CommentLuv system loses your selected post.
  5. AFTER you’ve left your comment share the post at Twitter, FriendFeed, cliKball, StumbleUpon, or on any other favorite Social Networking site or reader.
  6. When sharing use an excerpt, image and title illustrating what YOU feel is the most pertinent information in the post. This will increase the number of new visitors the post will receive – and the number of readers who may read your comment or be interested in your featured post.
  7. I often also share the best comment(s) or additional thoughts at cliKball and FriendFeed.

We all have limited time and the same number of hours in any day so maximizing the return on how we spend that time is critical to our success. If you already have quality content on your blog and a recent post worth sharing it is time to focus on getting quality backlinks from commenting to greatly increase your traffic.

NEW: If you don’t fully understand how CommentLuv works or haven’t registered your blog take the time to read this excellent post with screen shots on How CommentLuv works and the benefits of registering your site.

Combine our strategy above with the one from that last link to Peter Lee’s Work from Home blog and your time is guaranteed to generate incoming links, better search engine placement, higher visibility and more traffic to your blog.

For a more advanced strategy read How I Doubled the Pageviews of my Blog in Two Week – That post opens in a new window to make sure that BEFORE you do that you START immediately increasing your own traffic here:

The best way to learn something is to do enough of it that you will remember how and it will become a habit. The great thing about this strategy is that you can easily get started RIGHT NOW:

  1. Just leave a comment in this post; the early commentators get the most exposure so go ahead and leave it now. It won’t take that long since you’re already here.
  2. Be sure to include a link to your blog post. Make it your most recent post, the most related post, one you want to promote most OR one that your readers like best.
  3. If you have a Twitter account here is an easy way:  Just click this Tweet This!
  4. Then share it in your other Social Networking accounts and share it in your reader. The more you share the more it benefits you and everyone else.
  5. BONUS VISITORS: If you want even more traffic publish your results and link to this post. We’ll find your new post, leave our own comments, and share it at Twitter, FriendFeed and cliKball.


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I approve more comments to support small businesses, good causes and bloggers than most bloggers so being active in our blogs is to your benefit. They are all 100% dofollow from the first comment and have both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv installed:

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