CNN Proper Admits Twitter Out-Scooped Them on the News About Mumbai

Social Media has official come of age. CNN wrote:

One of the top headlines today on is titled “Tweeting the terror: How social media reacted to Mumbai.” The opening sentence of the piece is even more to the point: “It was the day social media appeared to come of age and signaled itself as a news gathering force to be reckoned with.”

News reporting may never be the same again. Yes, Twitter is a source of serious Journalism. Just remember not to believe everything you read, whether on Twitter or in mainstream media.

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Gail Gardner

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  1. I totally agree Gail, I sometimes judge a bit too fast about what is spam and I know my motivation is not always clear :) .

    But I would not say weak comments are spam, but if the comment shows that the person hasn’t actually read the whole post, then it is in my definition spam and worthy of deletion.

    If somebody adds value to the topic, even if you don’t agree or it is stupid, it shows they read the post and their comment should be respected.

    I do admit my motivation is double: I wanted to build links, and I don’t want to waste my time. So I build links while reading things I want and/or should read because they interest me and are good for my development.
    So I am like your readers who don’t even leave a link because they are interested in the topic and that is why they respond, but I was also motivated to find your blog because of linking.

    And sometimes I leave weak and sh*tty comments, but most times that is because it is getting late and I’m tired. I still read the post and feel like commenting. For example I did read but didn’t comment on your beautiful long post about the economic decline and occupy wallstreet, and about the food safety law. They were very interesting reads but because I never really stopped and thought about this and formed an opinion so I don’t feel like I should say anything in a heavy subject as that.
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  2. Gail, you are too kind. Both comments raise spamm flags to me. I don’t mean flags, but banners that say spammer. :)

    Cnn admitting this is pretty impressive. At least they are not foul-mouthing twitter. I think fox news would. Maybe twitter will keep the media in check, if they are first then the news channel’s stories can be checked, evening lies out. Finding the truth in the middle. But then again, with twitter getting censored how can we trust that they let the truth through.
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    • Hi Danny,

      I regularly delete older comments that are spam as I read new ones. Your comment in this post made me re-evaluate those two and I agree they were worthy of deletion. Many would delete all your comments because you link to a business and they assume you only came for the link.

      There is no way for anyone to know if you commented because you came to read content OR you read content because you found this blog while looking for places to comment so my philosophy is what difference does that make, anyway?

      The problem is most people THINK they know what is spam and they are fast on that spam click, but I can tell you from experience that the real people I know on Twitter leave the weakest comments that almost anyone would think were spam if they didn’t know the person leaving them.

      A major error in judgement most people make is thinking everyone else is just like them and expecting them to be able to write as well.

      Twitter is part of the major media and so are Facebook and Google+ and the same people who control CNN control FOX and everything in between. We need to be aware that the best way to win a game is to control BOTH TEAMS and THAT is what the wealthy global elite do very well.
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