Cloud Content Caching and Image Hosting Reduces Page Load Times and Increases Conversions

This is a guest post by Tyrone Brown my ecommerce and blogging friends will want to pay special attention to because it offers a strategy for speeding up page load times for your blog or online store by using Image Hosting and Content Caching.

Cloud Cache Global Content CachingI have been trying out cloud edge services recently to see which one works best for my site. To give you an overview, my site is a blog/forum that caters to British, Australian, and New Zealand readers. I sell automotive products through Commission Junction and my site is aimed at automotive enthusiasts.

The blog section covers advanced automotive topics for people who modify and repair their own cars, so many of them are mechanics – especially younger mechanics. They also are heavily weighted toward a few car manufacturers, such as BMW’s.

Image Hosting Content Caching

The service I use now is Cloudcache and it has been very successful. It helped me in many areas of my site so now I make more money than I did before:

More Conversions Due to Faster Load Speeds

The main purpose of a content delivery network (CDN) is to make your site load faster. This is because most potential leads are lost within the first eight seconds of landing on a page. In other words, people do not like to wait around a lot or else they will go back to the search results page.

With mobile web becoming ubiquitous, this is more of a problem since mobile devices like iPads and smartphones do not have very fast connections. So, if the user has a slow connection and a server-side slow-down is added on top of the client-side slowness, then the potential customer is a lot more likely to bounce off your site than if you use Cloudcache.

Speeding Up Page Load Times

This happened to me a lot before I used Cloudcache since there are many pictures on my site (mechanics like to post pictures of engines) and I hosted them all locally. However, I have since moved my rich content to Cloudcache and the whole site loads a lot more quickly since the images, videos, and other large files come from a supercharged CDN.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Search engines like Google favor sites that are fast to load so if your site loads faster then it will show up higher on search engine results. Before I used Cloudcache, my three main landing pages ranked #7, #9, and #11 on Google. However, after I started using Cloudcache, they jumped to #4, #7, and #8, and usually stay around there.

Also, Google does not count remotely hosted files against what it sees as your load time, so by putting your large files on Cloudcache you are in effect hiding them from Google’s load time calculator without taking away the SEO benefits of having video and images on your site.

Security with an SSL

Cloudcache’s biggest selling point, though, is its SSL services, and these have been really useful for me. Since I generate automotive leads through a newsletter, I want to make sure that the leads’ information is safe.

For one thing, I really value my readers, but also, nobody would go to my site if they started getting junk mail. And spammers could easily steal this information from me if I did not have the SSL I get from Cloudcache.


  1. Smith jhone says:

    The blog section covers advanced automotive topics for people who modify and repair their own cars, so many of them are mechanics – especially younger mechanics. They also are heavily weighted toward a few car manufacturers, such as BMW’s.

  2. I was using CDN on one of my blog, but didn’t see much improvement. You should have a lot of traffic to see an effect.
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  3. I have to check how would changing to CDN would impact on conversion on my site. Do you have any experiance with that?
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  4. I never would have have realized the importance of Cloudcache and knowing that this provides a faster loading of sites will favor all the readers and start doing this. All of us are nearly impatient and as much as possible wants a simpler means in all aspects.

  5. Claudecache sounds great. I have been annoying with the loading time of my website and I think this could be a great help to me. I will give it a try and hope it will not make me disappoint.

  6. Definitely, a CDN has the potentials to supercharge your website to make the page loading more faster so that the content is delivered quickly to the end user. However, the disadvantage of CDN is that it costs more money. A CDN should only be used when you own a popular website with static content such as images, scripts, CSS, etc…

  7. There are 1001 reasons a blogger wants his site to load quickly. Cloudcache sounds like a win=win deal.
    David Sneen would love you to read ..How a Basketball Coach’s Advice Can Help You Earn MoneyMy Profile

  8. There has been some activity on the CDN scene lately. After all, it’s very beneficial. I would have loved to use it, but I dont have a lot of images. Admirable, none the less

  9. Thanks for the excellent information on Cloudcache – very timely and useful! It could be used to speed up online high school courses like the ones at Advanced Academics.

  10. I think page load time is very important in a website.cloudcache will help us to load page faster and also increase conversion.this tool will increase our site performance and it’s loading that user can easily check page.

  11. I didnot know much about Cloudcache before reading this post but it is a good service and I think it is useful to try.
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  12. Waterpearls says:

    It is good to know about Cloudcache and it is interesting because it reduces page load times and it is really annoying for me if a website take alot time to load.
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  13. Using cloud for my blog has been something that I have been contemplating for a while now, as my blog gets ever more popular having graphics etc on the cloud would certainly help it out.
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  14. I have known that Cloud would be with iTunes,an app for the upcoming iPhone 5 with it’s debut titled ” iTunes in the Cloud”. I am one of those who uses Cloud because it’service is very appropriate for my carpet repair halton city business. I do blogs and forums.

  15. I would prefer to start using CloudCache so that my page ranking can be improved.With Cloudcache the whole site loads a lot more quickly since the images, videos, and other large files come from a supercharged CDN.I would opt for it as Cloudcache’s SSL means it’s secure.

  16. Software Application Development says:

    Really cloud has improved hosting of website and Cloudcache helps a lot in many ways as mentioned in the post. I like one point that I came to know for first time that leads are lost within 8 seconds of loading time.
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  17. wow this is really great! not only does this improve load times which leads to higher conversion rate BUT ALSO improves Google rankings. this is truly amazing. thanks for making me aware of this i will definitely be using it soon.

  18. Using a CDN can be great idea for scripts and images from your site.

    A word of caution is to be very careful how you setup up your post/product images. Often with a CDN you end up losing a lot of image search traffic.
    It’s worth weighing the options to ensure both speed and traffic.

  19. It’s a great way to improve the load time. And Google is giving more importance to this each day.
    The use of a CDN is always a good practice, and it’s both recommended by pagespeed and yslow.
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  20. Yes this is right info google giving more priority to these sites which takes less time to load. So we should ready to do that thing for our site.
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  21. Hey nice blog post. According to me when it comes to website load times people are normally fragile about website’s loading time. It has been seen that caching plays a big part in how we are able to, on average, reduce server loads, bandwidth costs, and page load times by more than half. Keep up the good work.

  22. People don’t seem to have a lot of patience when it comes to website load times. Anything you can do to speed up your sites load time and performance is going to help. I think we will see cloud based hosting becoming more popular and maybe even the standard in the near future.
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  23. Cloudcache is really useful for sites who loads slowly. Cloudecache will improve the speed and search engine ranking. Exactly people like those sites which are fast. They don’t like to spend their time on those sites which are slow.
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  24. Live Cricket Streaming says:

    Hey I’m Great Thankful To You For Providing This Information about More Conversions Due to Faster Load Speeds,Speeding Up Page Load Times and Many More. It’s Very Help full For Me…!!!

  25. This is novice introduction for me. I have read lot about PaaS and SaaS in cloud computing but used non of them
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  26. Andrea Hypno

    On my site I don’t have many images but this is surely interesting to know. With Google changing its attitude daily about what is good or not we have to try everything which can help our site performing better. Thanks for the hint.
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  27. I think I’m going to try Cloudcache. My website runs really, really slow and I need to do something to speed it up.
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  28. Going to use CDN network in the coming days to improve the speed of the website.
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  29. Hey Tyrone Brown!!

    Very nice post I am using normal hosting for HD wallpapers and really face loading problem in that I hope your suggestion helped me too overcome this issue.
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  30. You are so right about how quickly people judge websites. If your page loads slowly, or has an odd looking layout, or any small thing that irritates web goers, they are IMMEDIATELY gone. The speed at which people make decisions about the quality of websites is rivaled only by the speed of light. Having a CDN that puts your neatly arranged content into people’s eyes as quickly as possible only works to improve your chances of retaining visitors to your site.

  31. Great post. I moved all my image hosting over to imgur (one of the best services that I’ve found) because they keep the images forever and don’t delete them even when they get high traffic. I noticed my page time decrease a lot and better still, the bounce rate dropped some 5-10% too!
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  32. Reduce the load time of pages and increase the number of conversions is a huge challenge. I still don’t know this service, but from what I read, it will help me in digital marketing actions. Excellent post

  33. Is this really possible? Am I not aware that cloud cache can be a big help in our site…I think I should give this a try…
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  34. I use Cloudflare and the Cloudflare plugin… Is this the same service? I feel like my site can be a bit slow and I do have over 300 posts with imagines and videos so I can understand why the load is a little longer but obviously you want it to be as quick as possible.

    Thanks for the help!
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