How to Use Stickers to Make Businesses Popular in Untraditional Ways

Even though we focus on online marketing, that does NOT mean that offline promotions are not essential. In this guest post, Jawad Latif shares with us how businesses could be using stickers to raise awareness and increase sales.

Using bumper stickers to promote your business

Custom Bumper Stickers

When competition is high and the economy is challenging, organizations and businesses have to adopt new and different marketing and advertising strategies.

While most people think of stickers as being for children and simply laugh off the idea of marketing your business with printed stickers, savvy businesses find creative ways to use them.

Customized stickers can be pasted almost anywhere, such as shops, poles, buses, car bumpers, automobile windows – on just about anything.

Stickers can be any shape and almost any size. In fact, any marketing material which has a sticky substance on the back is called a sticker.

There is no limit to what you can print on a sticker:
company logos, company names, addresses, contact
numbers, Web site addresses and your promotion!

Marketers print various discounted or special deals
on promotional and logo stickers. Non-profits use
them to raise awareness about issues and causes.

Here are some of the major types of stickers used for different purposes:

Embossed Stickers

In embossed stickers, the image, logo and text are raised, giving them a 3D appearance which you have probably seen on Holiday Greeting cards. They are often used when granting any kind of diploma, certificate or degree to any person or business. Embossed stickers are most often round in shape with silver or golden coloring.

You will rarely find embossed stickers because they have to be custom made. However, with RGB Printings, you can get embossed stickers printing in many different colors, shapes and sizes at highly competitive rates. With RGB Printings’ embossed stickers, you can boost your sales because of greater visibility.

There are stickers all over this car including the windows

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Car Bumper Stickers

You might have seen stickers on different parts of cars, but some are attracted to a new technique of cars totally covered in stickers. The color of the car is totally hidden in unified stickers. The windows also have see-through mesh stickers.

Automobile bumper stickers have always been popular and are on the increase again. Marketing on cars has proven quite effective because they are an excellent source of free mobile advertisement. Wherever each vehicle carrying your stickers goes, it will continue to advertise your business while conveying your message to innumerable people.

In metro areas with traffic jams or huge parking lots at malls, airports and park-n-rides your message will be seen by massive numbers of people who will have time to write down your contact info or Web site address. They might even use their smart phone or other mobile device to immediately visit your site – or even place an order. You never know.

Car bumper stickers are not only used on bumpers,
but also on other parts of car such as rear windows,
side windows, bonnet, doors, rear and front bumpers.

Car stickers are not only used for business marketing but also for other campaigns like political campaigns during elections. Custom sticker printing is also used for sports teams (local and pro) and on customized cars to make them look exotic and sporty.

Today’s guest author Jawad Latif is co-owner of RGB Printings, an online printing company that is dedicated to high quality and low cost printing solutions. Services include banners, posters, business cards, stickers printing and much more. You can follow Jawad on Twitter @RGBPrintings.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this advice! I agree that using bumper stickers is a pretty great idea for promoting your business. If you handed those stickers out to all your employees, then you\’d multiply your advertising exponentially as well! You just have to make sure that your employees are also good drivers!

  2. Stickers are a great way to have others do the advertising for you. Most people will put a sticker on something they use all the time so it’s a great way to get a lot of views on something. The flexibility with stickers is also appealing in terms of size, color, shape, etc…

  3. I think turning your car into a mobile advertisement is genius. You don’t have to pay a cent and yet hundreds of people a day see it. Getting your business’s name out there has never been easier.

  4. Yeah I know stickers are really useful for promoting our business whether we use simple or 3D stickers. They help us so much in promotion in booming our business. The types of stickers that you shared here are really good like embossed stickers which we are using for promoting purpose because it comes with images of 3D, various types of logo designs. Car bumper stickers are really favorite for everyone but our politicians using them for political campaign. I really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

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