Why Having a Brand Evangelist Increases Conversions, Customer Satisfaction and Profits

Brand Evangelism

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Market research led to one of the oldest concepts in marketing: The Rule of Seven which states that most will not take action until they have seen your message at least seven times.

That still holds true today and the busier your target audience is the less likely they are to act – unless someone they know and trust consistently recommends you.

The more complex your offering the more true this is. Busy people usually only take action when someone they personally interact with regularly encourages them to invest their time in doing so.

Your brand advocate can also also provide tech support, write tutorials with screen captures, and use their existing connections to identify other influencers to promote your brand.

Brand evangelism can be a low cost way small businesses, non-profits and good causes can keep what they have to offer in front of their target audience without the expense of buying advertising – and direct recommendations are more effective.

Brand Evangelist Qualifications

The best evangelist for your brand is someone with influence with your potential buyers. An even better, but sometimes overlooked type of evangelist is someone who can INFLUENCE the influencers in your niche.

That is where GrowMap focuses: on building relationships with influential bloggers. We collaborate, share expertise, select the very best solutions, products and services, and then collectively and consistently promote them.

We create pillar content and set up alerts to ensure that whenever someone is searching for what you have to offer we can recommend you to them right when they are most interested.

Brands We Can Most Benefit

These are the types of brands I would love to work with as a brand evangelist:

Brands with a healthy living, sustainable, organic, Fair Trade focus including:

Solutions that are highly beneficial to small businesses such as:

Brands that sell products Small Businesses need:

Coops and consumer supported agriculture (CSAs) organizations such as:

Brands that sell products, services, or solutions bloggers and social media influencers use regularly

  • APC @APCNorthAmerica @APCAV @SchneiderNA ~ best known for their Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) – EVERY computer user would benefit from one ESPECIALLY BLOGGERS – If you can’t afford a large one at least get one to protect your tower or laptop from most damage.
  • System76 @System76 ~ Manufacturer of Ubuntu preinstalled, optimized PCs, laptops, desktops and servers
  • Feedblitz alternative to FeedBurner @Feedblitz @phollows
  • TweetReach

Web Solutions and Services

The BEST Hosting companies:


WordPress related:

Do you have recommendations of others who belong in this list? Let me know!

Brands that never compromise on quality

These brands are proof that you CAN still sell a quality product instead of cheap junk that fills up landfills and wastes precious resources!

National umbrella groups that enable local groups such as:

Local groups such as:

We will only consider evangelizing for brands we sincerely believe in and whose solutions, products and services we actually use. These are also the only advertisers we accept on GrowMap. See our Advertising Rates.

DISCLAIMER: At the time brands are added to this page they are not existing clients; however, my intention is to work with any of these who are interested.  I will add those that have compensated me in any way to my official disclosure page.

GrowMap Reach:

  • Each new post on GrowMap is tweeted by at least two dozen social media savvy influential bloggers. You can see GrowMap’s Twitter reach using Topsy. Typical retweet per post volume is 45-100+ which can be seen by using Topsy to see Retweets by URL.
  • GrowMap and twelve of our closest collaborators were among 32 bloggers singled out in a joint Cornell University / Yahoo! Research study of Influencers on Twitter.
  • This Social Media Influencers List on PeerIndex includes many of our regular collaborators.
  • GrowMap is a Media Sponsor of:

About GrowMap:

Have questions or ready to get started? Use our contact information to reach us.

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