Question: When Does Entering a Blogging Contest Give You More Than You Contribute?

ANSWER: When participants are given FREE personal coaching just for entering. We spend almost all day almost every day online. We share blogs and their posts continually at Twitter, FriendFeed and cliKball. YOUR blog or site could be benefiting from the time we spend online and our connections!

Check out our Twinfluence numbers. Read about how a comment left here can result in your blog being featured like the one in our Pay it Forward post.

We want to feature YOUR blog and send you new visitors. We want your blog to make money too. We’d love to show you how to get quality incoming links.

One way for you to benefit from all of these strategies is by blogging just one post and entering a contest we’re supporting for @ExecGifts. Long time readers of GrowMap know that a friend of ours owns Executive Gift Shoppe, an online gift store that offers an affiliate program. Since almost any blog could offer gifts I’ll use their program in future posts containing tips on using images and how to pre-sell affiliate offerings.

Be sure to read about pre-selling in an upcoming post in our series on making money with your blog. It is the most important difference between those who make money with affiliate programs and those who do not.

If you’re already familiar with affiliate programs I can strongly recommend ExecutiveGiftShoppe as a business worth promoting. Visit the next link for all the reasons I recommend their  business, personal and groomsmen gifts.

Here is a win/win for bloggers. Join their affiliate program, write a creative post about their store or any of their products, and enter it in their Blogging Contest. Even if you aren’t a $50 gift certificate winner your blog will receive traffic from other entrants and be heavily promoted by us. Any blogger who enters will be linked from this blog too AND many will be featured in specific posts and recommended at Twitter and FriendFeed.

This is one of the chances to maximize your visibility and online exposure by participating when someone else wants to promote your links for you. Now is the perfect time to learn how to monetize your blog with affiliate products because we will personally assist you. Ask any questions you have in the comments of this post or contact us at Twitter.

There are NO dumb questions. Not sure how to insert an image? Need assistance finding an angle that fits your niche? Want to know more about pre-selling? Not sure how to use an affiliate link? No matter how inexperienced you are we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity for free personal assistance to take your skills to the next level and start earning money in your blog.

We’re also planning a Case Study on how effectively adding Local Listings increases links, traffic, and sales for businesses.  We’re seeking out businesses willing to be included.  Why not yours?

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Hi Shikha,

    Mark is not very likely to see your question so I’m answering. Just find a contest and carefully read the directions. If you have questions ask the people holding the contest. Every contest is different.

  2. smith mountain lake virginia says:

    A google search on blogging contests led me to this post. I’m thinking of hosting a contest on my blog to get more traffic, but maybe entering other blogs’ contests would be more beneficial for me. Also thinking about what InternetStrategist said about other’s contests more likely to pan out than my own!

    • You will probably benefit more from participating in an established big contest that has cash prizes and heavy promotion rather than trying to get a contest off the ground yourself.

      If you do want a contest to fly, having major prizes really helps – and cash is the best major prize because everyone can use it.

  3. @Mark Thank you for taking the time to comment. Based on my experience and that of other blogs I frequent participating in other’s contests is a lot more likely to pan out than launching your own!

    InternetStrategist’s last blog post..REVIEW: Mastering Google Analytics – Easy to Understand FREE eCourse

  4. I’ve participated in and held more blogging contests than I care to remember. Won a few hundred dollars in total, and given away a few hundred. The experience is always rewarding, and there is always something to be learned by the process if you just take the time and effort.

    mark’s last blog post..Medical billing services software

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