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Joint Venture

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Most bloggers wish they knew how to make money with their blogs but their incomes fall far short of what they hoped would happen.

We (some other bloggers and I) have a couple of blogs that are fully monetized with affiliate products.

None of us has had the time to manage them so they earn to their full potential. That’s where you come in.

We would like to take on a partner for each blog on a revenue sharing basis. We can’t pay you a salary or by the hour but we will split the income after expenses evenly with the partners.

Already on board are:

  1. Derek Semmler who designs blogs and is extremely talented at using product feeds to quickly add affiliate products to the blogs.
  2. Ron Cripps who makes a living as a Power Affiliate and is the most talented article marketing expert I’ve EVER seen.
  3. Myself – I (and you) can use Twitter accounts @NoBogies and @ExecGifts I’ve already been growing plus my power account @GrowMap to promote our content and increase sales.

We would love to find someone who will manage each blog. That would give us four partners so income would be 25% to each after blog overhead (domain registration, hosting, Datafeedr expense).

The two blogs that already have products are our golf blog NoBogies and our gift blog ExecGiftsBlog.

This is what they need:

  • Both blogs are full of draft posts just waiting to be edited, optimized and published.
  • Comments need to be managed because they are both dofollow with CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled.
  • Products in the store section would benefit from having the content made unique
  • Existing blog posts from poorly configured feeds need to be edited.

Ideally, we’d love to find a blogger who loves the niche and wants to become a major leader within it. I will personally mentor you and you can use what you learn on your own blogs. We will also promote what you’re doing too.


Many people love to write but they don’t want to learn all the technical skills required to create a blog that makes money. Instead of starting from scratch you can find a blog already installed, maintained, and monetized that is seeking content creators or an editor and start making money much sooner.

  • I don’t want to learn how to use product feeds and I don’t have to because Derek can add thousands of products to a blog in a few hours.
  • I don’t have to become an expert on article marketing because Ron already is and he has many tools he pays for each month that would be additional overhead for me.
  • It is faster and easier to learn when you have someone to mentor you and teach you what they know that you haven’t done yet.
  • Being able to link to your new blog from existing, established blogs can get you listed in the search engines quickly and move you up to the first page.
  • Collaborating with other bloggers is the fast path to success.

What do you think? Anyone interested in our JV or wishing to share their own please leave a comment. Thank you.


Ron just asked me to add this model trains blog he is seeking a partner on. Currently monetized with AdSense and Amazon products and if additional affiliate products can be found those could be added. If you’re into trains let me know and I’ll get you to Ron for more details.

Partner wanted for Wii Live Gaming Reviews blog. Currently monetized with AdSense and many Amazon products.

If anyone else has a blog they want added that they’re seeking partners on leave the URL and details in the comments and I’ll move them up into the post.

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