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Joint Venture

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Most bloggers wish they knew how to make money with their blogs but their incomes fall far short of what they hoped would happen.

We (some other bloggers and I) have a couple of blogs that are fully monetized with affiliate products.

None of us has had the time to manage them so they earn to their full potential. That’s where you come in.

We would like to take on a partner for each blog on a revenue sharing basis. We can’t pay you a salary or by the hour but we will split the income after expenses evenly with the partners.

Already on board are:

  1. Derek Semmler who designs blogs and is extremely talented at using product feeds to quickly add affiliate products to the blogs.
  2. Ron Cripps who makes a living as a Power Affiliate and is the most talented article marketing expert I’ve EVER seen.
  3. Myself – I (and you) can use Twitter accounts @NoBogies and @ExecGifts I’ve already been growing plus my power account @GrowMap to promote our content and increase sales.

We would love to find someone who will manage each blog. That would give us four partners so income would be 25% to each after blog overhead (domain registration, hosting, Datafeedr expense).

The two blogs that already have products are our golf blog NoBogies and our gift blog ExecGiftsBlog.

This is what they need:

  • Both blogs are full of draft posts just waiting to be edited, optimized and published.
  • Comments need to be managed because they are both dofollow with CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled.
  • Products in the store section would benefit from having the content made unique
  • Existing blog posts from poorly configured feeds need to be edited.

Ideally, we’d love to find a blogger who loves the niche and wants to become a major leader within it. I will personally mentor you and you can use what you learn on your own blogs. We will also promote what you’re doing too.


Many people love to write but they don’t want to learn all the technical skills required to create a blog that makes money. Instead of starting from scratch you can find a blog already installed, maintained, and monetized that is seeking content creators or an editor and start making money much sooner.

  • I don’t want to learn how to use product feeds and I don’t have to because Derek can add thousands of products to a blog in a few hours.
  • I don’t have to become an expert on article marketing because Ron already is and he has many tools he pays for each month that would be additional overhead for me.
  • It is faster and easier to learn when you have someone to mentor you and teach you what they know that you haven’t done yet.
  • Being able to link to your new blog from existing, established blogs can get you listed in the search engines quickly and move you up to the first page.
  • Collaborating with other bloggers is the fast path to success.

What do you think? Anyone interested in our JV or wishing to share their own please leave a comment. Thank you.


Ron just asked me to add this model trains blog he is seeking a partner on. Currently monetized with AdSense and Amazon products and if additional affiliate products can be found those could be added. If you’re into trains let me know and I’ll get you to Ron for more details.

Partner wanted for Wii Live Gaming Reviews blog. Currently monetized with AdSense and many Amazon products.

If anyone else has a blog they want added that they’re seeking partners on leave the URL and details in the comments and I’ll move them up into the post.

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Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist at GrowMap
Creator and owner of, Gail is primarily known for mentoring small businesses and encouraging bloggers to join collaborations to share skills and support small business.


  1. Joint venture are perfect for start-up bloggers who would want to increase traffic. So what are you waiting for, contact them now!
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  2. iPhone App Development says:

    As joint ventures looks very useful but condition is that if you want to lead it successfully then both the ends should be reliable.
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  3. Joint ventures are tempting at one end but very risky too sometimes, I had to pay losses when I had a joint venture and the company got bankrupt.

  4. Instead of starting from a scratch it sounds better to find a blog which is already installed, maintained, and monetized. That way we start earning soon. Though bloggers would definitely want to own their own blogs but joint ventures can be beneficial which can increase their income and lighten workload by not taking up technical headaches.

  5. By associating with the right groups of bloggers at the right time, you can easily build a successful blog. If you can get the support and endorsement of two to three other bloggers in your niche, you can easily use that as social proof to get more bloggers to endorse you. Also working together can be a great way to boost your success rate without having to stress yourself also there is great power in working together!

  6. Great ideas, eagerly waiting for this, thanks for sharing….

  7. Blog joint ventures sounds really exciting.
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  8. This is a good idea to share your ventures with a newbie. Do i need any specific qualification of skill to join you ? At the moment i almost have technical skill but overall my computer knowledge is very good.

  9. Vidyadhar Kamat says:

    I want to work with you. I am from India. Lets talk.

  10. So I have a question, so the two sites that you’re currently looking for is the golf and the gifts then, correct? If so, the golf one I’d be interested in taking a look at if still available. I just picked the sport back up after 7 or so years of not playing and I’m pretty much starting over from scratch and at the “I suck” stage so may be a good fit. The overall deal looks good as well. Let me know or shoot me an email and we can discuss. I appreciate it.


  11. Joint venture for bloggers are also what i want, your post is stunning and beautiful. will surely share this offer on FB with your web name.

  12. This is such a great offer. I can see how it could work for everyone involved.
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  13. Can a newbie join? I wanted to learn all these stuff and needed the proper training to do about blogging and affiliate marketing. If anyone needs a blog partner on Web design / WordPress niche feel free to contact me.
    sanjay would love you to read ..How to Create a Contact Author Form without a PluginMy Profile

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Anyone can be involved in a JV because there are always simply but repetitive and sometimes boring tasks that need doing that are easily learned. Newbies would be a great asset – and what they learn in an advanced blog with more traffic and comments they can apply to their own.
      growmap would love you to read ..Blogging Collaborations and Best PracticesMy Profile

  14. Christina says:

    I really hope someday I can offer my skills on a deal like this one–wish they were developed enough to do so now!
    I find it so exciting to read posts like this–I’m really beginning to realize that actually, the internet marketing/blogging online community is a relatively small one–I’ve been subscribing to a number of IM blogs recently and have noticed many of the same names being repeated over and over again–gives me a nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside that someday I can be a bigger part of this community and, perhaps, do a JV project like this one.

  15. Cowboy Millionaire says:

    What a great idea and a great way to get unique content into a monotized blog. This is a good way to get like minds together and work toward a commone goal and making a living online.

  16. i think that this is such a great idea especially for a beginner like me.. i admit i don’t know where to start with my blog.. but i am very much willing to learn more about it specially from you
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  17. For newbies the invitation really looks tempting. I might as well want to be part of it. There just a lots of things that needs to be consider. Two head are better than one as what the saying goes.
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  18. This is a MUST read post especially to the newbies in blogging world. I observe that in making money online is difficult, maybe I could check it out and try these ways to get started. Thanks a lot!
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  19. Derek Jones says:

    I hope you will have much luck with it guys. i tried something similar on one of my blogs and got stung quickly. Well, not really stung but the person that was meant to be helping me left to pursue other things. I guess it was partially my fault not communicating clearly that working on the blog will involve a lot of time and effort.
    Again, I hope it works well for you guys.

  20. hello,
    this post is really helpful especially the part that mentions how other bloggers who are very willing to write content but never want to learn the technical sides of creating a blog. this is the reason why many great writers still not able to create an exceptional blog. joint venture is a great idea for bloggers.

    [Sorry: gambling related links not permitted. If you have a family-safe site to link that would be fine.]

  21. Just found your blog.Many people love to write but don’t know how to control blog.
    Blogging with partner is good idea so that we can share the task and earning both.
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  22. Cristian Balau says:

    I personally never functioned well with partners. We start up fine but eventually grow apart and the partnership takes to an end. Maybe its just me, like I’m a bad person to work with or maybe I didn’t found the right partner.

    Anyways I really like the idea of what you guys are doing here. If someone needs a partner on the Aquarium niche, I have a lot of related knowledge and I’m available. lol.

    • Hi Cristian,

      No, it isn’t just you. It is that building and especially maintaining relationships IS the most challenging task we will ever have to focus on but also one of the most important.

      After I published this I got really busy so it went to the back burner. Hopefully I can get caught up soon.
      growmap would love you to read ..Why Your Geographic Location IS a NicheMy Profile

  23. Interesting idea! Sounds like a great offer for newbie like me. I need a little time to think about this.
    Sammy would love you to read ..Buying New Car on SaleMy Profile

  24. Gabriella says:

    Its a great opportunity for bloggers like us who write well give work but still its difficult to earn much for our livelihood but this joint venture seems an interest and opportunity for us.
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  25. This is a great idea!Blogging has been my part time project for quite some time now, and I’ve discovered the hard way just how much time it takes to come up with ideas, create content and promote it! I wish I had known about an opportunity like this before I decided to start my own blog! Now I am thinking maybe I should try something like this to keep my own blog going :)
    Sam Baker would love you to read ..Is Blogging (for Money) the Right Option for You?My Profile

    • Hi Sam,

      I recommend you do something exactly like this and I just pulled together all my posts on how to do it in one place. While I know it will sound strange, the first and most important thing for you to do is to focus on one specific metro area and you are in an EXCELLENT location for that: Austin.

      Read the information in the post I’ll put in CommentLuv in this reply to find out WHY that is your fast path to monetization.
      growmap would love you to read ..Blogging Collaborations and Best PracticesMy Profile

  26. This sound very intresting and can be a very profitable solution for my blogs as well as a good way to grow my exposore.
    Shamar would love you to read ..4 good tips to get more traffic to your articlesMy Profile

  27. This is a very enticing offer. I wish there would be 30 hours a day. I really love to get on this but this isn’t the perfect time for me. I’ll inform some bloggers I know about this.

  28. Umair Abid says:

    Honestly talking I am pretty serious but I have worked in several niches now I want to stay in my own niche, internet marketing. Don’t want to sell products but want to offer my services. Which I can also offer to you but don’t wanna work as a partner
    Umair Abid would love you to read ..How To Make Right Use of Yahoo AnswersMy Profile

  29. I think this would be a great idea and a great way to make money…

  30. Actually what happens is, when you start blogging, initially you expect it to become the most successful blog ever. but after two months time, you start to lose interest, and in that phase it really becomes difficult to continue as you feel your efforts are getting wasted. if you are able to overcome & able to continue, you are sure to make money!
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  31. This offer is not bad at all. Does the offer still stand? I just have one question though, I understand that I won’t be paid an hourly wage or a fixed payment but the payment will be based on the total earning and will be shared, is it going to be an even share or does some of you gets a higher percentage? Sorry if I ask too much it’s just that I’m interested. Thanks!

    • Hi eqa,

      So far we have serious interest from one blogger regarding the gift blog so anyone reading this should still volunteer if you want to know more. As I mention in this post, we are offering split the income after expenses evenly because we will all be involved in driving traffic from social media, increasing search engine traffic, and making continual improvements to the blogs to increase income.
      growmap would love you to read ..Social Media Sharing – How to Make It Fast and EasyMy Profile

  32. I would love to jump on this opportunity, not for the money part of it, but for a chance to be mentored by you Gail. Unfortunately, I do not have much free time between my 2 offline jobs and the blog and online freelancing biz.

    I know, whoever take this challenge will benefit much more from being mentored by you than anything else.

    I will keep an eye on this one!
    Satrap would love you to read ..Get Paid to Complete Free OffersMy Profile

    • Hello Satrap,

      That is the challenge so many of us have: simply not enough time. I do mentoring via Skype or Yahoo IM on an informal basis too, so if you ever have questions just find me there. I’m the only GrowMap on Skype and my Yahoo IM is on my contact page.
      growmap would love you to read ..Social Media: Why You MUST SpecializeMy Profile

  33. Bruce Serven says:

    Ok Gail, I’ll bite. I’m always interested in these types of growth opportunities.
    You now have my contact info above.

    • Hi Bruce,

      Check out those two blogs so you can see what we’re up against – especially ExecGiftsBlog with the bad product feed. One of the first things I’ll discuss with Derek is whether we should replace that feed with one that works so we don’t have to keep editing product pages and blog posts one at a time forever.

      I know that particular store owner and the store is good and I was hoping he would have the product feed issues fixed by now but some of the latest posts are even worse.

      Then if you’re still interested let me know which one and I’ll give you access to look around inside. Do you use Skype or Yahoo IM? Those are both my choice for collaborating quickly.
      growmap would love you to read ..Social Media Sharing – How to Make It Fast and EasyMy Profile

  34. Hi

    I’ve come here through Gail Gardner. I have been running Corporate Angels for a couple of years now on a part time basis. I am now going full time. My website is being redesigned as we speak and I’d certainly be interested in this joint venture.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks for your comment. Read my reply to Bruce (above). One of the challenges of managing a blog is that it really helps to be into the topic. The golf blog I figure someone who loves golf could really get into but the gifts blog is a larger challenge but has a higher income potential – especially if we get serious about collaborating between blogs.

      The largest challenge in the gift blog is the existing feed descriptions and posts that are incorrectly formatted. Over time editing those could be worthwhile, but the work apparently gets boring pretty quickly or it just wasn’t a very good fit for the bloggers who have thought about doing it before.

      Look the blogs over and if you’re still interested let me know and I’ll give you access to look around in the backside. We have probably hundreds of posts just sitting waiting to be edited and published so whoever decides to get on board won’t have to write but they can if they wish.

      I’ll teach them how to add a call to action and optimize the posts somewhat. What we’re really looking for is someone who wants to “own” the management and run with it and use us to support what they’re doing.

      I KNOW these blogs would make a lot of money because they’re making sales even in the shape they’re in now. We could even bring on more than one blogger if the people involved wanted to split up the work. If we did we could split profits five ways instead of four.

      I tried to check out your blog but I’m getting Database errors. Is it down to be remodeled? It always surprises me if a Web designer decides to take down an existing site instead of using a development site and then porting the new, working design onto the domain.

      It just doesn’t make sense to take down an existing site. I wrote a post about that issue: What NOT To Do With Your Existing Web Site When You Upgrade or Remodel.
      growmap would love you to read ..Social Media: Why You MUST SpecializeMy Profile

  35. Sounds like a good way to make some money while blogging. JV seems like a viable option because many of us are way too overwhelmed by trying to do everything ourselves.
    Justin would love you to read ..The Importance Of Breathing ExercisesMy Profile

    • Hi Justin,

      I actually have come to the conclusion that it would make a lot more sense to do group blogs provided you can put together the right group. The reason those two sites could make substantial income is they offer many related products AND content.

      The content attracts regular readers interested in the topic and the products are for revenue generation. With Derek to add products and work with the feeds, Ron to build links and provide advice on maximizing affiliate income, and my background in AdWords for ecommerce stores and social media marketing we have all the skills we need to get these sites making money when we find the right blogger to drive the content and manage the comments.

      The only other talent we need – and this is the most difficult to find – is someone who is really good at landing page optimization. If we added that skill to what we already have that would maximize income AND then we could expand to additional joint ventures in other large niches that have strong product demand.
      growmap would love you to read ..Happy Birthday GrowMap 3 Years Old TodayMy Profile

  36. I shared this with a group of experienced and well-written bloggers. I know that whoever works with you will be successful!
    ConnieFoggles would love you to read ..Supplies To Stay Organized In SchoolMy Profile

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