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BREAKING NEWS: We have just confirmed with BloggerLuv founder John Sullivan that BloggerLuv is For Sale due to personal reasons. He is asking $3000 cash.

UPDATE: BloggerLuv has closed down, probably for good.

BloggerLuv counts many exceptional people among their supporters and we are interested in managing and promoting the site should a financial partner come forward. ~ Contact GrowMap using the contact tab above for details. ~

Bloggers have a unique opportunity to create a better world for all. By collaborating with each other we can be a positive influence for good. There are several collaborations I recommend and invite you to join us.

Join BloggerLuv and add your blog to the BloggerLuv Community Blog Listing.

More of you will be familiar with CommentLuv, a WordPress plugin that encourages comments and allows us to get to know each other faster. Read about How CommentLuv Works.

It can be a challenge to find posts on the ComLuv site so you may want to bookmark this collection of CommentLuv posts and videos.

Wow there are a lot more CommentLuv Videos on YouTube now! This one by Just Ask Kim about walking your blog in a ComLuv Circle of Luv is very popular:

Besides CommentLuv, one of the other two best ways to meet bloggers who are interested in collaborating with you and sharing your best content is through our private Secret Blog Club (SBC) blogging collaboration.

UPDATE: The Secret Blog Club forum was lost after the domain it was installed on was hacked. Unfortunately, the owner was never able to recover it and it is gone for good. We have started over collecting information for a new database.

Add Your Blog to Bloggers Promote Your Blog Here.

We have a very impressive number of experienced bloggers including Social Media Expert Kristi Hines of Kikolani, Blogging Advice Expert Andrew Rondeau of WeBuildYourBlog, eBusiness Coach Donna Fontenot aka DazzlinDonna and Power Affiliate Ron Cripps of AffiliateXFiles.

All of our members are very generous with their time and knowledge willing to assist other bloggers at absolutely no cost to you. Although most of our members have been blogging for some time, beginners who are sincere about learning are always welcome.

If you are serious about blogging well, wish to benefit from the experience of others, and want to be the first to hear about many opportunities to make money online, please contact me for an invitation.


Bloggers interested in earning commissions promoting premiere Social Media Events click this banner.

We are currently seeking Bloggers interested in earning 10% commissions for offering their readers 10% discounts to premiere Social Media Events. Interested? Click this banner.

I also hope you will join us in BloggerLuv which is a fun Blogging Community where we can interact with each other informally, share tips, see what is happening – or as Stephanie who shares gardening tips and beautiful photographs describes it:

“BloggerLuv is a lounge for active bloggers to connect and trade ideas and where to get what resource.”

BloggerLuv was started by John Sullivan who recently wrote a post about Dealing with Better Spam Comments. I wrote a long comment for that post and want to share it again here. It explains why I believe we need to think carefully about our definition of spam:

I’m sure many reading this probably already know that I am one of the champions for supporting small businesses and welcoming them into our blogs. Since John opened the door I want to explain briefly why I feel the way I do.

Spam originally only referred to automated comments left by bots – not comments written by humans. That said, I consider any comment whether written by a human or not that is NOT about the post it is left in to be spam.

Akismet is a major problem because many people we know who never spam have been flagged as spammers and many bloggers have a box checked that instantly deletes whatever they write in OUR blogs – and everyone else’s. There are posts about that in my blog in the Akismet category.

The only comments and links I recommend we not approve are those that are inappropriate or link to bad neighborhoods (adult content or gambling related). You can also choose to delete links to sales pages, Made for AdSense (MFA) sites or poor quality sites if you wish.

The questions to ask yourself is who does it hurt? Who does it help? Why do I care? I’m sure you’ll make the decision that is best for you.


Have a post about BloggerLuv? Leave a link to it in the comments and I’ll move it up. If you have more than one leave a link to each one.

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