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BlogDash Logo Register and claim your blog on BlogDash if you are interested in having businesses doing Blog Outreach contact you to:

  • Offer you products to review
  • Invite you to join their affiliate programs
  • Ask you to cover their events
  • Write about businesses related to your niche on your blog
  • Write guest posts for businesses blogs

I just added two new videos on how BlogDash works. The first in an interview with David Spinks, co-founder of BlogDash. It was recorded Friday, October 15, 2010, at BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This interview includes a brief tour of the BlogDash service that simplifies the process of identifying and pitching bloggers while giving bloggers more control over how (and if) they want to be pitched and how they are presented to PR and marketing agencies.

This second video is another interview of David Spinks with Arik Hanson:

The BlogDash site is just out of alpha testing so it still has some programming and usability issues, but it doesn’t hurt to list our blogs early. Watch for:

  1. Fields that have unknown limits that truncate what you enter.
  2. An extra field in the process for claiming your blog. If you ignore it their site will put 1s in the empty field. Most likely that is a programming error that will be resolved.
  3. When you connect your Twitter account instead of confirmation in the pop-up window you may see the home page. Just close the window and hope it actually worked.
  4. Connecting to Facebook does not yet work. I received; “an error occurred with site_test. Please try again later”.

Blog outreach – also referred to as blogger outreach – will be huge in 2011 and beyond. Bloggers interested in working with businesses should volunteer by listing on sites like BlogDash and increase their activities and influence on Social Networks and by collaborating with other bloggers in their niches.

Any blogger interested in increasing their skills and being introduced to other bloggers is invited to connect with me. Just leave a comment in this blog or use the information in my contact tab in the header to reach me.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with BlogDash in any way and they did not request that I write this post. I regularly write about the solutions I believe are most useful for small businesses and bloggers. Many offerings come and go but few endure. Bloggers like me do our best to share what works and what provides sufficient value that it is likely to be around indefinitely.

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