Big Pharma Pays Doctors and Hospitals to Prescribe Drugs – Does YOUR Doctor Take Kickbacks?

Big Pharma organized crimes

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Doctors are heavily influenced by Big Pharma salespeople and the kickbacks they receive for writing prescriptions for the latest – least tested – most dangerous – and most expensive pharmaceuticals.

THAT is a conflict of interest that could kill you.

Did YOU Know?  Doctors and Hospitals Get PAID Commissions for Writing Prescriptions?

  1. NBC News Report: How Much Is Big Pharma Paying Your Doctor?
  2. Big pharma has paid US doctors $150m already in 2011
  3. Doctors paid $300 million by Big Pharma — check this Dollars for Docs database to see if your doctor is on the take.

Last year my closest neighbor who is only about fifty passed out and was careflighted by helicopter to a major hospital where she lay in a coma for about two weeks. When she got back home she told me they did all kinds of tests.

She said none of the Doctors had ANY IDEA what caused her to black out or why she was in a coma or why she recovered even though coma is a known side effect of diabetes medications and the very reason that they insist people should be tested for diabetes in the first place.

I asked her, what changed just before this happened? Did you change any medications? Why, yes, she replied, my Doctor changed my diabetes medicine and I started taking it THE DAY BEFORE, but I don’t know why. My blood sugar was under control on my old medicine and the brand new medicine that COSTS FOUR TIMES AS MUCH.

After that happened the Doctor put her back on the original medicine. All the people who believe what they’re told will dismiss that as “anecdotal evidence”. If they want to bet their lives on dismissing such an obvious connection, that is their prerogative.

Prescription drugs kill and there is a nice little system to maximize profits:

  1. Push the newest drugs out as quickly as possible.
  2. Pay Doctors to switch their patients from drugs whose patents are expiring and will face generic competition to the “new, improved” drug that doesn’t.
  3. Settle the lawsuits that invariable will result from the damage the drug causes, but admit no guilt and make signing an agreement not to speak out publicly a requirement.
  4. Make as much money as possible for as long as you can keep coverage of the deaths and side effects from affecting sales.
  5. Eventually the mounting evidence of the dangers of your latest super drug make it necessary to pull it off the market, but by then have the next “super drug” out the door.

NOTHING in medicine is tested long enough for us to know it is safe. All they can test for is acute reactions over a very short period of time.

NO ONE KNOWS what the cumulative effects are over time or how multiple prescriptions interact with each person’s body burden of environmental toxic exposure.

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