As an Entrepreneur, You’re the Boss

Be the Boss by buying into a franchise

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Have you ever thought about being your own boss? By becoming an entrepreneur and opening a franchise for an established business your dream can be closer than you think!

Do What You Enjoy

Doing something you love is one factor to make it as a successful entrepreneur. Plenty of time and effort has to be invested in any venture for it to become a success; therefore, if you don’t like what you’re doing you might slack off and not allocate the time and energy necessary to make it grow and prosper.

Don’t listen to friends or relatives who may not take you seriously. Confidence in your abilities will get you through the tough times – so focus on the positives and stay away from the negatives.

Develop a Plan

Do your research and develop a plan. Sitting down and writing out the steps involved to make your dream a realization is a method that turns the idea into an active, concrete venture.

Your goals will be in black and white to keep you focused on what has to be done to get your business going. You will know the resources necessary and how to obtain and maintain them.

Cash flow is one resource that requires careful planning for start-up costs and enough to get you established while you create a loyal customer base.

Becoming a wise money manager is a huge factor in the success of any business. In your business plan make sure to include overhead costs that factor in inventory, wages (including for yourself!), equipment costs, marketing and other essentials.

A contingency fund is a protection against unforeseen circumstances and repairs or upgrades that pop up. Keeping this fund isolated from other cash supplies is an added safeguard for your success.

Consider a Franchise

As a franchisee you can take advantage of an established business model and trademark product or service. In a franchise you agree to pay a royalty to the franchisor for use of the trademark and a training or management fee. You will have a direct financial stake in the business.

Consumers will recognize the service or product which may aid in lowering marketing or promotional costs. Customers do; however, have to know you are open for business and where you are located, so some marketing costs do have to be included.

Many U.S. businesses offer opportunities for franchising including Miracle Ear. By checking out the Miracle-Ear Entrepreneur page you will see additional details how a franchise can benefit beginning entrepreneurs.

Customers Come First

Getting to personally know your customers is an edge small business owners have over big companies. Entrepreneurs usually have direct contact with their customers which will allow them opportunities to build personal relationships.

Repeat business is a large percentage of a business’s customer base and it’s positive relationships that contribute largely to building that base.

You get first-hand information on what your customers are looking for and want. Strategize your business procedures to focus on the customer.

Set your hours, options for payment, warranty guidelines and other policies to promote the focus provided by your clientele.

Constructing a plan that addresses every factor you know or can possibly foresee is a springboard to turn your envisaged venture into a real entrepreneurship.

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