Automattic JetPack Stats Plugin Hijacks Comments on Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs without Permission

UnacceptableOne of the benefits of knowing really sharp bloggers is they notice and warn other bloggers right away of changes that are detrimental to their blogs.

When business coach and online project management consultant Vernessa Taylor noticed that the subscribe to comments function Ileane usually used was replaced by an email from, they discussed the issue and realized the latest update of JetPack Stats – a WordPress provided stats plugin – was the culprit.

Vernessa feels the same way I do about what WordPress, Themes and plugins should and should NOT do and high on my list is the belief that they should NOT change how my blogs work without notifying me FIRST and giving me the option to refuse.

Jetpack 1.2.1 new Features Activated without permission after update

Click the image to see more screen captures related to this change

Automattic made JetPack 1.2.1 override the existing Subscribe to Comments plugin most serious bloggers we know use and hijacked control over where they subscribe. Vernessa’s solution was to delete JetPack altogether.

Every serious Internet marketer knows the money is in your list –
So taking away control of your list is a VERY SERIOUS matter!

Content Strategist Doc Sheldon reads Vernessa’s blog, so he published a heads-up post of his own about the Automattic Jetpack Plugin called “You Crossed the Line! You’re FIRED!” where he suggests switching to JetPack Lite as an alternative remedy.

This is NOT the first time Automattic has decided to make changes
to WordPress stats without giving bloggers any heads up in advance.

Not acceptable, Automattic. Bloggers need to be thinking about what we will do if even more egregious issues arise. If anyone has the skills (or knows someone who does) to go back to the last WordPress version before Automattic took control of it and bring an independent version since that fork up to speed do let us know?

Has anyone switched to the Google Analytics Alternative Piwik ? I would really love to get off all things “Borg” and use independent, more trustworthy alternatives.

Piwik – if you’re listening – I’ve been asking about you for a long time now. I’ve been hoping you’d see I am serious about promoting your solution to our blogging collaborations.

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