Augmented Reality Product Launch: Project Glass ~ Examining Social Media Strategy Google Used #smm

In this week’s Future of Engagement episode, Murray Newlands looks at Google’s social media marketing campaign strategy for their Project Glass Augmented Reality Project:

By understanding Google’s social media marketing campaign and how news about Project Glass spread across social media, you can apply their strategies to your own social media marketing efforts.

Google created appealing content about their R&D augmented reality project which has spawned many parodies such as ones where Google serves ads depending on what people see.

What Google Did:

They started promoting early by naming the product, involving celebrity influencers, and feeding conversation with images:

  • Google exec photographed with influencer Robert Scoble spread virally
  • Seeded YouTube with videos – one has 10 million+ views already
  • 10,000 posts a day about the launch
  • Provided lots of photos to be shared

SMM Tips

  • Design content to go viral from the beginning…
  • It should be content that people will share with their friends…
  • Photos and videos work well on Facebook…

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring tool: