Augmented Reality Product Launch: Project Glass ~ Examining Social Media Strategy Google Used #smm

In this week’s Future of Engagement episode, Murray Newlands looks at Google’s social media marketing campaign strategy for their Project Glass Augmented Reality Project:

By understanding Google’s social media marketing campaign and how news about Project Glass spread across social media, you can apply their strategies to your own social media marketing efforts.

Google created appealing content about their R&D augmented reality project which has spawned many parodies such as ones where Google serves ads depending on what people see.

What Google Did:

They started promoting early by naming the product, involving celebrity influencers, and feeding conversation with images:

  • Google exec photographed with influencer Robert Scoble spread virally
  • Seeded YouTube with videos – one has 10 million+ views already
  • 10,000 posts a day about the launch
  • Provided lots of photos to be shared

SMM Tips

  • Design content to go viral from the beginning…
  • It should be content that people will share with their friends…
  • Photos and videos work well on Facebook…

Graph by Alerti social media monitoring tool:


  1. This is great information. I will be taking advantage of this as the information they collected is hard to find just by doing a search.

  2. understanding Google’s social media marketing campaign and how news about Project Glass spread across social media, you can apply their strategies to your own social media marketing efforts.
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    Great article about the importance of engaging with your customers on social media websites.

  5. I think that 41.62% on Twitter is more than noteworthy. I remember hating Twitter at the beginning, but have been more and more drawn to it as I’ve realized just how valuable a tool it is. So simple and effective at spreading the word! Thanks for the post and that diagram.

  6. It has been very interesting to see how Google glasses have had such a huge presence on the internet (guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, its Google), but even more interesting to me is when people get the glasses they carry the advertising forward through social media.

  7. I am so excited to get to learn more and more about Google Glass. This is one of the projects that is definitely useful and helpful for those people that are struggling with their marketing efforts. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Google is a master at marketing things people don’t need. Remember Google Wave? Of course you don’t, but at the time people were going nuts for invitations to use it first. People were actually paying money to buy invitations for something totally useless. The same thing happened with Google Plus.

  9. I guess if you’re going to learn about anything related to Internet marketing.
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  10. Yes Google really played a trick here, and for sure it worked for promoting their product to a really great extent. Nice write Up though.
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  11. The thing with creating a content to go viral is that it’s incredibly hard. Google got the advantage of notoriety and even if they post a video about a dog running in the park, it will go viral regardless.

    About these new glasses, yes, they look cool and sounds cool to have them but i dare you to look at the video again and try to picture the guy walking on the street, talking to himself, pausing in front of a poster on a door, looking up and down in various and awkward situations or even yelling to his girlfriend :)

    Getting back to the topic, having a content that is above others and so captivating that it would go viral, is like buying an apple and brag to friends about how unique that apple is :)

  12. I think this is a marvelous innovation. If it is for sale, I’ll be standing in line to purchase one. Just hope that it’ll not be so soon, I still haven’t have enough of my iPhone 4S yet 😛
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  14. Thanks for the video and article. Social media marketing is the good way to get more visitors to our sites.

  15. 10 000 000 views already?! Wow… That’s something…
    Thanks for the video and the article.

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  17. Photos and Videos always have good chances to go viral, you need to create something interesting or humorous so that everyone can enjoy it.

  18. Andrea Hypno

    Now what would be very funny is if they just don’t work, as it happens pretty often with G products. Also, do we really need them? We still have a real world out there right? :)

    Nevertheless as you correctly say it’s an interesting case study.

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    There are many ways to learn that kind of things which can prove important for SMM and you can make your unique identification in front of many.

  20. I guess if you’re going to learn about anything related to online marketing, Google isn’t a bad place to start.

  21. Your advice on SMM tips is sound, I think videos and photos are the way to go when generating interest quickly and this goes for nearly every aspect of the internet now.
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  22. I believe those glasses will create more problems in the world, such as car accidents.
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  23. Involving celebrity emotions was a good move. Brands and celebs are great, long lasting mentions/links that can go a long way.
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  24. Very good stuff!

    I have a couple new eBook products coming out and in an effort to not make the same mistake twice from my first eBook efforts this time I’m going to ramp up buzz and early orders prior to release.

    That slingshot effect on launch I feel is very important!!


    Ryan H.
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  25. Its looks like siri for your eyes.
    Lets hope it may arrive by next year
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  26. Robert Koenig says:

    I love seeing companies gaining a proper understanding of social media avenues, and are devoting real time to market through them. And really, a product as science fiction and futuristic as this MUST be advertised through cutting edge and modern techniques. It is too poetic to miss. Beyond that, what was once just in your face ads on our social media sites has become clear tactics involving genuine interaction and communication. Companies are figuring out internet marketing.

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