Are You a Motivational Speaker?

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This is a guest post by 17 yo blogger Jeevan Jacob John, primary blogger for the Tech Pupil technology blog. You can follow Jeevan on Twitter @TechPupil.

QUESTION: Do you think a blogger
is a motivational speaker (or a
motivational speaker is a blogger) ?

Whatever your answer might be, keep it. Take a piece of paper and write it down. After you have done that, write down all the reasons for your answer (don’t change your answer!) that you can think of in 10 seconds.

Done that? OK, good. Keep it there for now. (Do not touch it! I don’t want you to add more reasons, at least for now. You can do that later). In this blog post, we are going to talk about “goal setting” and “what our ultimate goal should be, as bloggers”.

Are you a motivational speaker?

If you are a blogger or a business speaker, then you must be a motivational speaker (just leave out that speaker part for a sec). For a blogger to be successful, he/she must be motivational. Only a motivational person can be a great blogger. And only a motivated person can be motivational to others. My whole point of writing this post is to highlight the importance of motivation and give you some tips to make your post actionable. Hang on with me, as we dive deep into the ocean of human psychology. Let’s go!

Why should a blogger be motivational?

As a Blogger who blogs about blogging, what is your primary goal? To teach others about blogging (how to blog, right?). Keeping that in mind, let’s move into our next question: what is your ultimate goal with blogging? For most people, the answer to this question is also the primary reason why they blog. Most people would tell you that money is the primary reason why they blog. To my money bloggers, how exactly do you make money? Advertising? Sponsored posts? Affiliate marketing? Well, all of these methods require one thing: your reader’s satisfaction. Focusing on readers will help you to achieve more.

You see, when you focus on making money, you will be disturbed easily (when someone keeps on thinking about making money, they will be so disturbed that they can be easily stressed by minor mistakes – money makes people crazy). Focusing on your readers/customers will help you to provide them with better service, thus helping you to become a better blogger/businessman. Now, let’s get back to our post: What makes a reader/customer happy? When they are provided with the services/goods that they have demanded, right? For a blogger, the best way to make his readers happy is to give them quality tips. Now, quality is not the only important matter, here. You also need the content to be actionable and motivational. These two things allow the reader to make a decision that can change their life.

Do you know why the professionals are able to make a lot of money with the business of blogging?

Because they provide quality content that is actionable and motivational. If you look through the history of mankind, you will notice that most famous leaders are motivational. Take, for example the case of Hitler: even though, most Germans were against his cruel methods against the Jews, most of the country had supported him (he was able to convince quite a lot of people). Why? Because Hitler was a motivational speaker.

Note: all of the world leaders are motivational. Think about it. If they can convince you to help them win the election, then they are surely motivational (I don’t want to talk about the case of electoral college or non-democratic countries here). Anyways, let’s get back. :-

Only a motivational speaker can convince someone. If you can convince at least one person (besides yourself) to follow your advise, then you are motivational. Everyone in this world is motivational. But, not all of us use this talent effectively. You need to be different. You need to change your decisions.

Now that you are here, reading this section, I hope that you understand the importance of motivation. In the next minutes, I am going to tell you how you make your content actionable (which also means “motivational”). :-

Time is precious! Don’t waste your readers’ time.

A successful business owner is someone who is able to save time for his/her customers. What is the primary motivation behind each invention? To save time, right? (Believe me, in one way or another, each popular invention relates back to “saving time”). For instance, think about the light bulb. Why did Thomas Edison invent light bulbs? So that people could work at night (or children can learn using it). 😀 Likewise, all [popular] man-made inventions became popular because it saves time for the users. Note: When you think about it, it will make sense.

Test it before you recommend it to someone!

As a blogger, you must make sure that the tips you give out actually work (or at least worked for you). Don’t give tips that you haven’t tried (if the outcome turns out to be bad, its going to affect your reputation). Always remember that your blog is public and that means it can be viewed by billions of people who are online (yes, the chance of that happening is low, unless you are a really good blogger – which I suppose you are).

Are you not crazy enough to describe the benefits?

Before you begin each of your posts, tell your readers the benefits of reading your post. (I am not talking about the features – how long your post is or so. Rather, I am talking about the benefits of your post – how it can be useful to the reader). For instance, if you scroll up, you will notice that I had a single sentence that describes the benefits of reading this post :-

My whole point in writing this post is to
highlight the importance of motivation and
give you some tips to make your post actionable.

Your readers need to know why they should spend time reading your post so you need to [clearly] tell them why they should read your post.

The best posts are the ones that talk to the readers.

The headline of this section would have been a lot better if I had used some “swear language”. Anyways, you ought to talk to your readers (I mean write like you talk). It will help you to gain trust among your readers (fast and effective process).

Treat those visitors properly.

Your readers are just like freshly made thin glass. You can easily break it. (I mean, you can easily send your readers away.) You want your readers to feel that they care about you (Actually, you should care about your readers!)

Help your readers out.

Your main focus while writing each post should be to answer this question: How can this post help my readers? Asking this question of yourself will help you to write better posts that are actionable.

Form positive relationships, get feedback. Be a customer oriented brand.

Whether it is a business or a blog, it can only be successful with feedback. You need to ask your readers about your post/product. Ask them about their expectations. Improve your product/post based on the feedback received.

Note: By the way, you need to be extremely careful about improving your product. Don’t just change or improve it based on one reader’s feedback. Ask many of your readers. Base your decisions on them. Focus on the group (for now). You will need to focus on each individual while writing your post (address your post as if you are talking to the person).

Feedback can also help you to become a customer oriented brand. Customer oriented brands care about their customers and exceed the expectations of their users. It is really hard to be 100% customer oriented. But, you should try your best to involve your readers within your business.


So, what do you think? Are you motivated now? I am glad that you didn’t choose to close the tab early, like those who did. By the way, tell me how you feel about my post. I need your feedback to improve my style and write better, the next time I write. I hope that these tips really help you to become a better blogger / business person. Thank you for reading my post. Have a wonderful day!

Be Motivated, Stay Motivated, Motivate Others And You Will Become A Favorite of Your Customers.


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  1. Great post! Motivational speaker brings positive energy and energize your audience. Thank you for sharing .

  2. being positive as a bloggers is an important thing..and that I think what a motivational speaker is.

  3. does pep talk count?i do encourage friends and fellow bloggers at time. I try to help as much as i can

  4. Motivation helps people to deal with obstacles that occur in their work and home life. Keynote speaker help employees to gain confidence. A people need motivation to reach a goal or to accomplish daily task.
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  5. Many bloggers aim to influence or motivate their readers to act on something and make things better. This post has elucidated why and how to be a motivating blogger.
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  6. I like to listen the speakers as they really motivate us in their own way.

  7. Great post! Very motivational.

    “Note: all of the world leaders are motivational.”
    Really? Just 3 words to change your mind: George W. Bush
    Danny would love you to read ..Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain SawMy Profile

  8. I am not a good speaker. But, I have learned a lot from your blog. Nice post. thanks for sharing.

  9. I’d say that a blogger could be almost anything — it’s a medium like anything else. It’s a pretty spectacular frontier.

  10. Andrew A. Sailer says:

    I personally now have been recently trying to be able to utilize that motivational sports quotes designed for years now with very little good results. Can’t hold out to strive out there your current guidelines. I’ll make an effort to just remember to are available back and also let you know how they work out for me. Also I would like to ask my friend to arrive and also look this awesome article.

  11. Its really nice to be a part of this and i have learned allot from it and thanks allot jeevan.

  12. Its really very nice to be a part of this and i have learned allot from it thanku so much jeevan.

  13. I totally agree with your point. A blogger needs to be a motivational speaker so he can attract more audience. I know lots of people who engaged themselves into online money making activities so it can really be helpful if they were able to find someone who can guide them for their success.
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  14. Not bad for a seventeen year old, Jeevan! Although I’m no more motivated as I was before I read your blog, there is validity to this post. You definitely sound motivated, and your post stresses the important role of reaching out to your readers and make them take action. Being a motivational speaker goes beyond having a deep vocabulary, commanding voice and charismatic tone. Michael Douglas was pretty convincing in playing the role of a president in a movie, but we all knew that he was just an actor and has no political or public service background. Experience, track record, reputation and character make a good speaker motivational to his audience. An excellent communicator will have difficulty motivating his listener without credibility. I’m pretty sure with a few years of maturity, you will have me jumping out my seat, Jeevan.
    Roro would love you to read to kiss a girlMy Profile

  15. I never considered myself to be a motivational speaker, but people tell me i sort of am. This happened more than one time, and i’m slowly starting to believe it :))
    Though i’m not sure i have the same impact with my blogs.
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  16. cheap designer handbags says:

    Hy Jeevan.
    your this post really impressed me. i think i am. the tips and suggestions you written are great. i have no words to appreciate you. you are going above those words.

  17. I think other than just supplying the necessary information to the readers it is also equally important for bloggers to be motivating. Readers get more drawn to blogs which gives quality content as well as motivate them. I think if bloggers limited their boundaries to only giving information the blogger would look cold as a person.

  18. I can’t say that I am a motivational blogger as I blog for pleasure not for money, at least now, but may be in future I will earn some money. Sure if we speak about some profits from blogs it goes without saying that we should do our best to motivate and stimulate and so on.

  19. I think I am not that motivational myself, but I do appreciate your ideas, as I definitely need them. You are right, reader’s time should not be wasted, and therefore, the point has to be made quickly, as well as the introduction to what is the blog about. It sure is relevant to also be motivated, because if you are not, then you cannot transfer the positive vibe back to your readers. Makes perfect sense what you say. And lets not forget about the importance of feedback, of course.
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  20. I totally agree with you that bloggers should be motivational speakers but I really love bloggers who know how to criticize things around them instead of being YES man and agreeing with whatever others are doing and saying. I like people who have the courage to try knew things and encourage others to think out of the box. By the way, great post, perhaps a bit too long?
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  21. Great post! I guess the important point in here is what readers can learn through one’s blog. In that way, a blogger will be successful in his chosen career and even happy in his chosen lifestyle. It is much priceless when one does help, motivate and make learn good things in life.
    Zara would love you to read ..UGG Boots – The Everyday Winter Boot For Comfort and FashionMy Profile

  22. John Knights says:

    Hi there,
    I’m very amazed that a 17yo can be this very expressive and motivated about blogging. I don’t see much in our childhood experience blogging as a hobby. But well, All what you is true and I agree on them.

  23. My answer would be YES. I am motivated by your post. Thanks! I think it can be a huge help to motivate others not only for them but for ones’ self as well.
    hani would love you to read ..About VeneersMy Profile

  24. >>If you are a blogger, then you must be a motivational speaker (just leave out that speaker part for a sec).

    LOL, I think we can leave out the “speaker” part altogether! Bloggers are writers. Writing and blogging mean the same thing; one just specifies the medium you’re writing in (magazine writer, as opposed to author of books, as opposed to author of website content, etc). None of this involves speaking. Some bloggers, depending on the type of blog or topics they cover, are and should be “motivational” in nature. This is particularly true of “business” blogs, “making money”, “get organized” style blogs, etc. I don’t think anyone considers someone who writes about, say, basketball for a sports magazine as any sort of “speaker”. Ask anyone who majored in public speaking and they’ll tell you that public speech is an entirely different art from writing and journalism.

    • Hey Greg,

      Thank you for awesome input!

      Yes, I understand what you are talking about. But, speaking is just part of the analogy. You see, blogging is like speaking (if you take it from that perspective, it would be easier for you to write better posts). In a way, we all are speakers (or we are supposed to be).

      I hope you understand. Thank you for the comment!
      Jeevan Jacob John would love you to read ..Why a blogger needs to be lazy and unproductive?My Profile

  25. This is David. Hello to all. As I am new to the internet and blogging in particular,I have a lot to sort out and to learn. Thankfully, bloggers are some of the classiest and most informative people anywhere. I need all of the information I can get and this post helps a whole lot. Thank You for posting this. I am determined to hang in there because I believe in the process.
    David would love you to read ..Rift And The Planes Of TelaraMy Profile

  26. jasmine says:

    A lot to take in here…First of all, I’d have to say that motivating your reader is important, but motivating your reader to keep reading and have that motivation carry over into action upon said blog (i.e.. Commenting, and taking action with regards to the subject at hand.)
    Also, I think you’re spot on with “..write like you talk.” most bloggers continue to hold in their minds that a blog should be uniform, and bland like a professional presentation in a business meeting atmosphere. Then again, it does make a huge difference what topic is being posted. Wouldn’t want to see too much color in the language on a blog about serious news. Folks just wouldn’t take it seriously.
    jasmine would love you to read ..Personalized Retirement GiftsMy Profile

    • Hey Asmine,

      Thank you for the comment,

      I agree with you. Making your readers to read your content (and take action – like comment) is important (and only a motivating blogger can do that).

      Yeah, I agree with you. There are many people online who like to talk about professionalism. Yes, branding is important. But, don’t take it too far. Yes, it depends upon the topic that you are blogging on.

      Anyways, Thank you for the comment!
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  27. Vitaly Tennant says:

    These are awesome points Jeevan, thanks so much for sharing. I believe that bloggers who are in the niche you described are motivational speakers, as they teach, encourage and inspire others to create the same value … and the trend continues.
    Vitaly Tennant would love you to read ..The Nature of SoulMy Profile

  28. milamelendrez says:

    Bloggers speak through writing. With what you did is truly motivating me more. Thanks for the great post.. :)
    milamelendrez would love you to read ..Free Dating SinglesMy Profile

  29. TrafficColeman says:

    Bloggers are speaker even if they know it or not..we use words to get people to make if you can do then..then you can be a motivational speaker..I write about this a lot on my blog.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  30. You’ve motivated me to respond! so… are YOU a motivational speaker? :)

    Excellent article!

  31. Hello Jeevan. You’re right, a bloggers success lies within his ability to motivate (and c all to action?). I am very pleased to see when a guest blogger present high value material like you did here. Good job!

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