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AndroidPit Android MarketYou probably already know that there are a TON of apps for Android. The AndroidPit Android Market App Center provides an easy way to evaluate Android Apps and then either download them right away OR save them on a favorites list.

Crunchbase had this to say in their AndroidPit Crunchbase Profile:

  • Largest independent Android platform globally
  • International community of over 1 million registered users
  • Exhaustive Android resource featuring:
    • regularly updated news feed
    • fair and unbiased application reviews
    • an active forum
    • And – most importantly perhaps – their app center, one of the 5 largest of it’s kind globally.
  • This success is reflected in its traffic figures, reaching an impressive 5,4 million unique users per month.

Each app has a review with details about it and is rated for:

  1. Features and Use
  2. Screen & Controls
  3. Speed & Stability
  4. Price / Performance Ratio

There is a list of comparable apps so you can compare before you decide and users can suggest additional apps to have added. They even link to Android App reviews in additional languages.

Android community members can rate and comment on each app so you can get detailed information from other users about each app.

Whether you want to find the top free Android Apps or the top
paid Android Apps, AndroidPit has a complete selection.

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My International readers will be happy to know they provide Android Market Info in these languages: English | Deutsch | Español | ??????? | Português | Français | Italiano | Türkçe ~ just select your preferred language in the top center to the right of the site logo.

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Disclosure: AndroidPit has compensated me for my time in reviewing their site and providing information about what they have to offer my readers about the Android.

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