REVIEW: Mastering Google Analytics – Easy to Understand FREE eCourse

NOTE: The site mentioned in this post is not working and we know of no way to obtain copies of this book at this time. We have kept this post should that situation every change.

How Web Analytics works is incredibly complex so it is important to get a basic understanding of what it is and how it works BEFORE you start making decisions based on what you see. Since Google Analytics is free it is the most commonly used Web Analytics program.  I encourage anyone reading this far to keep reading because we’ll be explaining analytics so that anyone can understand it.

The first thing I recommend is signing up for the completely free Mastering Google Analytics ecourse offered by ValueGuardian. The link takes you to a sales page that explains what is in their complete book which we’ll be reviewing in the next few days. Simply leave that page or wait for an offer page to appear. Enter your first name and a valid email address and they’ll send you the ten part free email course.

The reason we’re recommending their course is that they explain Analytics in a way that anyone can understand. The lessons come every other day so they won’t overwhelm even the most busy.

Here is what the free email ecourse covers:

  • Lesson 1: Why Web Analytics is important; Why unique visitors is more important than page views
  • Lesson 2: Standard Metrics – A metric is simply anything you can measure. This lesson covers some major metrics used in analytics programs such as visits, page views, referring sources, etc.
  • Lesson 3: How to set up Goals in Google Analytics
  • Lesson 4: Monetizing Your Goals
  • Lesson 5: Conversion Funnels – An easy explanation of an advanced way to increase conversions
  • Lesson 6: Explains the original and “new” versions of Google’s tracking code
  • Lesson 7: Benchmarking – This is new to even me and I’ve taken high dollar Google Analytics training courses. It gives you an advantage I used to have when I could access data for dozens of ecommerce stores: a way to see if changes are affecting only you, you and your competitors, or your niche and any other you want to compare. This is important information especially during economically challenging times.
  • Lesson 8: Top Ten Reasons to track MORE than page views. Why? Because they don’t tell you whether your marketing efforts are working; they don’t even measure unique visitors or real traffic!
  • Lesson 9: What if you could do more: what else can you do with Google Analytics?
  • Lesson 10: Further Study: there is so much more to learn.

When you finish the free ecourse you’ll only have a basic understanding of what Web Analytics can do for you and why you need to know more. The lessons give you a good big picture view of Google Analytics and what it can do for you in plain English.


You will NOT be an expert on analytics or know how to install and set up Google Analytics. You will know more about how to use it. To really get the most out of Google Analytics you’ll need either training or to buy the book.

I contacted the author and specifically asked to review their course and book because I already know how complicated Google Analytics is.

I completed the one hour Free Google Analytics Webinar offered by ROI Revolution and also their extensive Google Analytics Webinars which they apparently no longer offer. When I was done I advised the client who paid for it to hire them to properly configure Google Analytics because of the complexity of his business.

Back then there was no Mastering Google Analytics book to guide us. I’ll be reviewing the entire book in one or more upcoming posts so you’ll know exactly what it covers and what it doesn’t. I can tell you that the free ecourse is representative of how the book is written. If you understand those emails you WILL understand the book too.

If you have a blog, Web site, or online store you really do need to know more about Web Analytics so you may as well take advantage of the free Mastering Google Analytics ecourse.

DISCLAIMER: The links for this course contain an affiliate link. If you decide to buy the book we may earn a commission. That is NOT why we’re recommending the course or the book. If you decide you like the book you may wish to recommend it and if you are recommending something anyway you may as well join the affiliate program and use an affiliate link. Just be clear in your own heart WHY you’re doing it.

I know that some object to bloggers using affiliate links because they feel the potential income may color their judgement. There are enough products and services of quality to recommend that ethical bloggers do not have to resort to recommending anything just for the money. If you disagree feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. I have a Seattle homes site, but I don’t use Google Analytics. Is this course a good introduction for someone who’s unfamiliar with Google Analytics or is there something at a more introductory level?

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    I think I am going to really need this big time. I am not very good at google analytics yet but I think its about time I take this to higher level. Thank you so much for this program.

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  7. This was an excellent information about Google analytic. Keep it up!

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  9. There are both free and paid web analytics solutions. Unlike Google you can host Piwik on your own server and I like this fact that I can take control of my data. Piwik is easy to install and easy to use. Google, however, has also been introducing new and interesting development.

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    i am a newbie and i want to ask if Google Analytics REALLY important?i am i need of your opinions

  11. There are better options these days, especially Statcounter. I don’t like the idea of letting Google to own so much data and information about my traffic. Or am I just being paranoic here?
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