Akismet Thinks These Bloggers Are Spammers

UPDATE: the new GASP Anti-Spam WordPress plugin has been released and is available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

THIS is the ALTERNATIVE TO AKISMET that provides the SOLUTION to being Flagged as a Spammer! Spread it throughout the blogosphere and your comments will work again.

Spammer of the Month Award

Spammer of the Month Award

If you are currently flagged by Akismet as a spammer or have ever had a problem with being flagged please comment in this post. We will periodically move your links up into the body of this post so that bloggers can see how pervasive this issue already is.

We may as well make it worth you time so please include your preferred anchor text and a short description of your site.

If your blog is DoFollow using CommentLuv or KeywordLuv and you welcome new commentators who are link builders please so indicate to be added to our lists.

Contact Akismet Support to ask that you be unflagged as a spammer

These bloggers have commented in our test posts and been flagged as spammers:

There were so many more bloggers complaining about being flagged as spammers that we gave up listed them on this page and developed an Akismet alternative instead. I published it now so that when other posts are published tomorrow morning bloggers will be able to comment in this post too.



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  1. Yep, I’m flagged. In fact my very first comment EVER did not go through and it was not a spam comment. I can’t even get akismet to reply to me and I’ve sent several emails. I read somewhere that my website could be in a bad neighborhood on a shared host so maybe I’ll see if they can switch my ip on my server to a different one.

  2. Now I come to know that my comments also catching by Akismet :(
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  3. Mirabelle says:

    I removed Askimet from my blog as soon as I noticed this problem. I installed another anti-spam, that works perfectly well and I installed Commentluv because I don’t think somebody’s a spammer just because he/she wants to add a URL to a comment (unless it’s sexyrussianbabes.com or earnamillionwithoutworking.net”).
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  4. Fat Loss 4 Idiots says:

    I’ll try this. Hey, it works! Many thanks Catwoman
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  5. Cat Woman says:

    Often it’s not the IP address, it’s your email or URL.
    If your message is blocked, I would use a different and/or URL and tell the owner of the blog in your comment to get rid of askimet, because it is unreliable.
    If he/she has comment luv. Add your URL, let comment luv find your last post, remove the URL and publish. The comment luv link won’t be blocked by askimet. :)

  6. It happened with me and I have submitted my problem but still the problem is there. Please guide me further how can I get rid of this.
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  7. At times I really find it difficult to figure out how Akismet really figures out a spam post. Lot of times, there is no reply on the page or whatsoever as to what happened to my post. This leaves me really frustrating at times.
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  8. I always read an article or a blog before I leave a comment. I do not see a white screen after I comment, but still, lots of comments are not posted. I’m not sure if they are going to spam or what exactly going on. You can actually see a difference between a real comment and a spam, but just about anybody can become a victim of a spam!?

    [If you want to get more comments published don’t hang a URL at the end of them. Many bloggers will automatically delete as spam any comment that includes any old unrelated link at the end. The other issue is that the topic of your blog is in a gray area between legitimate blog and possible bad neighborhood. Most bloggers will opt for ‘better safe than sorry’ and will either delete your comments or remove your link.

    There is no consensus among spammers regarding what spam is exactly, but your comments are likely to be considered potential problems by most bloggers. Read that post for details.]

  9. John Knights says:

    There has been so many complains about Akismet these days. Comments kept being blocked despite of good comments done. Both bloggers and readers get affected by the incompetence of their services. But so far I don’t hear any complains bad about GASP, so far you’re on the top of my list. Keep it going!

  10. When Akismet did this,it really was not good. I was disappointed with and changed to your Anti-spam Plugin.
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  11. Sucks for Akismet!!i used to use them for my WP but when they started blocking i immediately disabled them
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  12. Nimmerklug says:

    Besides Akismet, there is also GRAVATAR.com from the same Automattic company that provides Akismet

    If you search for (gravatar privacy concern) keywords you would find a lot of interesting things. For ex., comment to
    ” I am far more concerned that Gravatar-enabled blogs send my e-mail address to Gravatar whenever I comment (even if I am not a registered Gravatar user). Gravatar can then track my internet usage associated with that e-mail address across multiple sites”

    And the ToS of Gravatar is written in such evasive way, that do not impede to sell collected Emails. Then, we wonder where spammers get our Emails

    Also, see

    Another, scam scheme is to collect Email through free funny captchas.
    Once plugin with this captcha is installed, it collects and sends all emails from “protected” comments, registration forms, forum posts, etc.

    There are some posts warning about it but in vain, for example, post by Nino in:
    but the warning about such collections by keycaptcha.com antispam service are lost amogst ocean of positive viral publicity through social networks and forums posts

  13. I have read on many blog about the complaints of Akismet.

  14. I had outsourced blog commenting work and now when I try to post comments either they do not appear or I get white screen after posting my comment. Am I blocked by akismet?
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  15. Office Magenta Translation says:

    Forget it. The askimet team ignores people complaining about being blocked.

  16. Casper at mymoneyblog.info says:

    I ahte aksimet. I can see the idea of their “service”, but banning people forever because of wrong filtering stinks.
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  17. App Developers says:

    I am an app developer and I was recently flagged by Akismet. I have contacted Akismet and I am waiting for them to respond. Even if they fix the issue with my URL for now since I don’t really understand how I ended up on this list to begin with I feel I will be back in no time.
    I have tested the issue by leaving comments from different IP addresses and different computers. Each comment has disappeared with out a trace each time I use my url with and with out the www. I then tried to post another comment from the same IP address and computer but added a different url from another one of my websites and still used the same key word as the name and the comment appeared!
    I truly feel my URL has been banned not by IP address. Also, I noticed the problem when I began to link to my website with out the www prefix.

    • Hi App,

      The way you end up being listed is that there is no consensus even among experienced bloggers on what spam is exactly. See my spam or not spam poll and read the comments.

      Some bloggers mark any comment that links to a site they don’t like for any reason as spam and others will flag any comment from someone they don’t know as spam. With decisions like that it is a wonder ALL commentators are not already flagged as spammers.

      If your URL is what the disappearing comments have in common then the URL is what is flagged for spamming. (URLs, IP addresses, email addresses and keywords can all be blocked by various methods bloggers use to control spam.)

      I am not sure whether Akismet sees the www and non-www versions of domains as different or the same – especially now that we have not used Akismet in so long.
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  18. Akismet really sucks. I wish more people start using your plugin.
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  19. Sorry for a newbie question, How to determine wheather you’re being blacklisted or not by akismet? Is that true if we put keyword as Name on comment form considered as Spam by akismet? Thanks in advance.
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    • Hi Aroma,

      We used to have test pages up to assist commentators in determining whether they have been blacklisted, but we no longer have Akismet installed in any of our blogs.

      If you have a blog you can test to find out if your comments instantly end up in spam instead of pending. If you comment and see a white page instead of a message that your comment is being held for moderation it is very likely that it was deleted and Akismet has you flagged as a spammer.

      There is no consensus among bloggers on what spam is so many commentators who only write high quality, original comments have been flagged.

      The best solution for that issue is to encourage your favorite bloggers to use our GrowMap anti-spambot plugin instead of Akismet or at least in addition to Akismet. It blocks the spambots so even if your comments end up in spam they are more likely to be seen and approved.
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    GASP seems much better. It is sad SPAMMERS can weasel through but real people are getting sent to SPAMMER hell.

  21. Akismet banned my email, I will try to use it here. It is not fair, I am registered in many blogs in which I comment often, my URL is not affected though. I do not know which factors are taken for banning emails only.
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  22. cigarette lighter says:

    So does this mean that I’m not flagged?
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  23. Hi

    My blog is considered spam by askimet! This one : http://www.leblogdelamirabelle.net

    Tell me if this is spam. It’s my personal blog and I always read articles before commenting.
    Frankly I don’t understand why people use askimet. It sucks at filtering real spam.
    mirabelle would love you to read ..Le blog de la boutique de la mirabelle – Mirabelle’s shop blogMy Profile

    • Hi Mirabelle,

      Don’t take it personally. Akismet relies on bloggers who click the spam button on comments. Unfortunately, some bloggers click spam on any comment they don’t like which can mean any comment that links to a business, any comment from a site that is not in their native language or even any comment from someone they don’t know.

      That does NOT mean you are a spammer and it is why we no longer use Akismet and we have an alternative to Akismet plugin now.
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      • Thanks! Yes, some bloggers should blog in private.
        I accept all comments that relate to my posts and if the business in a commentator’s link has some connection to my blog topic, no problem, I’ll accept it too.
        I accept comments in all earthly and extra-terrestrial languages 😉

        How can something as badly working as Askimet be out there? They don’t even answer when you write.
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  24. Yes, my 1articledirectory.com domain is banned from the akismet network.
    I don’t spam people, instead. to earn my spammer badge I have spent a couple of days leaving comments on marketing and traffic blogs on the topic on how to get traffic. . my messages where much like this one.

    I have learned how to get a fair amount of easy traffic by running articlelogy.com and I like to share this with people.

    If you see the logy site, the most viewed articles get to be on the front page.

    I wrote one such article to show my authors and article submitters just how it is done… and the article is now at number 5 out of 60.000 articles.
    it took me about 30 minutes to write it, maybe less and it has been getting a good amount of steady traffic from first day.

    In the article I tell people how to write articles that attract traffic and the article itself is proof of what I am talking about: 5th out of 60.000!!!

    But I am not English, this is not my language… I also speak out of my mind and don’t go back to tweak the message, hence someone, somewhere did’nt like my comment and hit the spam button an me.

    But it’s the uniqueness of my style that distinguishes me from the heaps of rubbish out there, it might not be 100% correct English but I have advice to give and I do give it, and I do prove that it works.

    But you might read this and think I am arrogant and then you hit the spam button on me and I am dead. And that’s what akismet really does, they give the power to the mob.
    It’s the nightmare come trues: the mob rules.

    • Hi Mark,

      If you leave a comment that has nothing to do with the post where you’re leaving it almost every blogger will consider that spam.

      Comments must be related to the post and even then if you add a commercial for your site, product, or service it is likely to be considered spam and deleted.

      This is the problem that we have – that those leaving comments don’t understand bloggers and bloggers don’t understand commentators. I encourage them to work together.

      It would be a much better idea for you to write guest posts to raise visibility to your site instead of trying to share what you know in comments in unrelated posts.
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  25. I get a blank white page about 50% of the time I comment now. Any updates on the “blank page” (after commenting) that some get?
    .-= FOXY@Travel Blog´s featured blog ..A Day Of Island Hopping in Honda Bay- Palawan =-.

  26. Yes, I have had a few issues with Akismet. While the idea is good and for the most part blocks spam, it seems to still create large troubles for legitimate blog posters.

  27. I have been using it for over a week now, and it’s brilliant.It stopped 14 spam comments in the past 4 days alone. I went from having several SPAMs a day to having none. I haven’t seen a single one since I installed it.

    • The problem is not that it stops spam – it is the number of false positives. If you end up on the spammer list your comments will either be instantly deleted or go directly into spam in every Akismet-using WordPress blog you try to comment in.

      You may want to check out the post about Local Search Directory Listings. They are a way to get free links from major sites and valuable listings for your business.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Local Search Directory Listings =-.

      • My comment gets instantly deleted…no white page, or any type of notice. I believe it goes straight to their akismet spam box. I’ve contacted askismet support numerous times and have asked them to remove me from their blacklist. But the answer is always the same. You are not on any blacklist. They go on to say – each blog automatically blocks my comments and they have no control over the matter.

        Has anyone else had this type of email?
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  28. I haven’t noticed Akismet deleting posts immediately, is it something I would see on my blog?
    It seems to just put things into the “Spam” folder, though a lot of the ones it puts in don’t particularly seem like spam…
    .-= Daniel Rose @an insightful blog of a management consultant´s featured blog ..Performance management- The mistakes- and how to avoid them =-.

    • Hi Daniel,

      When it deletes comments immediately you never knew they existed and most of the people leaving the comments that disappear will not know they were deleted.

      There is a growing increase in the number of quality comments ending up in spam and those commentators do not see the message that their comment is being moderated. They are simply left on the post with no indication what happened to their comment.

      Akismet could easily notify them that their comment went to spam but does not. There are numerous other posts about how Akismet works in this blog.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..Akismet Configuration- How to Turn Off Akismet Automatic Comment Deletion =-.

  29. I don’t have a problem with Akismet but I feel for those who do, it must suck!

    I’m a do follow blog with CommentLuv (dofollow as well), though I don’t allow keywords to be used as name. It gets way too spammy so I prefer people just leave their real name (or a fake name) and let CommentLuv work its magic instead.
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s featured blog ..iPhone 4 Not Recommended by Consumer Reports -amp Apple Removing Forum Threads =-.

  30. Hi,

    I have had problems with Akismet several times. My comment does not appear after pressing the submit button. Usually this happens when I have a ‘bad’ IP address. I have to restart my modem until I Akismet accepts my legitimate comment.


    PS: Since you are asking for a short description and link of our website:

    Revealed! A One Page Website Is All You Need To Start Making Money Online: http://www.making-your-own-website.com

    • Hi Nabeel,

      If I had that particular issue I would use WhatisMyIP to find out which IP addresses are blacklisted and use the contact Akismet function to explain the situation. Since they are obviously dynamically assigned maybe they would unblock them.

      If you make a note of which IP addresses work and which don’t you could speed up the process of finding one that will work.
      .-= growmap´s featured blog ..DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv Community =-.

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