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UPDATE: the new GASP Anti-Spam WordPress plugin has been released and is available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

THIS is the ALTERNATIVE TO AKISMET that provides the SOLUTION to being Flagged as a Spammer! Spread it throughout the blogosphere and your comments will work again.

How to Block Spam Without Akismet

Possible Way to Block Spam Without Using Akismet

Because of the challenges of commenting in blogs that have Akismet installed we no longer use Akismet in our blogs and we have been asked to compile a list of blogs that are Akismet free.

If your blog does not use Akismet, you welcome new comments, and you would like to be listed, please leave a comment with all of the informati0n listed below and we will periodically move your links up into the body of this post:

  1. Blog platform (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc.)
  2. URL (Address where your site is, i.e.,
  3. Desired Anchor Text
  4. Dofollow or Nofollow?
  5. CommentLuv installed?
  6. KeywordLuv installed?
  7. Keyword/Business Friendly

Option number seven requires some explanation. Some bloggers install KeywordLuv but do not welcome commentators who have businesses or use business related keywords.

If you do not want to receive comments by business owners or their representatives please do not request to be listed here.

In our blogs we have disabled Aksimet and made sure that the option to only allow comments to be immediately visible after one approved comment from that commentator. That has effectively kept objectionable comments from going live. It does not take any more time to review the comments in pending that we had been reviewing in spam.

If you are not using Akismet we would also love to hear from you about how you are dealing with spam. We have considered using captchas but know that there are captcha inaccessibility issues for the visually impaired have difficulty with them.

There is a very good post that explains Why Attacking Spam Methods is Useless.

A growing number of blogs and businesses will realize that blocking real people from commenting is a very bad idea. If that is you we would love to hear from you.

LIST of Business Friendly DoFollow Blogs with CommentLuv and KeywordLuv installed that do NOT use Akismet :

Other Akismet Free Blogs:

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  1. Thank you bro guide me to right way of SEO.

  2. superb dofollow list thanks for sharing this list will very useful to newbies who starting blogging soon and also who are comment lagain thanks…………

  3. yes but with plugin like CommentLuv and KeywordLuv . you can reduce the number of spam in your blog.

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