How to Add Analytics or Verification Codes to WP Blogs Genesis Themes

Where you add header code

Where you add header code in Genesis for analytics or to verify your site

When you join a blogging community or a blogger outreach site like Guest Crew, you are often asked to verify your site by adding code to the header. This post explains where to put that code if you use Genesis. The same place is also where you put analytics code for Google Analytics or any other analytics program. Here’s how:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. In your dashboard point at Genesis and click on Theme settings
  3. Scroll down to Header and Footer Scripts
  4. Paste the code in the box. If you already have analytics code in there, paste the new code after (outside of) the existing code. Do NOT paste it before </script>
  5. IMPORTANT: Click save settings. (If you don’t click save settings your changes won’t be  made.)

Be very careful editing any code because you can break your site!

Here’s what the code looks like:

Example of 2 different verification codes

Example of two verification codes (one for Google and one for Guest Crew)

Be very careful editing any code because you can break your site!

If you already have anything in that box it is a good idea to copy and paste it somewhere you can save it – just in case you want to put it back the way it was. If you need assistance contact me via Skype, Twitter, by leaving a comment or using the additional information in the contact tab on this blog. Go to the contact tab or click this link.

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Gail Gardner

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  1. Bradley Elliot

    code from blogger is rarely used in small sorts of industries that would be engaging once you have make your sides, then the decision is always yours weather you want it right or wrong.

  2. Michelle Green says:

    Thanks for the useful info.Beginners like me need to be careful when they touch header file :)

  3. Hi Gail!

    Nice to see that you are using Genesis for your blog’s theme now! Thanks for the tutorial because I plan on switching soon also.

  4. Hey,

    I use Genesis Wordpree theme because it helps and makes easy to add scripts.

    James Wilkerson

  5. And that’s why we use Genesis as well! Easy to add the scripts we need

  6. I’m a Genesis user and this is something I really appreciate reading about. Thank you for the detailed write-up. This will help a lot!

  7. Hi Gail,

    Nice and informative post for bloggers like me who are using Genesis Themes. I’m using Genesis on my all blogs and this post will help me to solve the Google Analytics or any other verification.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. wajid khan

    Dear Gail Gardner,
    Nice post it is very helpful, but please also post about how to add footer and header code.
    Wajid Khan

  9. I did this on my site and it works great. My only problem now is that I\’m addicted to the real time feature and watching where visitors go on my site, but its very useful information for improving it.

  10. Hammad Mehdi

    Good Share !! buts why you didn’t mention about the webmaster. This is almost the same steps oriented task to integrate the webmaster tool to your blog.

  11. Very nice of you to provide the step-by-step procedure. I plan to use Genesis so this really comes at the right time… Thank you so much.

  12. Hi Gail! Thank you for this informative article and for your WordPress plugin. I’m also using the Genesis theme.

  13. This was very informative and I liked the steps being clear if I do decide to utilize analytics in the future.

  14. This is very useful for every bloggers.Because most of are not add analytics code in Genesis properly, Thanks for sharing..

  15. Its easy to add analytics code in Genesis. They have given the option in theme 😀

  16. Nice article Gail

    But i want to ask that “Is there any effect if place the code in places Image options, All in One Seo Pack Plugin General Setting and Page/Post all together.
    Please reply the question.

  17. amarish negi

    nice post!..Genesis is an awesome theme.this theme provides a solid and secure base to customize your website or blog..thanks for this informative article…

  18. Thanks Gail for the mention, and a great tutorial.

    Most bloggers find it hard to add “webmaster tool verification”, “google analytics code” and other such things on their wordpress blogs… personally, had a hard time validating technorati recently when, ever after doing everything right, they were still unable to find their codes… finally it got resolved by it’s own. I guess our blog’s cache is also responsible for it sometimes,

    will be adding a few more validation options on guest crew soon, the programmers are already working on it,

    Uttoran Sen,

  19. Hi Gail !
    Thank you for your useful tutorial. i got nice opportunity to learn right information from your tutorial guideline and would like to replicate to my blog.

  20. bsc computing says:

    I did not try to add Analytic code on my blogs as i didn’t know how to add :) but now i can do this. Many Thanks

  21. John White says:

    Great post. Thank you for tutorial. I would like to use Genesis so I’m going to do it! :-)

  22. Thanks so much. The tutorial was helpful for me.

  23. Gail, nice run through. I’ve heard that Genesis is a very good theme as it is seo friendly and flexible.

  24. Interesting. I remember putting the code in the header.php file. Somehow, it got over-written, and I didn’t realize it. A much safer and reliable way is to use the .htaccess file, or cPanel :)

    PS: this also helps if you have multiple WP installations on the same account!

  25. nice article recently i used thesis but genesis is also good and seo friendly. that prove many seo service inbuilt. thanks for sharing.

  26. Genesis Themes is different from other WordPress themes. So sometimes its tough to add different codes as we do in normal sites.

    thanks for adding basic idea how to add code on Genesis Themes

  27. great article gail,
    Genesis hemes are realy very good and seo friendly. i am also planning to buy a Genesis theme for blog. thanks for the tutorial may it’ll help me in future.

    thanks for sharing

  28. Pramod

    Nice tutorial Gail !
    Another option can be adding the verification codes in the relevant text boxes of the WordPress SEO plugin’s dashboard .Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us !


  29. Great Post, Gail!

    I am always nervous about editing code for blog platforms, but your step by step instructions make it easy! Perhaps entering the code we are supposed to copy in a text box to allow copy and paste would be a great help to people who are scared to death of changing code. Other than that, keep up the great posts!

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