6 Types of Influencers Worth Noting

Each and every single one of us looks up to different types of people in the online space. These people are seen as influencers who are worth their weight in gold, often chiming in on discussions or adding tremendous value to their audiences. If you’re looking to reach out to influencers, below are six segments you should look at to perform your influencer marketing, and how you can gain their attention:

6 Types of Influencers Worth Noting

The Hyper-Connected Networker

This is the person who is, put quite simply, well connected. This person knows a lot of people from all walks of life and is able to open doors for you. Whether you want an introduction or a favor, the hyper-connected networker probably already knows who you need to know in order to help you out.

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How to Choose a Telecommunications Company

There are an enormous number of telecommunications companies in this world. This makes choosing the right one a difficult task. Most companies like ACN generally provide cable, phone and Internet services. Here are some things you should consider as you are shopping around for a telecommunications company.

How to Choose a Telecommunications Company

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40 Well-Earning Freelance Writers Teach You How to Cash In Too

When I told people that I was going to become a freelance writer, I got a lot of terms like “hobby” and “side gig” thrown at me from friends and family. No one believed I could actually make a full-time, decent wage working for myself.

You might’ve heard the same comments too.

So if you have one foot back in the cubicle already, you need to hear this: Those naysayers couldn’t be more wrong.

Secrets to Success

Newbie writers don’t know where to start. Instead, they struggle to find good-paying gigs in an ever-changing marketplace and work for pennies while doing so.

I was in the same place once too, crippled with fear and completely oblivious about how to run a successful freelance business.

40_freelancewriters_ebook_cover_200x300_comingsoonAnd that’s why Carol Tice’s latest e-book, Start Here: 40 Freelance Writers Share How They Find Clients, Stay Motivated, & Earn Well Today, absolutely nails it. Carol is a six-figure freelance writer and the blogger behind Make a Living Writing.

She’s pulled together three years’ worth of the top guest posts from her blog, most of which are from newbie writers – like me – who’ve figured out how to break in and earn well.

While I’m honored to be included in the book, I would have loved to have this resource when I was just starting out.

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7 Reasons to Start Your Business on a Shoestring

I’ve asked Kurt Frankenberg to share details about his new book (free for Amazon Prime members) on how to start a REAL small business on a shoestring so you make money immediately – without incurring any debt or needing start-up money.

Get Paid Today book cover - available on KindleWhy to read these 1,500 words:
They ‘ll make ya cool.
Oh, and profitable. Fast.

What they’re about: Sliding right past the dumb mistakes that first-time… heck, even LONG-time entrepreneurs STILL make… and either makin’ some bacon… or knowing when to move on. Invest six minutes with me and discover how to kick some booty right now.

In this economy, entrepreneurship has moved to front and center. More and more Americans and citizens abroad have turned to business ownership, either part-time or full-time. It’s the only way to break the “glass ceiling” and reach their income and lifestyle goals.

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How to Make Your Workspace More Efficient and Organized

Whether you spend your workday in an office cubicle or telecommute out of a home office, your workspace should be organized and not resemble a cluttered workstation littered with unorganized files and sticky notes plastered all over the desk.

This applies not just to individual work areas, but also to the entire office if you share the space with other staff. A few small renovations are all it takes to make the office more “breathable” for the lack of a better term.

Unusual desk

Create an L-Shaped Desk

If space permits, create a workstation with an L-shaped layout as opposed to just having a single desk in front of you. This means having a front desk as well as a second and adjacent one off to the side. Some office desks come in this type of shape, though you can also improvise [Read more…]