Get Legal Advice to Keep Your Business Free of Hot Legal Disputes

When starting a business, there are several important protocols that absolutely must be followed. Business owners need to formulate a business plan, draft up a budget and choose a marketing strategy. While these are the steps experts focus on the most, they are not the only ones that company owners have to follow.

In addition to taking these measures, it is critical to procure a business lawyer. Failing to make a lawyer part of the startup plan can cause owners to experience terrible monetary losses or even the complete loss of their companies. On the other hand, hiring a business lawyer to be there every step of the way leads to outstanding benefits.

Avoiding Legal Disputes

Three benefits of having a business lawyer on board are [Read more...]

Mobile Video Conferencing: Avoiding Embarrassment: What NOT to Do

Does going on camera make you nervous? Have you ever forgotten you were on video or thought it hadn’t started yet and done something really embarrassing? What messages popped up or windows did you forget to close while you were screen sharing?

This humorous video shows some of these embarrassing moments:

Video Highlights:
  • Turn off ALL desktop communication services
  • Primp BEFORE the camera is on!
  • Check out your lighting
  • Oops… (Watch the video to see this one)

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Happy Birthday GrowMap ~ 6 Years Old Today ~ Thank Yous

Happy Birthday GrowMap 6 years oldThank you to everyone who has supported GrowMap over the years. A special thanks to the many collaborators who have shared my content and shared their knowledge.

Some deserve special mentions:

Best Blogging Mentors

Kelli @kellibmiller and Crystal @CrystalandComp are two of my long time collaborators. They have been sharing what they know in their LearntoBlog Hangouts for almost 70 episodes and recently launched the LearntoBlog VIP Forum.

Best Writing Mentors

Carol Tice @TiceWrites is one of only two training communities for writers that is really worth the money. If you are serious about your writing, join Carol’s Make a Living Writing Writer’s Community. (Beware imitations!)

Best Blogging Community

Ann Smarty @seosmarty has launched MyBlogU where bloggers go to collaborate and promote epic content. Ann and Gerald Weber @the_gman created ViralContentBuzz which lets us share each other’s content on social networks. [Read more...]

Web Conferencing Pet Peeves: Are You Losing Viewers?

Web Conferencing: Are You Losing Your Readers? Being able to do live webinars and meetings makes working from home and collaborating with the best and brightest around the world possible. Why not use the best solutions rather than those that are dated and do not support all users?

People in the corporate world often use GotoWebinar by default, not realizing that there are better options. There are two major drawbacks to GoToWebinar: [Read more...]

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills to Boost Your Business

In business, learning is not so much of a curve as a vertical line with no end point. Whether you’ve just taken a deep breath and handed in your notice or you’ve been trading for years, being prepared to adapt and change with the times is vital to understanding the needs of your customers. To stay ahead of your competitors you have to be progressive, dynamic and always receptive to learning.

Business isn’t all about hard figures and the bottom line; it’s your skills and services that will give you the edge – not your prices. Read on for some tips on how to develop the personal potential that will get you professional results. Develop entrepreneurial skills and boost your business:

Entrepreneurial Girl
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