What does Apple Pay mean for small business owners? Everything you need to know #smallbiz #ecommerce

This month, Apple made several big announcements: A larger iPhone, a fancy new smart watch and perhaps most intriguing, a brand new way to pay for things. They call it Apple Pay.

Apple Pay isn’t typical business for the tech company best known for its iOS lineup of devices and community of developers who have created more than a billion apps. But if someone is going to shake up the business game when it comes to how we pay for things, it’s Apple.

Apple Pay lets buyers use a smartphone to pay at checkout

So what do small business owners need to know? Here’s a quick rundown. [Read more...]

3 Important Considerations for Your Business Social Media

Whether your business is in the public eye, or you are just building it to the point where it shows up on Google results, the time is now to start better managing your social media presence.

Social media doesn’t manage itself, and if you are running your own business, you certainly don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Panic button on computer keyboard

See something negative in social or search? Don’t hit the panic button!

There are a lot of strategies to combat negative social media events. All of them occur on two fronts:

  • 1) the side of customer service
  • 2) the side of social media reparations.

We’ll talk a little bit about both.

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5 Must-Have Tips for Great Web Design

Just as you are judged by your appearance and how you speak and conduct yourself in the offline world, in the online world you are judged by your website’s appearance.

It doesn’t matter if you offer great products, great prices, or both — if your website is out of date, shoddily constructed, or riddled with errors, the majority of your target market won’t give you the time of day.

Colorful image with words on it related to web design like CSS and HTML5

Besides making sure you have a clean looking layout, up to date information, and an accurate spell-checker, here are five additional tips that you’ll want to use as a checklist of sorts before launching a new website: [Read more...]

Social Media Management – It’s Role in Today’s Business World

Social media includes all the social networking sites where people of different ages, castes and creeds share things with a wide audience. At present, almost everyone is attached to one or more social networking sites. Social media also has great influence in today’s business world.

Social media’s role in a business

The social media networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube help in the online promotion and marketing of any kind of business. They can help companies and businesses to raise brand awareness to the most prospective customers.

Social Media Tree

Apart from the promotion, marketing, and creating awareness about brands, social media can also act as a customer service scheme. [Read more...]

Social Media Management for Small Business, Agencies, and Freelancers

Managing multiple social media accounts is complicated and confusing. Many find remembering usernames, passwords and where to log into each social media network more than they want to do each do.

If you’re a freelancer or agency who has more than one set of social media accounts it gets even worse. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to organize what you do and measure your results.

Social Media Management Like Herding Cats?  Photo of colorful kittens playing on the grass

Social Media Management Goals

Before you can choose the right social media management solution, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. [Read more...]