How to Grow Your Small Business

If you have a successful business, the next step is to help it grow. This can mean adding new locations, expanding your market, aligning with another business, or adding an online presence.

Not only are there new things that you have to do, but you also have to keep doing what you did to make your business successful—have the proper insurance, budget, advertise, and provide high quality products or services.

How to Grow Your Small Business

Making your business larger can be as difficult as getting it to a point where it’s financially successful, but you’ve already done [Read more…]

Getting Your Personal Finances in Order Builds Your Business Credit

Too many entrepreneurs who put everything they have into a startup do so without making the best possible plan to build their new company’s credit. That’s not to say that they don’t make a plan.

It’s just that the relationship between personal and business finances is complicated, but the core issue is simple: While you do want to keep business and personal finances separate, the business will not have credit of its own to use to secure loans for a while.

Getting Your Personal Finances in Order Builds Your Business Credit

Unpacking the Relationship

The first thing to understand about using your personal credit to help establish business credit is [Read more…]

5 Ways to Turbocharge Your E-commerce Brand on Social Media

Social media marketing is about much more than just having Twitter and Facebook buttons on your home page. If you want to get the most out of social media for your e-commerce business, then you need to build trust, brand awareness, and real relationships with your customers.

This isn’t complicated – although it’s surprising how many e-commerce sites get it wrong. It does take a lot of effort, but there are proven strategies that really work. Here are a few to get started with.

turbocharge ecommerce

Great Content, Not Sales Pitches

Would you watch a television channel that shows nothing but boring ads? Of course not. Shopping channels may look like they do this, but they keep things interesting by sharing stories, having conversations and offering useful advice.

Don’t just use your social media channels [Read more…]

Is Creating Invoices Painful? How to Make it Easy

It always surprises me that small businesses and freelancers are still creating invoices manually because there are free invoicing solutions available that work much better.

Simply creating the invoices isn’t the important part. Tracking whether you’ve been paid or not is! While we can send invoices in PayPal and it has some elementary tracking ability, invoicing solutions provide far better tracking.

Is Creating Invoices Painful? How to Make it Easy

Take, for example, Even their free version allows you to manage clients, projects, and tasks. The home page of the dashboard (shown below) shows you how many overdue invoices you have and what the outstanding balances are. [Read more…]

The Dynamics Behind the Social CRM Evolution

It’s no news that customers have started using social media as a way to communicate feedback to brand products and services. Social media platforms have transformed into both community and CRM channels.

In a SlideShare presentation (found here), Paul Greenberg talks about the social customer: “A social transformation – a revolution in communications that impacts all institutions, businesses included” (slide 3).

The social customer controls the conversation on review websites (such as Yelp), social networks and communities (Reddit, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Review websites), social media properties (Social Media Today, Business2Community, SociableBlog, etc), blogs, YouTube and podcasts. [Read more…]