Five Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Website Design

Businesses can invest a lot of money into their website and there are often situations where the website isn’t delivering the results which were originally planned for it. In a lot of cases there is a lot of unrealized potential, but in some cases a website may even become a liability. Here are five ideas that can breathe new life into the website design and start getting the desired results: [Read more...]

How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with Conferences

You know that to stay competitive in today’s marketplace you have to stay on top of newer trends like SEO and blogging, but some of the business tactics that pay off today are actually more old-fashioned.  So much of what works well online is all about making valuable connections with people and for that, there’s still not much that beats meeting in person.

That makes conferences an extremely valuable tool for small businesses, but one that often comes with a pretty high price tag. Industry conferences bring the biggest concentration of the experts and influencers you want to know into one place, but if you’re going to stretch the budget to include all those travel and registration expenses, it better be worth it.

Small business conferences

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It can be worth it. You can make sure it is, but you have to do more than just show up. Here are five ways to make sure you get more out of each conference you attend: [Read more...]

8 Best Active Social Networking Websites to Meet People Abroad

Millions of people are using the internet and most of them have social media accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But that is not enough for those seeking to meet people abroad and wanting to expand their friend circle globally.

The great developments offered by the internet – with its almost universal availability – have brought new ways of reaching people around the world. Many people are seeking to expand their business internationally or to meet new friends from other countries because of the thrill it offers. These are 8 of the best, dynamic social networks to meet the people abroad:

8 social networking websites for meeting people around the world

8 Dynamic Social Networks to Meet People Abroad:

1. Couch surfing: [Read more...]

Biometric Time Clocks Change Payroll for the Better

There is still a very real need for companies to use time clocks. Using a time clock is still commonly regarded as the best way to keep track of the hours that employees work. However, it is very important to have a high degree of accuracy in using these types of systems.

Many companies have switched to using a biometric time clock to eliminate problems with accuracy. Some older clock systems are prone to glitches that create delays and inaccuracies in employee payments.

When your company switches to a biometric system, you’ll be able to leave issues with inaccuracies behind through use of the latest software. Your employees will be happier because they can put delayed paychecks behind them.

These systems offer [Read more...]

What Kind of Software Do You Need for Your Small Business? #smallbiz

If you currently operate a small business, you may think “Nah, I got this” with regard to your inventory and accounting. It’s simple, right? I’m here to tell you that mistakes will be made, and you are best served letting software do the heavy lifting when it comes to your vital record keeping.

Small business accounting software is just one example of the kind of programs that can make your business life organized and on-the-level. We’ll cover types of software every business needs below.

Small Business Software - What Kinds Do You Need

Ecommerce Software lets you make sales through your web site. This is a great option for businesses relying less and less on physical stores made of bricks and mortar.

Maybe your customer base isn’t local but scattered all over the globe. Dedicated software [Read more...]