Blogger Outreach: EARNED Versus Paid Media ~ Should Bloggers Work For Free?

Working for Free? Photo Closeup of a hand pulling out the lining of an empty pocket

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Chris Abraham argued in a post on that bloggers should not be paid because the brands they promote “earned” the right to get their PR agency to get you to work for free.

Although traditional PR agencies contacting Journalists who are paid salaries CAN be compared to bloggers for major blogs that are also paid, that is a totally different business model than a small blog.

Then or now, though, only the very naive can truly believe advertising dollars do not determine media coverage – not only amount but what is – and more importantly – IS NOT – written about a brand.

I elaborated on that topic in Ethical Blogging: Bloggers
Is YOUR Opinion for Sale? Is Traditional Media Unbiased?

You are arguing that YOU should be paid for your work coordinating blog outreach, but that bloggers should want to work for you for free for what? The prestige? Because they love the big brand that is rolling in profit who would prefer not to pay anyone fairly – not their employees nor their suppliers? [Read more…]

Beware of Token Stealing Man-in-the-Cloud Hackers (MITC)

Anyone who uses any cloud service needs to be aware of the potential for hackers to steal the tokens these services use when you log in.

If you use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, a token permits you to access your data from any of your devices.

When someone steals that token they can take over your account, stealing data or distributing infected files through it.

Beware of Token Stealing Man-in-the-Cloud Hackers MITC 2015

While most of us are not security experts and do not need to know the technical details, I did want to make you aware of this issue.

As individual users, there may not be much we can do other than notify others who can resolve the issues if we run into them.

If you notice activities in your accounts that you are sure you did not originate, don’t shrug it off – make sure [Read more…]

The Secrets to Making More Money Freelancing

Freelancing is a dream for many people, but making a full time living at it isn’t as simple as most hope it will be. The biggest challenge for most freelancers is creating the processes they will need to be successful.

The Secrets to Making More Money Freelancing580

No matter how talented you are at your chosen work, if you [Read more…]

Building the Proper Visual Identity for Your Business [Infographic]

One of this year’s on demand topics is related to the startup industry and brand building. To elaborate, there’s an increase in demand for providers and services – from hosting to domain buying – that operate in eco-friendly manners.

This could only mean that startups are slowly conquering the public eye, giving entrepreneurs the chance to turn their dreams into reality and investors the opportunity for smart investments.

Building the Proper Visual Identity for Your Business [Infographic]

There is a high chance you will see messages such as these posted on a regular basis in entrepreneurial communities across the web: [Read more…]

How Small Businesses Can Use Influencer Marketing On Instagram

The goal of any influencer marketing campaign is to raise awareness about a specific product, service, or brand that you are trying to promote.

Instagram is no different.

 How Small Businesses Can Use Influencer Marketing On Instagram

Instagram prides itself on being a visual representation of your life/brand. To some, Instagram is a platform that is just pictures, but to me, it’s a world filled with opportunity.

To small business owners, the most valuable resource is time. Please note that with anything great, it simply takes time. Be consistent and over time, your hard work will pay off. If you are trying to market a product or business within the demographics of 14-25, this is the space for you!

Here’s a short list showing how small business can use influencer marketing on Instagram: [Read more…]