Developer Salaries: How to Maximize DevOps Income #careers

Incapsula just released their DevOps Salary Survey 2015: Facts About DevOps Careers and Salaries.  Developers already working and anyone considering a developer career can gain valuable insights by downloading the full DevOps Salary Survey here.

Why Analyze the DevOps Salary Survey Data?

The information given by employed developers provides insights into what skills you should develop or improve. More importantly, it reveals which jobs are in demand and where salaries are growing and declining. By adjusting your focus you can increase your earnings and improve the odds of landing a career that will still exist years in the future.

These are the most important general skills according to developers:

Most Important Skills for Developers

There is also a graph showing the Most Important Technical Skills (page 23). By reviewing these skills it is possible to know what developers are being employed to work on most. Cloud deployment and virtualization ranks first with 30.8%.

It is important to review all the most in-demand skills. By improving and adding to your knowledge you can greatly increase your income. I encourage you to download the entire free Executive Summary and survey data. [Read more…]

Crowdsourcing Graphic Design Process: Tips for Best Results

You need a memorable new design, but you don’t have a graphic designer on staff and you have no idea what you want your design to look like.  Now what? Crowdsourcing graphic design lends itself well when you’re not sure what you want, but you feel you will know it when you see it. The process is simple:

  Crowdsourcing Graphic Design ProcessDesignCrowd is the #1 custom design marketplace. They have 448,472 designers around the world who have delivered $25,306,978 worth of designs. The average number of designs per project is [Read more…]

The Surprising Reason Why Quality Content Does Not Attract Readers

Credit: Depositphotos

Credit: Depositphotos

Admit it; you are frustrated by your total lack of traffic to your blog.

Content is king, and you have dutifully subjected yourself to rigorous research to produce only the finest quality content possible.

All across the web you will find articles explaining how content marketing is the way to online success.

You will read that quality content is what builds email lists and makes online bank accounts ring with prosperity.

Maybe you’re even using [Read more…]

AdSense Alternative Infolinks: Easy Method for Monetizing Blogs

How to make money with your blog is a question that comes up all the time. Most bloggers know about AdSense, but they turn down a lot of blogs. And it doesn’t pay anywhere close to what it once did.

Finding AdSense alternatives is fairly easy, but figuring out which solutions will approve your blog and what will make you the most money is a lot more challenging.

Infolinks is my best regular source of income. Google ads – nothing. Went to Infolinks and I think I’ve used them now for a year

Easy to Qualify and Get Paid

The average blog doesn’t qualify for some of the coolest choices because they require 50,000-500,000 minimum page views a month. But there is one easy method that almost all bloggers can use: Infolinks.

I asked the 2,669 bloggers in the Learn to Blog Hangouts Facebook group how Infolinks is working for them. Here are some of their comments and what type of Infolinks ads they use. [Read more…]

Amazing Visuals: Where to Get Them; How to Push Them to Get More Traffic

Vibrant images make the difference between your content getting seen and shared or ignored. If you want influencers with thousands of followers to notice what you share, you need big, bright colors and unique visual content.

In order to get readers or customers, you first must get their attention. Text alone won’t do it. Images that are boring stock photos won’t either.  What works for a corporate brochure is too boring to grab attention on social media.

Amazing Visuals: Where to Get Them; How to Push Them to Get More Traffic

Every piece of content you create needs at least one compelling image. It doesn’t hurt to also include a video, a SlideShare, or an infographic.  Some long form content will contain a combination of these or even one of each!

Where to Get Stunning Visuals

[Read more…]