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Video is hot. The proliferation of mobile devices and especially the time spent on them is hotter. Video marketing is essential – and what could be better than a video that goes viral and takes your store along with it?

You don’t have a video? No problem. Julie Weishaar at is running a special video offer:

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Cinsay store special price $19.99/mo for up to 5 videos.

Have you seen the Cinsay videos that include lead generation and ecommerce capabilities right in the video? Let’s explore some ideas for using these videos: [Read more...]

Social Media Etiquette Faux Pas #FAIL

Social Media Etiquette: Don't Crash and Burn

What if you do something “wrong” on social media? Don’t worry. Although some seem to believe there are ‘rules’ that everyone follows that isn’t really true. Even the experts can’t agree on something as simple as frequency. In an appearance on the Today show, Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong believes in posting freely while Social Media Etiquette Expert Faye De Muyshondt insists we should only share on Facebook once a week!

There are not really any absolute rights or wrongs. There are some tips most will agree with: [Read more...]

StudioPress Genesis Themes May Not Be Fully Mobile Responsive

Genesis Prose Video and Images Not ResizingThe main reason many bloggers switched from Thesis to Genesis is that StudioPress promotes it as mobile responsive. There is some fine print we must have missed somewhere because while most of their themes are considered mobile responsive, they DO NOT resize videos which is critical to having your posts display well on mobile devices.

Some of their “mobile responsive” themes such as the Prose child theme this site uses do not even resize images. There ARE fixes for both of these issues explained below.

How to Test Your Blog for Mobile Responsiveness

[Read more...]

Learning From Failure: Get Your Joint Kindle eBook Now ~ Free Thru 4/15/14

Learning From FailureRather than telling you about our new eBook just published on Kindle reader, I’ll let this review by Daisy S, Top 10 Reviewer on Amazon speak for itself:

Learning From Failure ReviewReduced

You can get a free copy between 4/11/14 and 4/14/14 (possibly through 4/15/14 – but that isn’t guaranteed – so why delay? Grab a copy now to read any time and share).

After that this ebook written by 11 authors with life experiences to share will be only $0.99. We would keep it free – but Amazon does not permit that.

Learning From Failure: Table of Contents

  • Contents (Location 19)
  • Angela England: Rewriting My Life (Location 35)
  • Carl Kmiec: How to Overcome Setbacks and Obstacles (160)
  • Julie Weishaar: Stay Focused, Be Clear, and Avoid Shiny Objects (245)
  • Gail Gardner: Do As I Say, Not As I Did (347)
  • Candace Chira: Candace’s Story (488)
  • Trish Darragh: From a Tightrope of Perfection to a Path of Progress (551)
  • Mark R Hurwich: There’s No Such Thing as Failure…Only Feedback (678)
  • Gale West: Be the Hero of Your Story (791)
  • Rae Luskin: Failure to Fabulous (883)
  • Cesar Lopez: Failure, Learning from Failure (999)
  • Andy Nathan, My Biggest Failure (1124)

We would love to have you download and share our ebook with anyone you wish. Let us know what you think about it ~ reviews on Amazon greatly appreciated.

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Amazon Best Sellers Top 100 Free Third Reduced5 reviews so far – all 5 star. One from a Top 10 Amazon Reviewer.
Another from a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer.

Web Start Today – Online Design Studio for Professionals

Easy way to Build an Impressive WebSite

The market for code free website builders is growing at a brisk pace. Site builders have come a long way since their early days where they would restrict you as a designer. We are seeing an increasing number of site builders that allow you to express your creativity.

Web Start Today is one such tool that is being used by professional designers. It is a user-friendly design studio that allows you to create websites without any knowledge of coding. Here are some insights into the features and functionalities of this tool and how it can help you design stunning websites. [Read more...]